Things We Think We Think #113


1. A quiet weekend, but things will grow hectic again before long. The visit of Cardiff is a self-evidently important game, and one from which we need more than just a good performance. It’s time for points.

2. After all, it begins a run of fixtures that will tell us a lot about City’s ability to stay up. Cardiff (h), Newcastle (a), West Ham (h), Aston Villa (h) – that’s as kindly a quarter as you’re likely to find at this level, and while it’s unrealistic to say “we need precisely x points or we’re DOOMED”, it’s an opportunity to notch up a win or two.

3. The news that Sone Aluko is likely to be fit is extremely positive. We remain convinced that he has the x-factor capable of unlocking the flintiest of defences and settling a tight game in an instant. But for a momentary loss of composure, he very well may have done that nine days ago.

4. What to make of City’s conduct in the ill-fated move for Shane Long? West Brom’s suggestion that their bid for Romelu Lukaku was somehow irrelevant to letting Long go doesn’t sound particularly plausible, but their claim that City attempted to shift the goalposts has an uncomfortable ring of truth it, and is bolstered by City’s own unwillingness to comment on the issue. There may be good reasons, but the club has made no effort to explain them, leaving us with the unhappy suspicion that the club’s owners and operators mucked up.

5. It rather overshadowed the return of Gedo, who’s back with the Tigers. At a presumably modest cost and having already shown an eye for goal in black and amber, it’s a good move. Save for Matty Fryatt, he’s perhaps the sharpest finisher at the club and well worth having in the squad.

6. All quiet on the Hull City Tigers front, isn’t it? But no apologies for going on about it again. The club’s latest newsletter came from “Hull City AFC”, ticket confirmations have used the correct name, it’s been a while since anyone at the club used the term in public…so have we won?

7. We have not. The history-desecrators at the club have beaten a tactical retreat, but that’s all it is. The idea hasn’t been dropped, it’s just been temporarily withdrawn from public view, presumably in the hope that we’ll all let the matter drop and concentrate on the football. But that won’t do. Not until a complete public recantation of the dismal notion of “Hull City Tigers” is issued, together with a promise to never repeat the term, can we breathe easy.

8. Meanwhile, we’ve asked the Premier League to clarify exactly what “consultation with fans” means, as that apparently is required for them to permit a name change. We await their response with interest, because we all know that the amount of consultation to date is precisely zero.

9. No more Neil Mann at City. There’s some excellent coverage of his impending departure in the Hull Daily Mail, and deservedly so. Twenty years is an uncommonly lengthy period for anyone to spend at one club, but he’s contributed an awful lot to City. From one of the few bright sparks in the unremittingly grim 1990s to a respected coach, he’s done a great deal for the Tigers. Good luck, Manny.

10. Five points to anyone who can remember the venue at which Neil Mann was memorably likened on the terraces to being like a Swiss watch.

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  1. Croft
    Croft says:

    Re. 8. – Unfortunately I suspect ‘consultation with fans’ doesn’t quite mean the same as ‘agreement from fans’. The bodies that will be asked to approve the name change are essentially the ones who waved through Wimbledon’s ‘rebrand’ in the face of bitter and widespread opposition, let’s not forget.

    Another concern is that a section of our support is apparently quite happy for this to happen. If the club were to set up a few ‘focus groups’ of the easily swayed and/or ask a few loaded questions of others this could be used to try and show support for the idea. That’s why vocal opposition is so important – keep up the good work on this front.

  2. HanoiTiger
    HanoiTiger says:

    Re: 4 – I think it probably was the finances. At the end of last season, SB said that he had £15 million to spend on squad strengthening. By my count I think we spent around £12.55 million on transfer fees, and received £ 750k for Corry Evans, a net spend of £ 11.8 million. That was £ 3.2 million under budget. It was reported that WHU wanted £5.5 million for Long, with follow on fees of £1 million. I wonder if the management were waiting on a transfer deadline day bid for McClean or Fryatt to make up the bulk of the short fall (between the £5.5m and £3.2m), which didn’t come through, and then tried to re-negotiate the price with WHU at the 11th hour? I guess we may never know. Let’s hope that SB uses the next 4 months to identify proven strikers to add to the squad in January (unless DG or YS find their shooting boots!).

  3. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re 1: Absolutely!….Re 2: Rather nervous about these fixtures. Would have liked a C Cole type striker in…though SL would have done!
    Re 5: If true , then we are doomed! Hope he’s better than one in four Fryatt! Just my opinion mind…
    Re 4: Once again a negative spin on the owners…and yes NT lied to the fans. However, to be fair the Odemwingie shambles needs mentioning! See Harry R’s at QPR comments on this!! WBA have form!! The statement is designed to shift blame and especially smooth Long’s ruffled feathers! There are always negotiations about structure of payments for a transfer, so a convenient loophole for WBA to grab. They created the shambles by trying to hijack the Lukaku deal, so nearly missing Anichibe. They’re the ones moving goal posts…see the statements to SSN!
    Re 9: Wish NM well down under, and thanks for the work at the Tigers….however, I never rated him as hysterically highly as a player as some seemed to….

  4. And yet....
    And yet.... says:

    Not 100% sure, but the “Tick tock” chant for Manny might have been aired for the first time at the away game v Brighton, played at Priestfield in 1998

  5. Bartontiger
    Bartontiger says:

    I know everyone is screaming out for a proven goalscorer but would they have been if Aluko had put that chance away? Can’t say we have had the easiest 3 games to showcase our own goalscoring talent. When Aluko is fully match fit and Sagbo is back and when we play sides where we genuinely create chances then we will see.

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