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  1. Arthur Dearing
    Arthur Dearing says:

    Having seen the 3 choices in the ballot, via BT sport and Daily Star, I think it is a ludicrous ballot. I shall vote No but write “With the Allam family to continue leading the club” the same as the Yes answer.

  2. Roy smith
    Roy smith says:

    I will be voting yes to hull tigers – I believe a simple change of name will bring in the extra revenue needed to take us up a level in the prem lge – otherwise it will be seasons of struggles to avoid relegation which will happen sooner or later and probably not just once without extra investment . Always look to the future not the past that as gone – hull city hull tigers what’s the difference . I am a season pass holder and was one of the 3000 at booth ferry park every week in the 90s and do not want to go back there .

  3. Riley Tiger
    Riley Tiger says:

    Voting No – clear message needs to be sent on this to the owners pure and simple.

    No to blackmail, no to bullying (still no apology from the Chairman over the hooligans and die as soon as they want remarks), no to threats.

    Dont care if they can find out who I am. Principles more important.

    Well done CTWD on conducting a campaign professionally and with dignity and not reacting to bullying of the owners.

  4. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    I think the club’s administration need to look up the definition of ‘ballot’. Asking for your name and address to be attached to the voting form is NOT a ballot.
    With a cynical head on, this also makes it easy for the club to identify (and potentially victimise) those who vote ‘No’.
    As this is a vote instigated and overseen entirely by the club, I’m tempted not to participate in this vote.

  5. VINCE
    VINCE says:

    I agree with Rich on this, the threat of do what l want or else. That the vote should be done fairly with a YES or NO to the name change.I’m sure that the people who vote no preference will be counted in the YES and please DON’T write any comments on your vote paper. Because it will not be counted.

  6. Rich
    Rich says:

    Roy Smith please explain how Hull Tigers will bring in more revenue? Well done if you can, because you will have done something the Allam’s have thus far failed to do.

  7. Roy smith
    Roy smith says:

    People say the name tigers is not unique eg castleford tigers Leicester tigers etc but they are not premier lge football clubs . The premier lge is shown all over the world rugby lge and union etc are not . The Far East market are football and premier lge mad and are willing to pay big money for television rights , advertising , merchandice Etc couple this with a premier lge football club called hull tigers ( the tiger is a symbol of power in the Far East ) it is possible to create a situation where you will have potential sponsors and advertisers wanting to pay big money to associate themselves with the name hull tigers ( a symbol of power ) thus promoting their brand . With mr Allams track record one would believe that a good proportion of this extra income would find its way into team strengthening and further development of the club . That’s about as brief as I can put it – vote yes to hull tigers . Ps mr allam may of made one or two mistakes promoting his vision but its the right thing to do .

  8. big bad joe red
    big bad joe red says:

    Roy, you are so wrong. Lets say for example TIGER Beer, made by Asia Pacific Brewery wanted to sponsor a football team… You’re saying that Hull City (famously nicknamed the ‘tigers’, solid mid table season, great FA cup run) wouldn’t be interesting to them unless the club changed 110 years of tradition (very important in their culture!!) and called themselves Hull Tigers. Bullshit. The club IS having massive success RIGHT NOW and if you think that a third of the worlds population thinks it got something do with Tigers, then i think you’re insulting them, and the history of this club.

  9. big bad joe red
    big bad joe red says:

    Why don’t we just change our name to Hull Facebook and go after the the really big money!!!

  10. Rich
    Rich says:

    Roy have you done any research to prove definitively that what you say is correct re the Far East? I don’t think you have. I know Assem Allam hasn’t. So until one of you does, then why on earth suggest it? Mr Allam’s track record in football amounts to lending City lots of money and appointing Steve Bruce as manager. This is good, but not proof that he has any great business vision in terms of these unique opportunities in the “Far East”.
    The way Hull City will make money in the Far East is by winning lots of football matches, staying in the Premier League, winning the FA Cup and playing in European competitions. Some of this may actually happen quite soon. Without changing the name.

  11. Barney Gumble
    Barney Gumble says:

    Roy sounds like a bright bloke. Apparently tiger flavoured condoms have sold out in Beijing. Can’t get enough of the tigger brand out there.

  12. Roy is not alone
    Roy is not alone says:

    The survey as asked is fair. There appears not to be an option to have Allams run the club as Hull City so why add that as an option. Frankly I am saddened by the rigid inflexibility by both sides. The owner wants full control an isnt a flexible negotiator while many fans are nothing more than unimaginative rigid sentimentalists who would prefer to see Hull City in Division 2 than Hull Tigers in the Premier League. Together there is a real threat of another historic self destruction – deeply ironic considering the amazing success on the field. Perhaps in the end we get what we deserve.

  13. Roy smith
    Roy smith says:

    Re – winning football matches in the prem lge – this can only be done with money and lots of it – winning the fa cup is not enough to sustain this – ask Portsmouth

  14. Roy smith
    Roy smith says:

    Bill Baxter -I’m very proud to say I was one of the 534 fans at hull city’s lowest ever attendance professional game – November 1994 auto wind shield game booth ferry park , we won 2 nil .

  15. Rob Ainsley
    Rob Ainsley says:

    I’ve done a fair bit of travel, and I’ve been surprised at how familiar people are with Hull City and our recent results and signings.

    In Thailand, Vietnam and Laos last year, for instance, every footy fan I talked to was reasonably familiar (we’d just stuffed Liverpool, so that helped). To me, it seemed that brand recognition was little to do with name (except that ‘Hull’ – which they all called it – is a short and easy to remember word) and everything to do with success. My feeling is that a name change to Hull Tigers would have little effect, and we’d still be thought of as simply ‘Hull’.

    In remote rural Argentina a few years ago, I was talking to a subsistence farming community of natives up on the Paraguayan border. They lived in a single long house, a tribe of about 40 people. We chatted about what animals they catch and some of their folk myths and legends. Before I left they asked me where I was from. Er, England. Which part, they said, Er, Hull, I said. One of the boys said something in Guarani which the Village Elder translated into Spanish for me. He looked at me earnestly and said, He asked why you sacked Phil Brown when he took you to the Premiership.

    Moral: don’t underestimate people’s sophistication or knowledge wherever in the world they are. Or whatever the team is called.

  16. Les
    Les says:

    In Japan, if you call someone a tiger, you’re calling them a drunkard. The idea that a tiger is a sign of power and universally revered all across Asia and has only positive connotations is, at its heart, racist, or at least based on assumption and lack of true insight. You’re basically saying all Asians are so dim and easy to manipulate, that you can sell them anything by writing the word tiger on it. Abject stupidity.

    Hull City do need to improve revenue, but even that is no guarantee of success. QPR spent twice as much on wages as City have this, and they were relegated.

    Lastly, Dave Dewberry, how is a précis of the facts not allowing fans to make up their own minds?

  17. Rich
    Rich says:

    …and still no proof of increased revenue from the name change. It’s almost like there isn’t any proof to be found.

  18. Andy
    Andy says:

    18: Roy, I’m not saying you weren’t there, but there were 553 people there, the score was 3-1, and it was 1996, not 1994.

    I was there.

  19. Barney Gumble
    Barney Gumble says:

    I was waiting for Roy to reply before pointing out his errors you bastard. Anyway, i was at the 2 0 defeat to Donny in front of 890 at The Ark before the Chester game. Glory hunter, me.

  20. selbytiger
    selbytiger says:

    Roy would have it that there is a mint to be made from merchandise in the far east.
    I wonder how many pennies he thinks the then owners of our club received from my home kit second prem season with totesport on the chest.It cost three quid in Thailand. Perhaps he thinks that the inscrutable pirates will not sell their wares now that we have the power name Tigers.
    OK it says totesporb, and the colours arent quite right but part of the ‘b’ was easily removed to resemble the real thing and the shirt buying masses in the east wont be checking hues against dulux colour charts.

  21. Jeff wealands
    Jeff wealands says:

    The logic based arguments will never resolve this ‘jihad’ because it was never based in logic. It was never based in strategy or marketing. If you believe that then I am sorry for your blind faith and misplaced loyalty. Clearly it was fuelled by rage, rage at a council and the perceived wrong they made. We (and that goes for everyone on here – whatever side of the argument) are being used and caught in the middle of what should have been a private matter that has unfortunately played out in the local (and now international press) as a case study of ‘how not to run’ an English Football Club.
    One side of the argument has employed bullying, insults and frankly so many inconsistencies that it is hard to stomach and even if you really wanted to, to follow. The other side (the council)’has been silent. Those caught in the middle have been well mobilised, modern in approach, and have run a very successful campaign. Yes in business you want to be able to run your own ship and define your own strategy but the FACT is you have to play by the industry or sector rules and regulations. The FA has such a role in football and hence their rule Is THE rule. Be careful if you think sponsors on the back of a name change is a good thing because the Premier League has an even STRONGER rule on name changes driven by sponsorship, so even if a miracle did occur at the FA the next hurdle would be the premier league itself. There is a reason why RedBull Salzburg happened in Austria but could not happen in England. If the club had anything like a football person running the place they would already know this and not go sleep walking into this and – no doubt – future blunders. I am voting NO simply because I have hated being used in someone else’s argument and also repeatedly talked down to by the club again and again. I know the FA won’t say yes and I am eternally grateful for the Allams saving the club but saving the club has only given AA a certain amount of latitude that he long ago exhausted in my book. It is obvious he is right out of funds and we need a buyer. In that sense he is just like Adam Pearson and Russell Bartlett after him. He has just taken the normal football business model one-click higher but at double the debt. I would not put my fortune into football because, much as I love Hull City, I don’t quite have £20m a year to write off just to sustain premier league status until the next TV deal when that annual bill will go up yet again. Football is now a billionaires not millionaires game so I do hope that an eventual buyer can go and find the ‘Steve Bruce’ of the football BUSINESS (David Dean?) and not think he/ she can run it themselves like a medium sized engineering firm.

    I am voting NO and everyone I know is voting NO not because I trust CTWD more than AA but because as a realist and with nearly three decades of relevant international business experience I realise AA is leaving anyway. He won’t be the first business person to lose his reputation in football but he and he alone has also created a situation where he has no place to go. Only he put all his (off the pitch) strategy hopes on such a long shot to attract money. Only he failed to foresee the reaction of fans. Only he assumed he would get the stadium without a partnership approach with the council. I am sure he will blame the council, the fans, the FA and everyone else he has fallen out with but really he should look at what he could have done much much better to have had a happier outcome.

  22. Phil p
    Phil p says:

    I think it’s a simple case of mr allam being an autocratic buisness owner who is from a culture where if you buy it you own it, and everyone involved needs to show respect to the elderly benevolent father figure, as in buisness as in family as in marriage……..AHEM only problem is this stubborn old Egyptian immigrant done good is living in a twenty first century Britain of equals not vassels and indentured labourers who came with the package. The British football fan is a creature of fierce loyalty and independence, no sacrifice too small for his/her beloved team. To be a supporter and a fan is an irrational thing, a thing of dormant passion that is aroused at your peril should you cross one of the many invisible lines that spin the web of worship….as mr allam is discovering. it’s not about the money, it’s about history, it’s about pride it’s about the support and suffering thru the dark years never losing hope or the grip on that dream that football proves time and time again can come true, just think man it’d in 1999, Liverpool in Istanbul coming out in the second half and astonishing the the world, and then there was deans volley at wembley!!!……lest we forget, Hull city have always been the tigers and always will be so let’s put mr Allams toys back in his pram and hope something new and shiny might come along to catch his attention next…..Harrods maybe

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