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  1. Mr Muggins
    Mr Muggins says:

    I’m not sure which is more appalling, the bucket Papa Allam filled with bullshit or Bryan and his mates sticking their heads in the bucket and scoffing away.
    It’s fuck all to do with far east markets and everything to do with one man’s ego. His desire to remove the ‘city’ from our name seems to me to do more with his continuing spat with the council than with anything else.
    If you want perspective away from Hull this can best summed up by the guy who came up to me in my office in Liverpool today and told me how embarrassing it was. As embarrassing as fellow City fans who think it’s fine to change our name while belittling those who don’t.

  2. Del@netherlands
    Del@netherlands says:

    Andrew, I agree. Disappointed as I am with the name change, Allams have clearly got it wrong and disaffected about 90% of the fans, at the end of the day we’ll still cheer the Tigers on and chant City till I Die on the terraces. However, I so hope once the Allams have departed we return to being Hull City AFC. I’ll not be tearing up my season pass (it cost enough and doubt I’ll get to that many matches from the Netherlands) and will (extra) cherish everything I have that says Hull City AFC. Profile is raised by on-field success, simples :-) isn’t it? C’mon Y’ull!

  3. Andy
    Andy says:

    @Rasta – your comment wasn’t deleted, it was awaiting approval. Apologies for the delay, but we get so many attempts to spam us that there’s no other way of doing it.

  4. Bob Carvers
    Bob Carvers says:

    I’ve lived in North America for 5 years, when we were last in the PL Fox Soccer pundits would always refer to us Hull Tigers or The Tigers anyway… As for the talk of Americanisation; when everyone stops going to McDonalds and watching American films and listening to American music and wearing American brands then maybe a conversation about reducing the Americanisation in English football will mean more. Would anyone complain if we won the PL with a squad of non-English players under the old name?

  5. hovetiger
    hovetiger says:

    Well, the rebrand has certainly had an immediate impact on raising our profile worldwide. Hull City and our owners are now being ridiculed and made fun of right across the globe.
    In many ways, the worst thing about this episode has been the blatant disregard and contempt shown toward the fans. Was it only 3 weeks ago that we were categorically told that there were no plans to change our name? A blatant lie obviously.
    Then we have the shambolic way this change has been managed and communicated (not for the 1st time under the Allams). And now, is it my imagination but do we appear to have an almost farcical situation whereby we are supposed to be ‘Hull City Tigers’ within Hull, and ‘Hull Tigers’ nationally and beyond?
    The Allams have rightly earned the respect and affection of Hull City fans everywhere for saving the club from potential financial ruin. They have also overseen one of the most successful periods in the clubs history on the pitch. Somehow, despite this, they appear to be systematically alienating a large portion of the fanbase, along with the local council and many of the citizens of Hull. Quite a feat Dr Allam.
    This shambles only increases my fear that next on the agenda will be an underhand move away from Hull…’East Yorkshire Tigers’ anyone?

  6. Andy Ex-Pat in Perth
    Andy Ex-Pat in Perth says:

    C’mon people lighten up… Yes i was shocked at first but it could be a lot lot worse. We could be moving 50miles away Like Wimbledon, We could be having to play games in another city Like Coventry, We could be made to play in totally different colour like Cardiff.

    There was uproar by some people when we left ‘Fer Ark but that move turned out okay didn’t it?

    Yes Mr Allam’s reasoning behind this is flawed as the name is NOT shorter, and yes he probably should have at least made an effort to consult fans and not lie about at but we still exist, we’ve got a great young team, a fantastic manager, and play in a world class stadium.

    Just remember, we are a premier league team and how many people though they’d be saying that about Hull City a decade ago?

  7. michael
    michael says:

    I know alot of you english lads are angry, and this doesnt count for much but in Australia and other countries where football is a 3rd or 4th string sport (usa, nz, asia) the name
    HULL CITY TIGERS sounds awesome!
    the words AFC and FC are not used in any sport code.
    i know the club is 110yrs old and tradition means alot furthermore i know you guys are the ones putting bums on seats and we are simply TV fans but hey i reckon it sounds awesome.
    Im not trying to upset any of you die hard fans but im just giving you a different perspective.

  8. Riochatemyhouse
    Riochatemyhouse says:

    You know what I’m more pissed off about? Just look at some of the posts above, some of the people that have been given airtime on this charade, a lot of them using one word.


    If there’s one word that categorizes the massive backslapping, snouts-in-the-trough bullshit fest that modern day football has become, that is it.

    Anyone accepting this is happy at being lied to and deceived. Speaks volumes, really.

  9. Barney Gumble
    Barney Gumble says:

    Rioch, they didn’t lie to us, they just didn’t want to spoil the lovely surprise…

  10. Riley Tiger
    Riley Tiger says:

    To everyone saying ‘lighten up’, ‘I dont care because we are in the premiership’ or ‘it is a good marketing move’ I say what do you care about? Stop being so passive and get off the fence, do you drift through life with no passion or principles, do you prostrate yourself in front of the money god? Have you no beliefs/integrity?

    This is the thin end of the wedge – nothing is now sacred club colours, where we play whatever- it there is money to be made this can all change.

    Or are all you lot just bothered about seeing the big clubs on your Sky TV if so go and support one of them. Why should I fork out £50 an away game to see a club that doesnt give a damn about me anymore.

  11. Mr Muggins
    Mr Muggins says:

    A Liverpool mate sent me a text last night….

    “Football is ruined.”

    He’s not wrong.

  12. Barney Gumble
    Barney Gumble says:

    Can’t blame other clubs fans for piss taking as I’d do the same in their shoes, but they should all be aware that if our rebranding goes through then every club in the country is fair game for greedy owners who hold history and their own customers with contempt.

  13. Bucks Tiger
    Bucks Tiger says:

    My 6 year old, a veteran of all of three City games last season, summed it up last night.
    “I support Hull City, a football team, not a rugby team.”

    We’re Hull City. End of the argument.

  14. Bryne
    Bryne says:

    Just had a fat cat for dinner.

    The preposterous reaction seems to have died down a little today, although the “football is ruined” one is absurd. Tell your mate from Liverpool that it was Suarez who ruined football, and he was helped by the Liverpool fans who gave him an ovation at their last friendly game.

    Going back to the idea of how the rebrand might bring in some cash….. Many people have been commenting that the name change should result in increased shirt sales or merchandising in Asia and the USA. The game against Beijing Gao’An is also cited as an example of how Asia is not really much of an opportunity to make money.

    This is all completely correct.

    Most people wearing a Man Utd shirt in China or South East Asia are wearing a knocked off one they bought from the local market. There IS a market for legit merchandise in South Korea and Japan, but probably only for the big clubs. It is also highly unlikely that supporters in Asia would be signing up for the OWS, but not inconceivable. Even if people in Asia did not follow us directly, it wouldn’t really matter.

    What the Allams have either been smart enough to know, or have stumbled upon, is that it doesn’t really make much of a difference how successful we are, so long as we stay in the Premier League. If people here (Asia….. where I have been living for the last 8 years) have an awareness of who we are, plus a simple and attractive brand, they will see us on the TV playing against the Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utds of the world, and therefore be made aware of the sponsor on our shirt, and the sponsors on the advertising boards around the pitch.

    If one was to watch Match Of The Day from last season, you would notice that lots of the advertising on the digital boards around the pitches is written in a variety of languages and has been bought up by Asian companies. Why are they doing that? It is not for the benefit of people living on Hessle Road now is it?
    I bet that we make less than a million quid a year from CashConverters, and have to take the hit of having our brand associated with a bunch of scumbags. Without being particularly successful or well known, Everton have a sponsor that raises awareness of their club in Thailand, plus they get around 4-5 million a year out of it too. Chang do not use Everton to sell their brand within Thailand, they have a deal with Man Utd, the purpose of the Everton deal would be to have it on the TV consistently. IF we can stay in the PL and our deal with CashConverters expires (not sure when), then it will be interesting to see if the calculated decision to move the name around a bit pays off. There are a couple of IFs attached to the idea, but to my mind the logic seems sound. I am sure that none will complain if we can sign a new player for 4 or 5 million every year because of this. At the very least it shows that the Allams are planning for the future and trying to get extra income WITHOUT putting the burden upon the supporters.

    I can totally see an unknown sponsor like Hite or Cass (Korean beer) picking us, or even a Hyundai/Daewoo/Kia/Lenovo/TATA/Chery/Qingdao/Asahi Beer of company that want their name on a Premier League team with some kind of cultural familiarity. To my mind, these companies seem like pretty low hanging fruit that could be picked.

    The Allams should perhaps clarify what they hope to achieve by the rebrand, then there might be less resistance to it. Only time will tell if it actually works or not.

  15. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    All this nonsense about selling shirts in the Far East, do Wigan have a massive fan base by virtue of their recent tenure in the Premier League?

    Just because our nickname is The Tigers, does not mean we will sell shirts there, firstly they buy counterfeit shirts, and secondly glory supporters in the Far East are going to follow the big English Clubs, not Hull City AFC.

  16. Riochatemyhouse
    Riochatemyhouse says:

    Burdening the supporters? Hang on a minute, we’ve just trousered £60million and stand to make a shedload more whether we go up or stay down. We haven’t gone on a mad cripple signing spree this summer, so by rights the bank balance should be relatively healthy. Now I don’t know about you, but I would say the need to chase after some imaginary far eastern cash isn’t really all that pressing.

  17. Bartontiger
    Bartontiger says:

    The one thing that will make me walk away from City is if the Allams do drop City and we become Hull Tigers.

  18. munkeybunk
    munkeybunk says:

    Incorporating Hull City’s nickname, “The Tigers”, into the club’s main name leaves the club open to some bad puns in the press when games are lost: Toothless Tigers, No roar in the Tigers, Paper Tigers, Tigers try to claw their way out of relegation…..How embarrassing!
    Or will the sport pages always say “Mauled by the Tigers”?

  19. suttontiger
    suttontiger says:

    I think its becoming increasingly obvious that this stupidity has fook all to do with marketing the Club – it its about Pappa Allams continuing spat with the Council. He can’t get his way with the KC so he’s taken another tack. First Hull City Tigers next season Hull Tigers. Trust me.

  20. awaytiger
    awaytiger says:

    Wont it be easier to justify a move to Haltemprice or some other E Yorkshire location if the club are not associated with the city of Hull.

    Hull Tigers or some other franchise at a later date.

    The Hull City council should register the Hull City AFC name at companies house if the current owners don’t think it is worth anything and keep it with the stadium and maybe sell a stake in this to current Hull City AFC supporters much in the same way Chelsea Supporters have a share in the Stamford Bridge Pitch.
    They can have the value of my season ticket for the next 3 years!

  21. Muswell Matt
    Muswell Matt says:

    Comment by Rasta — August 9, 2013 @ 6:04 pm

    ‘One last comment about how I became a Hull City fan. I was introduced to English football by a coworker more than a decade ago. I had virtually no knowledge of the teams, league structure, etc. Almost at random, I chose a team at the top (Arsenal) and at the bottom (Hull), and have supported them both ever since. The deciding factors for Hull: the orange/black kits and the Tiger mascot reminded me of my university. That’s it, and I’ve been a fan for 10+ years.’

    Holy. Fucking. Shit. Am I dreaming all this? 10 years, and it’s still fucking ‘orange’. And you picked us like you’d pick a card from a magician’s deck? You support two clubs? Got two wives as well?

    You’re not a fan, any more than I’m an electrician because I’ve changed the odd fuse.

  22. Adrian
    Adrian says:

    This is nothing short of total desecration of our History – the question is WTF are we gonna do about it.. except write listless posts on internet forums…?

    Time for ACTION me thinks…!

  23. Rasta
    Rasta says:

    @muswell matt
    Thanks for that wonderful display of small-minded parochialism.

    I’m simply explaining how someone a thousand miles away became a fan of a small Third Division club, and am greeted with that hostility. Well done.

  24. Bazza
    Bazza says:

    Less than a week before the big kick-off and all we are talking about is the unilaterally-imposed name change. Sorry, but this will not go away, nor should it. There is no justification for throwing away 109 years of history. We are not talking about a packet of cornflakes, and how best to brand them. The football club is Hull City, and always will be, no matter in what division we find ourselves. Besides, it might be, for a little while, ‘Hull City Tigers’, in itself unacceptable, but the next step, will be ‘Hull Tigers’. After watching the club since 1966, this feels like a defining moment: if we sit back back, shrug our shoulders and say there is little we can do, what next. The campaign to expose the dark deeds of West Yorkshire Police, shows what is possible. Sorry, Mr Bruce, you have done a great job so far, but you’ll move on in the near future; so will the Allams. I won’t. I was there, season after season, in the dark days – and I will take kindly to be taken for granted by anyone. This is my club, not some toy to be indulged in as little more than a marketing gimmick.

  25. oldschool
    oldschool says:

    Look the club have changed the business name from a very clumsy Hull City AFC trading as…….or whatever to Hull City Tigers. Personally I don’t have a problem with that. Others obviously do and some are making mischief out of it, as they would do with anything the club do.
    Nick Thompson was hung out to dry in Mike Whites ‘dog-with-a-bone’ interview on Radio Humberside a couple of weeks ago. He admitted the business name was to change and he said the club was not going to be renamed Hull Tigers. The business changed and the club have not been renamed Hull Tigers.
    I honestly believe that NT also believed what he was saying on RH.
    The brown stuff hit the fan when AA snr, was interviewed about the name change after the Hull Daily Mail, despite getting the exclusive, then went about sensationalising the story. RH (the BBC) jumped in with both feet and suddenly we are to be called Hull Tigers. AA said he would ‘like’ the club to be called that. He has also said he would like to get his hands on the KC Stadium and redevelop the surrounding land but that hasn’t happened either, and I don’t see the local media gnawing away at that to get an answer. Or any fans protesting as to why it hasn’t happened.
    I don’t think ‘Hull Tigers’ will ever be anything more then an email address because it isn’t a good idea. Its not a catchy name at all, it’s not marketable and there are loads of sporting clubs called ‘Tigers’
    Don’t you all honestly think that will not be spelt out to AA every time the subject is mentioned ?
    As it was to David Lloyd and his vision of calling us Hull City Tiger Sharks?
    Not everything Papa A says will come true.
    Cannot you see it is nothing more then a very thinly disguised dig at Hull City Council? That is where any fans anger should be aimed because it is the ostriches in Hull Guildhall who are a far more serious threat to the future of our club then anything AA happens to say, in the heat of the moment, in front of the television cameras.
    Of all the turmoil and trouble our club have put themselves and the fans through over the years does it really take our second and only automatic promotion to the Premier League and over £13m spent so far on players to rally the fans in opposition to the clubs owner over something that will never happen?
    AA might be wealthy, he might be our seemingly very generous owner, he may be a bit eccentric, who wouldn’t be in his position? he might be a loose cannon in front of the media, but one think he certainly is not and that is stupid.

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