PODCAST: Latest AN podcast now online

And in it, we talk about Europe! A lot!

And we reluctantly preview the QPR game. After all, it’s not a European game, so why bother?

Also, one of our number almost once had a Boothferry Park floodlight in their back garden, you know. If that’s not going to make you download lovingly, nothing will.

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  1. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    Welcome back! I enjoyed the memories of Boothferry, mine are a bit limited as I was too young to appreciate it when I went.

    Really looking forward to the QPR game, I think Sagbo is still suspended because of the gesture..?

    Hoping to get tickets for Belgium, it looks a lovely little ground and nice town.

    So excited for the new season, hope AA stays in the background.

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