Things We Think We Think #140


1. Perhaps because City have never looked in peril at any point this season, it’s easy to overlook just how strongly we’ve performed in the Premier League. We’d all have taken a gut-wrenching final day survival on goal difference; instead, City have ensured top-flight football at The Circle in 2014/15 with April just a few days old. A tremendous achievement.

2. It was guaranteed in a way that’s become something of a hallmark of City’s play this season: a narrow but effective home win with a clean sheet. The victory over Swansea won’t live long in the mind, but we about deserved it. City rarely looked troubled at the back and did about enough going forward to merit three points.

3. So, a potentially seminal week in the club’s history begins on the solid foundations of Premier League survival. This time next week, we could have succeeded in retaining our historic identity and qualified for a first ever FA Cup final; or we could be called Hull Tigers and bitterly cursing a defeat to Sheffield United. It’s not going to be a dull week, is it?

4. The name change first, then. All indications are that the FA will throw this nonsensical idea out, and that the Allam family will react with regrettably characteristic petulance. With all submissions to the FA in and the club’s owners remaining immune to good sense, all of that is now out of our hands. We pray the FA see sense and say no; equally, we hope Assem and Ehab Allam accept that decision with uncommon good grace. Continuing to lust after this idea even after it’s killed would be a bizarre form of ideological necrophilia.

5. The outcome of the ballot will probably be known by then, and what a shambolic, embarrassing affair it’s proven to be. A hopelessly loaded question. Only one side of the argument presented on it. The fact that voting intentions can be matched to individuals. The lack of transparency over an adjudicator. Attempts to vote by e-mail failing. People who’ve voted “No” (and can prove it) being invited to vote again. The whole thing is an utter sham, an affront to the supporters and we’re confident the FA and FSF – both of whom are aware of its multiple shortcomings – will pay it no heed.

6. Wembley. We’re the famous Hull City and we’re off to Wembley. To play in an FA Cup semi-final. We appreciate there’s little point to that, but it’s fun to say.

7. City are overwhelming favourites to reach the final, and given the two-division difference between the sides, that’s not a surprise. But it’s still possible to view this game with awesome trepidation. If we turn up, we win – we drew the long straw in getting the Third Division side, after all. Anything else, and a result we’ll be regretting for decades could be inflicted upon us. Ghastly.

8. Boyd to start at Wembley? Why not…he’s taken his chance in a way that Sone Aluko sadly has not.

9. Sheffield United have to play a South Yorkshire derby tomorrow. We do hope it’s not a tiring, injury-strewn match. That would be awful.

10. Cheering for Arsenal is a distasteful pursuit, but their collapse means we’re probably going to have to win the Cup now in order to play in Europe. Very selfish of them.

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    Re. 10.
    From my understanding of European qualification, Arsenal would have to finish 7th for us to have to beat them in the final to qualify for Europe. 8th if Man Utd win the Champions League. Have I got this completely wrong, or have I not understood your thing you think we think?

  2. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Few more points needed to be absolutely safe, methinks. Would like to see 40 for the first time…that would be something!
    Hope there’s no typical City at the weekend…quite a number of players come across as being determined and up for it, so….but football….
    Let’s go and win this Cup in memory of Jock Davidson. A most committed Tiger! RIP Jock! Fortunate to see him play a fair few times before he retired.
    Re9: most amusing….

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    Started my career as a City supporter watching Jock from about 1964. What a great player, we will never see his like again. A one club man, he personified everything we want to see as fans, total commitment coupled with no little skill. I am sure everyone who saw Jock play will have great memories of a genuine Hull City Legend.

  4. Johnk
    Johnk says:

    re point 4. Agreed, let’s hope that the inevitable outcome of the name change is met with good grace, time to start mending fences, and what a great time to do so. A visit to Wembley and the opportunity to remember a wonderful servant to the club. RIP Jock Davidson.

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