NEWS: City to appeal on basis of supporter consultation


Today’s Hull Daily Mail purports to contain the grounds for Assem Allam’s desperate appeal against the Football Association’s decision to deny him permission to rename the club on April 9th – and rather extraordinary they are too.

It apparently revolves around those whom the FA sought to consult with. The first target of the club’s ire is the East Riding County FA, who in February overwhelmingly opposed the renaming to Hull Tigers by 23 votes to 2 (with 5 abstentionts). As the national FA’s local representatives, we look forward to discovering just why they should not have been asked for their views in the consultation process. Perhaps it’s something to do with the aforementioned votes?

This is all somewhat insignificant compared to the second group the FA apparently shouldn’t have asked: Hull City AFC fans. As part of the consultation process, their previous promise of including football fans in football decisions was admirably met. It seems that Assem Allam is now about to go back to the FA and complain that City fans’ views should not have been taken into account.

Quite why that’s a problem when, in his view, a “silent majority” and perhaps even 98% of people support his ludicrous idea is beyond us – if he genuinely believes that, you might suppose it reinforces his argument. What is perfectly clear, and now seemingly a matter of fact, is that Assem Allam thinks that City fans should not have an opinion on the name of their own club, and he is spending our season ticket money on expensive lawyers to force that point home. How thoroughly distasteful.

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  1. Les
    Les says:

    Assem wonders why Hull City fans were consulted over a name change when fans of the club formerly known as Whitehawk FC were not. Well Assem, Hull City are in the Premier League, and that lot from Brighton aren’t, which is why they aren’t subject to the Premier League’s rules on fan consultation.

  2. East Yorkshire
    East Yorkshire says:

    Its like a kid going to his parents… please, please, please…
    All it takes is one yes but to the lengths he is going…

    more than solicitors…
    pro-comments being posted, especially old and even newly created forum sites.
    booing fans being paid for in a new north stand where nobody knows the fan (or not) next to them.

    doesn’t take much to get a national news story, 50 booing at a ground is nothing but change the context to a few years ago when 20 shouting at QPR fans about bombing, the whole ground can’t here it but the world did through the national media.

    what needs to happen is a fair consultation with the fans… however back to the start again even with this being the last thing wanted!

  3. Neil Theasby
    Neil Theasby says:

    I have got a tattoo on my chest of the old badge with Hull City AFC – The Tigers emblazoned across my ribs. I am going to look like a right idiot next time I’m on the beach at Benidorm or Brid if Mr Allam pushes through the stupid name change idea that has brought ridicule upon my club. Sometimes you have to got to be grown up and say “Sorry I got it wrong now let’s move on!” but Mr Allam and his son Ehab (the one who spawned the idea) seem to think that digging your heels in is an adult reaction when you have miscalculated a business situation.

  4. trajix
    trajix says:

    Didn’t Adam Pearson (I think) state that the majority of season ticket holders actually lived in the East Riding, and not Hull itself? And doesn’t the East Riding FA govern matches in Hull anyway?

  5. hovetiger
    hovetiger says:

    Jesus Christ; the man really shouldn’t be in charge of a football club. If the HDM have got this right, then Allam has just lost any last tiny bit of credibility that he may have had. As Les states, the Premier League rules stated there had to be fan consultation. As Allam refused to conduct this himself, the FA had to consult the fans themselves. To think we have fans booing each other over this idiotic enterprise.

  6. West Stand Man
    West Stand Man says:

    He will never stop and will do whatever he can to get his way on this. In my experience, most people who succeed in business to the extent of Allam are ‘unreasonable’ to one level or another – it’s actually a strength in that situation. So CTWD has to be equally ‘unreasonable’ and do whatever it can to get its way. Other ‘supporters’ will end up falling in line. If you don’t care enough to worry about the name of your own football team then you aren’t going to care enough to fight those who want to keep it.

  7. David w
    David w says:

    I think if we don’t nip this in the bud quickly we will lose the hull city/tigers support..the latest post by CTWD that they are not encouraging so called fans to chant at 1904 is farcical…If you state at this time you have succeeded in your aim why not be HONRABLE and stop taunting him…CTWD state that they are not encouraging this ..but they are not putting a stop to it..Am I against CTWD…YES..I am…by changing a name does not remove history just creates more history…Another reason I do not support this group as when it was in its infancy they distributed leaflets about their aims when offered one I politely declined only to be abused and insulted for having a different view…Have I supported long, yes I have over 50 yrs…that is what I call a history…just by changing a name I repeat does not remove history…Let’s GET behind the team for what is the best football I have ever seen in my life…Stop ripping the club support apart….with comments like yours West Stand man…you should be ashamed of yourself

  8. Andy
    Andy says:

    8, David – can you provide a link in which CTWD have encouraged City fans to sing on 19’04” more recently than April 9th?

    The club repeatedly tell us that they actually like City fans doing this, Ehab is on the record over this and Assem Allam’s children are said to be particularly fond of this – “dancing along” is how one person at the club described it to me. So in fact, those who stand up and sing on 19’04” are simply doing what the family enjoys.

  9. Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker says:

    The CTWD campaign has been well run with constructive argument and reasoning. However some, maybe just a small number are a bunch of local youth hard nuts who incensed that someone had a different POV bullied and intimated a 70 year old man who sat in the east stand to such an extent that he had to move. The guy in question has been watching City home and away for more years than some of these scroats have been on the planet. Shameful.

  10. Mr Muggins
    Mr Muggins says:

    There are similar stories on the the other side of the coin… of girls being slapped for wearing CTWD scarves. Each are equally appalling and each are down to one man’s intransigence. However you try and spin a narrative against CTWD they are not responsible for how and when City fans sing a City song in support of City. It matters not whether some fans are happy for the name to change, that the chairman can do what he likes, the fact is he can’t. He’s been told he can’t change the name and in November he will be told again. We are Hull City.

  11. David w
    David w says:

    Sorry for my delay to reply to when have CTWD have encouraged people to chant at 1904…it’s not what they have done its about they have NOT done to stop this taunting….they started this rightly or wrongly if they don’t stop it it will be counter productive…They are dividing support …I am a senior season card holder and object to being abused. When people reply only to say CTWD supporters have been abused, is that an excuse no it’s pathetic acting like a child .Bring this to an end before we and do mean we all bring this to a sorry conclusion…David

  12. Evie
    Evie says:

    Has he not grasped the fact that he has boughta business that is governed by a ruling body yet? This is not just some little business that he can do whatever he wants with. The FA is steeped in tradition and has rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Running roughshod over the faithful and lotal fans is one thing but trying to undermine the FA is totally unacceptable. What happened to his mantra that he bought Hull City as he loved the city and its people and wanted to give something back?

  13. Andy
    Andy says:

    David, singing a song at a certain time that the club themselves actually approve of is not “taunting”. I think 19’04” will become a City tradition that outlasts Assem Allam.

    Though I agree with you that this needs to end. It can end now if Assem Allam is big enough to admit he’s wrong. Or the FA can end it in several months. His call.

  14. Mr Muggins
    Mr Muggins says:

    By the tone of that response I can’t imagine why anyone would want hurl abuse your way… Isn’t CTWD comments today trying reconcile the situation? I’d love to know who this ‘we’ are…

  15. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Evie, I think you’ll find all that sincerity went out of the window when the council wouldn’t let him have the ground on the cheap and therein lies what started all the problems in the 1st place.
    I really, really wish those yes men (& women) would finally get it into their heads what this is all about.
    It’s nothing to do with bringing bigger sponsors in from the Far East or wherever because there aren’t any, that has just been a smokescreen for his fall out with the council. He hoped the fans would back him but it backfired as a lot of us saw through his nonsense & once he backed himself into a corner he’s had to try & justify his lies & backtracking but has just made himself look the prat he is.

    Dave w, I have asked this question many times when this has been mentioned and never,ever had an answer so maybe you could oblige:-
    When has anyone opposed to the name change ever stopped getting behind the team?
    I would say it has galvanised the support for Steve Bruce & the players more than anything but if you can tell me differently then please do so because none of your ilk have ever done so in the past.

  16. David w
    David w says:

    Bill I have never ever stated that anyone, in my posts has not in their opinion had the best interests of the club. You point out where I have. I just think you are all misguided and some down right abusive..Any group showing disaffection will attract bad apples..In my opinion people who were not against name change kept quiet for one or more reasons and may have helped to cause this problem. But no matter who is right or wrong it has to stop let the authority`s decide and gel our support for city/tigers..After all that’s where the meaning of the word supporter is important. No one wins in this situation, but we all could lose. I think with all the talent and entertaining football we are seeing its a sad day for the club…I hope I’m wrong but if it does not stop we could lose an good owner although not a perfect one (who is) a fantastic manager etc…As far as 1904 chant is not intentional at each match..let’s not be blind to to the reason Lets all back the team even Brucie has asked for this….David

  17. West Stand Man
    West Stand Man says:

    David (comment 8 and later), I can see that my comment 7 upset you and I’m sorry about that. But I can’t understand how.

    I think we can all agree that Assem Allam is responsible for the club’s current golden time. He’s delivering it with his money and his acumen, and it is surely not too soon for any supporter of the club. He will be a monumental figure in its history whatever happens. But he wants to change its name. Some may not mind but many many do. If, say, O2 where to buy the Albert Hall it would not, in my view, give them the right to rename it Telecom Hall, or whatever. And, as many people have eloquently said here, nor is there anything to be gained from the rename. Chelsea, Manchester Utd, Arsenal etc have not attracted big sponsorships by changing their name to appeal to a particular market. Instead they have won lots of games of football until the market has come to them. Business success (in football or anything else) is almost always a long slog, not overnight transformation.

    So I believe very strongly that those who do object to the change should fight to oppose it. And if that is not the club’s supporters then it is nobody. Otherwise, sure as night follows days, the Albert Hall will become Telecoms Hall and we’ve lost something.

    As with any opposition you have to understand who you are opposing and how they are likely to behave. Some here have hoped that Allam would see reason on this. I don’t believe he will and therefore CTWD needs to campaign with that in mind.

    I don’t believe this should in any way stop wholehearted support of the team and the manager. I don’t believe in intimidation in any form. And I do believe that if some people like the name Hull Tigers then they have a right to campaign for that as I have a right to campaign against it. Nobody is going to die in the trenches either way.

    Which part of this should I be ashamed of?

  18. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    In criticising CTWD, David w writes:

    “They are dividing support”

    Yeah, it’s CTWD dividing the support, isn’t it? It’s CTWD trying to implement a name change that precisely nobody was calling for or wanted two years ago to win a cheap and petty argument with a local (democratically elected) council, a name change that no one has been able to get anywhere near to demonstrating or explaining the benefits of.

    He also states: “But no matter who is right or wrong it has to stop let the authority`s decide and gel our support for city/tigers”

    Did you see CTWD make any statements on the name change this season? Or do any campaigning after the decision had been made? The authorities have decided. There’s to be no name change. Only one person has refused to let it stop. I can name that person for you if you want, but I’m imagining that you can guess his identity.

  19. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    David w, may I point you to your earlier post: – “…Let’s GET behind the team”
    Nobody has stopped getting behind the team or maybe you’ve only just started?

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