NEWS: Stewart out/Gedo in


City have this evening loaned Cameron Stewart to Championship side Charlton.

Following his suboptimal display in the League Cup last week, one suspects his career is approaching a real crossroads – there’s clearly a talent in there, but since his injury at Ipswich 2½ years ago that talent has been very much hidden.

Coming in is Gedo, whom Tigers have re-signed on loan. He’s already scored goals for City and with no fee required is worth another look at.

City had reportedly spent much of “Transfer Deadline Day” hoping to bring Shane Long to the club, with a deal of around £5m being mooted for the West Brom and Ireland striker. That was reputedly dependent upon West Brom luring Chelsea striker to Romelu Lukaku to the Hawthorns; when he opted for Everton instead the deal fell through, despite the player having already flown over to Hull from Ireland.


Whatever. He’s a good player and would have been a very welcome addition, however City have already recruited this well this summer, as our displays this season already illustrate and we should try not to let a late annoyance shroud that.

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  1. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Long will surely now be somewhat annoyed with WBA. How long is his contract? May be able to set up a deal for Jan….provided we can maintain a good league position ….still be an attractive prospect. Meanwhile another foreign loan?

  2. AngryBob
    AngryBob says:

    My ears pricked up when I heard Long was in the building, then listened to 5live going on and on, but never heard them say he signed. Can I say typical bad luck for City, that thingy was nailed on to go to WBA then ****ing Everton come in with a late head-turning and he’s off there and the deal of Long to City goes tit-up. Bad karma me thinks.

  3. Riochatemyhouse
    Riochatemyhouse says:

    In a short space of time, Charlton will realise they would have been better off signing Jermaine Stewart.

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