Compare and contrast II


Wednesday 26th March 2014:

      Ehab Allam admits no sponsors have approached the club purely on the strength of the name change.

     The Mail understands the Tigers had negotiated a deal with an IT company in the Far East that would have been worth around £2.5m a season. However, the completion of that deal was based on the club becoming known as Hull Tigers.
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  1. hovetiger
    hovetiger says:

    Life as a City fan is never plain sailing is it? Even at the height of our success, we find ourselves at the mercy of a pair of owners whose contempt for the fans and bare faced duplicity seems to surpass that of Buchanan, Lloyd and Fish combined. I don’t think I have ever felt more like packing it in….sad thing is, that is probably what the Allams want. They would be happier with a gentrified stadium half full of flaskers and kids with painted faces, watching their pre-match polo…as long as they could say they did it their way

  2. greg
    greg says:

    This paragraph about contempt for fans and duplicity is the mark of a bigot. If the Allams hadn’t been there we wouldn’t have had our height of success. Just a load of insulting rubbish. What exactly do you WANT from your football club?

  3. Les
    Les says:

    The mark of a bigot. Hahahahahahahahaha, yeah, I mean considering an owner saying fans who love the club’s identity are hooligans and can die when they want as contempt for the fans is bigoted isn’t it? Heh, meff.

  4. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    I fail to see, and have from the beginning, how the success of City on the pitch has anything to do with this issue. Unless you’re a cuntish glory fan who’s obsessed with the Premier League, of course.

  5. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Greg, if you’re happy to be lied to, branded a hooligan, lied to, wished death upon, lied to, treat with contempt (have I mentioned lied to?) just because Allam can’t get his own way with the council & the F.A. then so be it, you obviously don’t have any pride or scruples as long as City (or whatever Allam wants to call them this week) are in the Premier League.
    Can you be so easily bought in any other areas of your life?

  6. Ambertigerfan
    Ambertigerfan says:

    greg: I’d like my football club not to change identity.

    What do you “WANT”? Success at any cost, including changing the 110 year name of the club based on the irrational ramblings of a senile dictator?

  7. Rich
    Rich says:

    Can I do my “if you are so easily bought in other areas of your life then here’s £50 come and suck my cock” line? It usually works out well.

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