Things We Think We Think #125


1: What a thrilling victory over Liverpool; moreover, how brilliantly timed it was. As the row over Dr Allam’s ever-increasing lunacy over the name change threatened to spill into verbal warfare, it was terrific to be able to fall head over heels in love with football again after City out-thought and out-fought Liverpool, one of the game’s mightiest powers, and claimed a first ever win over them.

2: The victory will be talked about for a long time, but in the shortest of short terms it was vital after two defeats in which City pretty much didn’t turn up. Just as the adage of Typical City dictates we’ll lose to a side yet to win away who are bottom of the table and down to ten men, it also determines that we’ll then turn on the style and put to bed a much more glamorous and consummate footballing outfit.

3: Luis Suarez won’t be as comfortably marked more out of a game again this season than he was by Alex Bruce.

4: How good was Yannick Sagbo? Up front effectively on his own (Koren had another worryingly quiet afternoon), once he’d stopped being caught offside he was fantastic. Tireless and skilful, he didn’t give Liverpool’s defence a single moment’s peace. Easily his best outing in black and amber, and one of the best individual performances of the whole season.

5: Assem Allam, then. Something very fundamentally changed over the weekend with his extraordinarily foolish comments in the Independent on Sunday. Being a plain-speaker is one thing, insulting City supporters in such a deplorably offensive manner is something else. We first knew he’d made these incendiary remarks on Friday, but still didn’t quite believe it until news broke on Saturday night.

6: Firstly, whether “Hull Tigers” remains the chairman’s preference or not, an immediate and unreserved apology is required. City fans went to great lengths to rebut West Yorkshire Police’s slur that we are hooligans – to have that same baseless allegation levelled at us by our own club is revolting. Nothing less than Assem Allam offering an apology will suffice.

7: Yet it all makes “Hull Tigers” less likely to happen. The mood among wavering City fans is hardening against this daft idea, in no small part due to Dr Allam’s contemptuous and contemptible utterances. Meanwhile, the national press is weighing in, and certainly not on his side. This sorry notion is almost completely friendless, and while the FA has shown itself to be tin-eared in the past, they’re already taking an interest here. If the club thinks that abusing its own supporters is a good way to win friends and influence people, it may be in for a nasty surprise.

8: One thing that makes the club look so appallingly crass is the response of City fans on Sunday. It was quite simply magnificent. No pitch invasions, no aggro, absolutely nothing out of order, despite the intense provocation. Instead, we saw a witty and scathing “we’ll die when we want”, and a coruscating cry of “City Till I Die” on 19’04”. And how beautiful that City scored almost immediately after, perfectly illustrating this very modest form of protest has no detrimental effect upon the team. Well done City fans – the style and dignity we showed against Liverpool is helping to win this argument.

9: We haven’t won just yet though, even though all of the momentum is with us. To that end, please join City Till We Die. Please sing on 19’04” on Wednesday. We suspect that lots of people across the land are hoping we’ll strike a blow against the worst excesses of modern football.

10: Arsenal next, then. There’s always a chance. After all, when we went there in September 2008 their cocksure fans claimed beforehand that we’d only “come to see Eboué”. By the end of that one, we could claim they’d only turned up to see Geovanni.

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  1. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Lot to agree with here…no such thing as bad publicity…?
    Re 10: Sagna’s missing…rather dirty player IMO…but has grit at the back. Of course, Davies is missing…can we bridge that gap? Play like Sun then there’s a chance! COYH! Just want to see Wenger spluttering like last time…!!

  2. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    Just to clarify, I was talking about the tool in the video linked to in comment three. It was a touch strong though, so apologies.

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