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    DEL MARX says:

    Bollox! Another stealth movement towards calling us Hull Tigers. Never give up, CTID.

  2. Greg
    Greg says:

    If that is the kind of considered, rational response to a sensitive issue then I would change my mind and side with Allams. I object to AN for allowing it to be published. It demeans the site.

  3. Andy
    Andy says:

    We don’t do censorship I’m afraid. If you find it offensive then so be it, engage the commenter in discussion or ignore their future offerings, but we’ll leave the censoring of certain views to those who run Hull City AFC.

  4. Barney Gumble
    Barney Gumble says:

    Greg, I find your stupidity offensive but I’m willing to give you a chance.

  5. Catalan
    Catalan says:

    I´m prepared to get slaughtered for saying this but…

    .. I really like the new badge! It harks back to the days before words on shirts. I think if it was up to most traditionalists, football shirts wouldn´t have any words on at all. No branding, no sponsors, nothing! This badge is a good move.

    Not trying to be provocative, but here´s something to counter the responses above. After being absolutely dead against Hull Tigers at the beginning, and posting on here, it´s starting to sound better and better to me. Had the name change idea had been put forward in the 60s, most people probably wouldn´t have given two hoots, but nowadays supporters seem to be too bogged down in tradition, fossilised, and obsessive about small details that aren´t actually as important as they think. From the reaction on here, anyone would think that Allam had changed the mascot. We´ve got a good mascot so why not incorporate it into the name. Sounds progressive to me.

    It made me laugh when I saw an article with a photo where some protesters were holding up a banner saying “It´s all in the name” and the word “City” was barely visible while the nickname “the Tigers” clearly was. Any neutrals wouldn´t really know whose side they were on from that photo.

    Let´s face it, most people outside of the East Riding, just call the team “Hull”. I think CTID supporters need to take a break from football for a few weeks, come back in August and realise they are being a bit petty about the name now. The support for the “City til I die” campaign will dwindle the longer time goes on, and become a losing battle. Allam knows that of course. Good luck!

  6. Barney Gumble
    Barney Gumble says:

    Catalan, do you trust the owners of our football club? Your post makes you come across as the archetype new breed of “supporter” who has infiltrated the game over the last few years. The type that would sell their arse for a seat at the top table. I personally couldn’t look myself in the mirror if I held the same views as you but it’s nice to read a different point of view for a change.

  7. Andy
    Andy says:

    Part of the reason a lot of fans are so determined to hold on to traditions at present is because so many have ripped away from us in recent years. We’ve lost the terraces, affordable tickets, 3pm Saturdays and so on – making it even more important we hold on to those that remain.

  8. Geejay
    Geejay says:

    Not all traditions are worthy of preservation just because they’ve been around for a while. Can’t we ever move forward? Are you a monarchist too?

  9. Andy
    Andy says:

    True, some traditions are best jettisoned. Few of us would welcome the return of cages, hooliganism and players being barred from moving clubs.

    However some traditions, such as a name, are best kept.

    And promises are always, ALWAYS better off being kept.

  10. Geejay
    Geejay says:

    Agree about promises. Bit puzzled about your chastising of Greg though (comments 3 and 4). He makes a valid point. I find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t ever censor racism on AN. Do you?
    If so, then you must find foul-mouthed sexism perfectly acceptable?

  11. Barney Gumble
    Barney Gumble says:

    Geejay, for your own sake and everyone else’s I implore you never to join the main forum. If you thought Andy’s response to Greg was harsh then you’ve led a very sheltered life.

    You speak about moving forward. A fantastic idea. I and many others are just at a loss to understand how the best way to promote Hull City to a wider fanbase is to eradicate the name of the football club from every form of communication?

  12. Geejay
    Geejay says:

    Appreciate your concern, Barnet, but it is misplaced. Had the very opposite of a sheltered life and have already joined main forums. Admire the quality of writing on Amber Nectar and the lyrical match reports. But also enjoy the wit and passion on Tiger Nation Forum. Not everyone has to agree with everything on AN so don’t patronise me.

  13. West Stand Man
    West Stand Man says:

    It’s probably a bit after the event, but I would like to comment on this. Asking people not to use words like “cunts” (comment 2) is not the same as censorship (comment 4). You can argue any point without using words that are commonly accepted to be offensive. Personally, I swear a lot, but only ever in front of people that I know well and who could tell me to tone it down if they wanted. I would not sit in a public space, a pub say, and swear openly.

    For me, Amber Nectar is one of my favourite “public spaces”. I read every article and listen to every podcast. It connects me like nothing else to my home town and its football club. And while I don’t personally know the people who create all this great content, I do get the strong sense that they wouldn’t readily use offensive words in public, and I respect and admire that.

    There are other Hull City forums but the regular strong swearing ends up depressing me more than the content uplifts me, so I don’t read them. I don’t want that to happen on Amber Nectar. I’m just being selfish I suppose but, from earlier comments here, it sounds like others feel the same.

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