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  1. Matt H
    Matt H says:

    So what is the club’s international strategy and what are their target markets? I assume that the club have employed independent marketing consultants to carry out extensive research on overseas perception, demand for a little known but respected underdog of the Premier League and how the market would view a club with the name as now reported? As in any business they must have acted in the best interests of the business and carried out risk/benefit analysis with plenty of evidence to back the decision. The one thing you don’t do in business (and in life) is lie, as Nick Thompson seems to have done when previously asked about the situation. Bad move.
    Having working internationally for over 20 years, and in much of that time promoting the City of Hull, it has always been a pleasure talking and dealing in football with clients overseas. When we were last in the PL, people knew us as Hull City and that’s the name they associate with a great club of many years standing. I have never in all my years of talking football overseas heard anyone refer to us at Hull Tigers. The people I have dealings with and spoken to understand the traditions of football in England and the names associated with clubs; they’re not stupid, they understand what a city is.
    Sorry for the ramblings, first time I’ve commented on here after many years of enjoying the views and banter expressed on AN, but this really has been a very badly handled situation and, I feel will be a deeply damaging move, just had to comment. City Til I Die!

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    What an utterly ridiculous decision by the Allam family. They say the name is too long in its current form, so Hull City Tigers is shorter than Hull City how, exactly? Same goes for the preposterous “Hull Tigers”.

    We are Hull City, simple as that. The full name of the club is never used by anyone, especially overseas. Have you ever heard Japanese fans refer to Man United as Manchester United FC? Thought not. Hull Tigers will make us a laughing stock in this country, which is something the Allam’s obviously don’t seem to understand.


  3. Arthur Dearing
    Arthur Dearing says:

    At first I hated the name “Hull City Tigers” but now I like it, I think it is GGGRRREEEAAATTT (or however Tony the Tiger used to say it) !
    The chant “Hull City Tigers” is a good one and the name, whilst new, is in keeping with tradition combining both “Hull City” and “The Tigers”.
    I congratulate the Allams on this change but not the underhand, secretive and may I say, lying way they have done it referring to the Thompson interview.

  4. AdrianC
    AdrianC says:

    How sad that the people who gave such fantastic financial support to Hull City AFC now feel they have bought the right to trash the heritage of this club and stick two fingers up to the whole fan base, the people who actually pay the money to come and see the team play.

    It saddens me that Mr Allam and his team have so badly misjudged this. I would have thought that after all his years in the UK he would have, by now, understood the traditions and strength of feeling people have about their local team and that we Brits absolutely hate the cheap ‘Americanistion’ of the clubs we support.

    We are being badly let down here!

  5. Paul
    Paul says:

    I for one am in total agreement with Mr Allam in the rebranding and renaming of Hull City, in order to tell us apart from other “City” teams and what better way of maintianing our identity and establishing our individuality other than calling us “The Hull Tigers”.

  6. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    It’s like watching the slow death of a loved one. You know it’s coming, but it’s still upsetting when it actually happens.

  7. tiptontiger
    tiptontiger says:

    It is ridiculous to change the club title. The best marketing tool for City is the way they play and the
    results they get. Why antagonise so many supporters who clearly hold the club’s traditions with affection and respect?

  8. Andrew Dixon
    Andrew Dixon says:

    The name Hull City is embedded in the DNA of the club and its following. Football clubs have mostly avoided the shallow, gimmicky rebranding that some rugby league clubs have adopted. We are not an American sporting franchise, we are Hull City. Sometimes we refer to our club as The Tigers and sometimes as City but our formal name is Hull City. I was born and raised in the East Riding but never felt alienated because of the ‘City’ element of the club’s name. It’s a strong part of the club’s identity to me and will always be so. “We’re City till we die.”

  9. Joe
    Joe says:

    Does anyone really care that much? Honestly, fans are so fickle. They are changing the name to hull city tigers. The afc is redundant, we are never referred to hull city afc tigers in the media. We will never lose the 109 history because we just changed the name. Why don’t we start modernising the club instead I being stuck in the old ways?

    Grow up, we wouldn’t have a club if the Allams didn’t save it. And you all seem to have forgotten that.

  10. Geoff Woad
    Geoff Woad says:

    Typical British reaction to change. The Allams aren’t succesful businessmen by chance. The opposition will subside if the club moves forward a la Cardiff.

  11. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:


    First – obviously people do ‘care that much’. Have you not bothered to look at the reaction, which is overwhelmingly against the change?

    Second – just because people don’t use part of the name doesn’t lessen its importance. Do you know the relevance of the AFC, how it was used as a kick in the bollocks to the rugby codes trying to keep the city for themselves when the football club was formed? My son’s middle name means a lot to me. It will very, very rarely get used but that doesn’t lessen its importance. I won’t just ditch it because of its ‘redundancy’.

    Third – fans can be fickle. But loyalty can only be stretched so far. This will be the stretching point for many. I wouldn’t underestimate just how many. And those fans who will not be bothering any more might not matter too much in the Premier League, but they will when we’re back in the Football League.

    Fourth – we wouldn’t have a club if it wasn’t for the fans, either. You seem to have forgotten that. (And you don’t know that we wouldn’t have a club if it wasn’t for the Allams. It’s very possible, granted, but clubs in worse financial positions than Hull City were in 2010 have been saved before).

  12. Jon
    Jon says:

    I agree with Joe to a point. If push comes to shove, he does what he wants. And a club with a PES name is better than no club at all. But it doesn’t mean this is the right thing to do from a fans perspective, or from a business perspective.

    Why not just call us Hull Tigers overseas if he fancies it and is using 2 names anyway?
    To be blunt though, I can’t see it making a blind bit of difference overseas, fans in other countries will support the top dogs (which we’ll never be) or teams who their internationals play for.

    If he believes that adding Tigers into the name is a moneyspinner it’s about as logical as assuming that Coventry have a huge following in the Ivory Coast because they’ve an elephant in the crest, or half of Nigeria loves Palace because of the eagle. We have a multicultural, multilingual tiger anyway in the crest and colours.

    On the downside, he doesn’t seem to appreciate that for many fans the club is part of them, their memories, and they identify with it and feel part of it and that’s what drives us to support it. Changing this breaks this relationship, and will be extremely damaging – especially when things aren’t going well.

  13. Sean
    Sean says:

    Fickle, definition: changing frequently, especially as regard to ones loyalties, interests and affections.
    So, who’s the ones who are fickle, the ones who don’t want the name change and therefore want to support the same club they’ve always known, or the ones who don’t mind what it is the team they support are called?

  14. bizket
    bizket says:

    Mr Allam can write Hull City Tigers neatly on a piece of paper. Fold paper up 5 times and place inside a bottle. Firmly screw top back on bottle ans SHUVE IT up a camels rear canal.

  15. Lewes Tiger
    Lewes Tiger says:

    I think that some sort of protest is required. This is our heritage that has been stolen. I would rather the club was broke than live in an Americanised world of Hull City Tigers, Manchester Red Devils, and West Ham Hammers.

    Refund on the season tickets? Boycott home games? Call for Thomson and the Allams to go? Time for them to sell up and move on.

    I’ll support any action Amber Nectar believes we should take.

  16. Lewes Tiger
    Lewes Tiger says:

    PS. Who needs a good kick in the cock? I didn’t think anyone would replace West Yorkshire Police, but I believe we have a new villain…

  17. Geoff Court
    Geoff Court says:

    Why is it that ownership of a football club eventually brings out the inner Ken Bates in all of them? Wanker.

  18. Bryne
    Bryne says:

    It seems like many people commenting here feel as though they have had something taken from them, there are also comments about “stretching points” , “patience” and “enough is enough”. Go and rip up your season tickets if you feel that way…. no I didn’t think so.

    As far as I am aware…. we still have the same ground, players, empty trophy cabinet, stripes on the kit and most importantly IDENTITY (it is a name re-arrangement NOT a change) . We are ‘ULL’, ‘t’ Tigers’ or ‘City’ and nothing has changed in that regard.

    There are also several advantages to the name change, not least in distinguishing more thoroughly between ourselves and the egg chasers we share the ground with.

    1. The timing of the change is superb and has already created a bit of press on ESPN Sports News for Asia (which I was watching earlier today). If we were to get a decent result against Chelsea, many people watching in Asia would have a further reason to adopt us as their team.

    2. There ARE sponsorship opportunities in Asia, and the tiger is a symbol/animal that people have a cultural attachment to. (which I explained in a comment a few days ago). Perhaps we can do a little better than having ‘Mr Chu’s’ as our primary East Asian sponsor!

    3. If it doesn’t work and we get bombed out of the PL this season, they can always switch the name back and you guys can down off of those high horses again.

  19. Geoff Court
    Geoff Court says:

    Why is it that ownership of a football club eventually brings out the inner Ken Bates in all of them?

  20. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    “2. There ARE sponsorship opportunities in Asia, and the tiger is a symbol/animal that people have a cultural attachment to. (which I explained in a comment a few days ago). ”

    No you didn’t. You posted a link to something that proved nothing. And because people aren’t willing to rip up something they’ve paid a lot of money for (their season tickets) then they can’t object to something like this? There are maybe decent arguments in favour of the name change, somewhere, Byrne. You appear incapable of unearthing them, however.

    We are, I think it’s fair to say, unlikely to repeat the results we had at the beginning of the 2008/09 season this time round. If that didn’t bring about an influx of Asian support, why would a draw against Chelsea coming soon after a news report on a foreign news station do the same?

  21. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    I would rip up my season ticket, but it’s a plastic card so it’s difficult. When I get home though, rest assured I will look and the T+Cs and establish whether I can get a full refund on my ticket. The only way idiots like this will understand is being hit in the pocket.

  22. Bryne
    Bryne says:

    Also, having to whore ourselves out to ‘CashConverters’ is a far more detestable act than this name re-arrangement. Hopefully the re-brand will mean that we can attract a better sponsor than that abject lot.

  23. Ziggy
    Ziggy says:

    It’s simply appalling the way this has been handled as well as being a stupid name leaving us open to ridicule!

    I foresee a very loud “City ’til I die” chant resounding around the Circle on Saturday.

  24. andy in kingston
    andy in kingston says:

    I am very much against the change, but also think that in the world of 24 hour media it feels like a big thing today and may feel less so in a month’s time. But above all it feels naïve to me and even though the Allams are clearly very astute business people, that doesn’t automatically mean they understand branding and good PR (I work in marketing and dare to suggest you don’t need great branding skills to brand Allam Marine).

    It feels naïve because:
    i) Although I suppose we should credit Mr Allam with honesty in suggesting that the word ‘City’ is ‘irrelevant’, surely he should have realised that for most supporters the club is City before it is The Tigers (listen to the chants Mr Allam). He might have got away with switching AFC to Tigers if he hadn’t made this comment.
    ii) The stuff about shorter brand names always being best is just over simplistic. And anyway, unless I have lost the ability to count, Hull City Tigers or even Hull Tigers which he clearly wants is longer than Hull City (we all agree AFC doesn’t get used). If the real motive is to make more use of the Tiger branding and iconography, there are much better ways to do that than simply adding it to the club name, without alienating your fan base.

    I actually suspect that the media will have lost interest in a week, will refer to us as Hull City as Hull City Tigers is too long, and as long as fans maintain a united front on how we describe the team and chant about them, the damage will be limited, although the bad taste will remain.

  25. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Byrne: “Also, having to whore ourselves out to ‘CashConverters’ is a far more detestable act than this name re-arrangement. Hopefully the re-brand will mean that we can attract a better sponsor than that abject lot.”

    Yeah, because a club’s identity is all about the shirt sponsors, isn’t it?

  26. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    So sad.

    It has been coming and seems to be an ad man’s misconceived idea. This is not America, we are not an ice hockety team. We are Hull City AFC.

    I can’t believe this is going to sell shirts in Egypt and the Far East, they all follow Man Utd anyway. Where will they be on a cold Tuesday in January?


  27. Bryne
    Bryne says:

    “If that didn’t bring about an influx of Asian support, why would a draw against Chelsea coming soon after a news report on a foreign news station do the same?”

    You clearly have misunderstood the idea of the rebrand.

    “There are maybe decent arguments in favour of the name change, somewhere, Byrne. You appear incapable of unearthing them, however.”

    As far as I am concerned, the positive aspects of the change have been outlined in an understandable manner. The fact that you choose not to accept them is more down to your own misinterpretations and misunderstandings. Also, there has been an lot of vitriol on this page about the change, but very little reasoned debate from your side as to the arguments AGAINST the change. What are they exactly?

    I pay money to watch the team, therefore I should be consulted by the owners of the club about their business strategy?

    This is the way it has always been, and must always be?

    Tigers = American = Bad?

    As is typical of the average level of cultural awareness in Hull, there is also some jealousy/xenophibia at play here too, it would have been interesting to see how people would have reacted if Adam Pearson had implemented this rebrand.

    “No you didn’t. You posted a link to something that proved nothing.”

    That link was a simple illustration of how you guys have no clue of the possible sponsors that could be attracted. The fact that Les thought it was two guys in a minivan says it all (their HQ is in Hong Kong and they have a turnover of $115 million). I have lived in Beijing and Shanghai for 6 years, have half of my family in South Korea and have been living in Thailand for over a year….. so I know my way around Asia by now. Do you honestly think that there isn’t a better/bigger company out here than one who gives loans out to gamblers and smackheads in England and Australia (combined population <100 million)? If you do, perhaps you need to renew your passport.

    'andy in kingston' made some good points, and Mr Allam has indeed put his foot in his mouth a little bit today, but the reaction to this change has ascended into farce.

  28. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Bryne – I live in London, my family is ‘multicultural’, I worked on a marketing magazine for years and now work on a magazine that specialised in looking at how companies (albeit financial ones) are attempting to cash in on growth in Asia, Africa and Latin America. I understand the nuances of what’s going on perfectly. The positive aspects of the change are based around little more than guesswork and one man’s whim. If you want to see why I’m against the change, check out the thread on the forum.

  29. BobNoxious
    BobNoxious says:

    Who gives a tinkers? Hes the owner. He put his money where his mouth is. He can call them “Hull City Glory Hunters XI” as far as I am concerned. Smart move by Junior to capitalise on the huge Asia/Pacific market. Well done Sir.
    To many little Hullers who frankly haven’t got a clue. Especially those on Blunderside, spouting their mouths off. Embarrassing. Cardiff changed the colour of their shirts from blue to red for crying out loud. Did it do them any harm??? Eh…

  30. 4Jacks
    4Jacks says:

    Aw cummon – this is the begining of a new age in football! Within a year it will be London Gunners, Manchester Red Devils and Leeds White Shite. The only problem is with one goal every six matches we should realy be Hull Pussies. Rather like a shit footballer wearing the latest gear – all advertising and no product. Ah well thats just typical City I suppose.

  31. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    So anyone who disagrees with you, Byrne, is either boring/making empty threats/unable to appreciate things with an international significance because they live in Hull/xenophobic? And yet it is those who are against the change that are the ones not listening to the other side. Riiiiggghhhtttt……

  32. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Wow…don’t think I’ve ever seen so many threads from all over the world…except possibly from the Far East!…. on Newsnow! As far as publicity is concerned…job done!? However, will this make the BBC and others call us anything other than ” Hull” ? That’s been irritating for years IMO! Also how come we didn’t sue the arse off Castleford and that funny green shirted outfit from Leicester when they stole our name? Perhaps they’ll claim damages from us, ‘cos they’ve patented the name or summat by now!
    This episode simply reinforces my dislike of the lying management ilk. I really don’t understand why so many take it all in like dustbins…especially from the current scum in power! Surely Thompson’s position is untenable? I’ll watch the ” Tomb rater” index with interest!
    Meanwhile 2 quality midfielders and another striker please! After all, getting hammered every week on TV for worldwide consumption won’t be good for business, will it?

  33. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Byrne : You clearly fit my management stereotype, as you clearly do no real work and have plenty of time to irritate people on the Internet. Probably just got back from a fat cat lunch and waiting to go home?

  34. breadvan
    breadvan says:

    What an unmitigated disaster! Just what we didn’t need at the start of a seriously difficult season.
    I hate the name change but I am unwilling to get involved in a reaction which could make premier league survival more difficult. The team, whatever they may be called, deserve to have our FULL support. Boycotting matches and re-directing chants on the terraces to bring about protest rather than support for our players is quite simply wrong. I know we have 109 years of history behind the name but as someone who been a supporter for not that far off half of that time, I can live with the disappointment for the sake of the our team. As for the Allams, they saved the club and have the team’s interest at heart even if they are misguided. The financial gain they hope to accrue is not for their pocket, otherwise they would not have put in tens of millions to bale us out. Just how is aiming abuse and vitriol at Mr. Allam fair?

  35. Tony
    Tony says:

    I’m from Hull but have lived in Belfast for 25 years
    We have a rich heritage over here that everyone clings on to and never lets go of… watch the news and you’ll see it all

    I don’t like the name change- but am also sick to death of “traditional routes” and “our traditions are being taken away by them uns”…. so I suppose it’s worth getting annoyed about… but we’ll get over it and move on… sad though that they had to change the name….. does anyone remember the Hull Sharks… that never stuck….nothing is ever for ever

  36. amberroar
    amberroar says:

    Go Bryne..
    durham is irritated because he thinks your irritating more people than he has this week..
    He almost spelt your name right, the deluded old twat..
    How small minded are you all prepared to be? Les is the only other person alive, prepared to be simple enough to put £60million into something that continues to lose money, for others enjoyment!..
    Get over yourselves, it still says Hull City and it still says Tigers over the door..
    I am going to the K.C. on Saturday to cheer on a loyal servant of the old ‘Hull City AFC’ and then watch the new ‘Hull City Tigers’ in their last pre season game before i go to Chelsea to cheer on my team, did i think 12, 24, 36 months ago i would be saying that? did i fuck..
    I can only speculate as to whether Les would have been able to get enough money together in time to save our football club, and name, i am guessing a few trips to Cash Converters may have averted disaster but as he was rescued from that reckless squandering..
    Thank you again Mr Allam for being rich, successful and generous, never mind public spirited..
    Sometimes i don’t know why you bothered…

  37. Rasta
    Rasta says:

    I’m a recent convert to Hull City (since around 2001), and I’m American (there’s only about a dozen Hull fans in the entire US). Please don’t hold that against me. You may not be aware of this, but the TV contract for the Premier League in the US changed this season. Last season, on Fox Sports and ESPN2, we’d get three or four games a week. Occasionally five, and usually limited to the top clubs. If I had to guess, I’d say QPR was televised once or twice last season. The new TV deal (with NBC Sports) will air EVERY Premier League game. If ever there was a time to change international marketing strategy, it’s now.

    One last comment about how I became a Hull City fan. I was introduced to English football by a coworker more than a decade ago. I had virtually no knowledge of the teams, league structure, etc. Almost at random, I chose a team at the top (Arsenal) and at the bottom (Hull), and have supported them both ever since. The deciding factors for Hull: the orange/black kits and the Tiger mascot reminded me of my university. That’s it, and I’ve been a fan for 10+ years.

  38. Bryne
    Bryne says:

    Mr Allam might be onto something…. How special IS the word ‘City’? Lets take a look.

    Noteable places in England that have City status;

    Bath (Shower Combo)
    Carlisle (Stuart Green preferred it!)
    Chelmsford (TOWIE)
    Chichester (Chiquitita, tell me what’s wrong)
    Durham!!!! (maybe this is why he is so pissed?)
    Ely (Last Of The Summer Wine)
    Hereford (Named in an attempt to have Mondeos made there)
    Lichfield (People from Lichfield are known as Lichfeldians)
    Ripon (I always let my bananas do this)
    Truro (pop 17,431)
    Wells (Alls Wells that ends Wells)

    Oh yeah, and Hull.

    Perhaps the Allams should have been even bolder and have the team be known simply as ‘Tigers’, or better yet replace the logo on the KC with a live tiger in a cage, that the meffs who live nearby can throw rocks at. Preferrably an Albino one, so the racists can complain about how the Albinians are taking all of their jobs!

  39. Glory Hunter
    Glory Hunter says:

    Only time will tell if its commercial success. Unless Tiger Beer have put up a few Billion Snice This Morning??

    Personally I don’t really mind. It certainly wont stop me going to see the team. We will always be Ull City to me.

  40. Andrew Dixon
    Andrew Dixon says:

    Steady on City fans! This ‘rebranding’ is a whim of the current owner. The club is bigger than any of us (including Assem Allam). Unless you are 110 years old it was there before you were born and I hope it will be there after we are all dead. The club is, was and always will be Hull City. The nickname ‘Tigers’ was first suggested by a Hull Daily Mail journalist after a victory against Leeds City (now United (spot the irony?)) in March 1905. It’s a great nickname and, just to indulge myself here, we should always wear striped shirts.

    Don’t tear up your season passes, don’t overreact and make inappropriate comments about the current owners, just keep referring to our club as City, Hull City or The Tigers. Sing “City Till I Die” at every opportunity, reject rebranded articles and knit your own scarf. Identity is important and runs deep in our club’s ‘DNA’, this largely unpopular, ill judged and shallow renaming will eventually prove as lasting and indelible as Humberside County Council. My money says that Cardiff City will eventually adopt its traditional blue and white again.

    I respect and admire the Allams but they have got this wrong. Success on the field of play will raise our profile, anything else is just superfluous. So why attract controversy and derision on the cusp of our second big adventure in the ‘First Division’ when we should all be pulling together?

  41. Marsh
    Marsh says:

    Yeah Allam did save us so I guess that earns him the right to choose how to kill us off.

  42. Riley Tiger
    Riley Tiger says:

    This is terrible.Ive never posted on here but read the site for years. This is history and tradition we are talking about. Names matter.

    Look at the outcry when Hull FC were renamed Hull Sharks, (and in fact I detest rugby league for the way it ditched its heritage Bradford Bulls, Leeds Rhinos etc etc). Years ago I worked at Humberside County Council and remember the long arguments from people both sides of the river who hated it and campigned to go back to East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, so such things are not trivial but mean a lot to people

    And as Matt Rudd said on the radio the timing stinks – on the eve of a testimonial game for one of the clubs legends which should be to celebrate Andy’s record it is in danger of being hijacked now.

  43. Riley Tiger
    Riley Tiger says:

    And while I remember a few years ago the stupid attempt to rebrand Hull as a ‘top10 pioneering city’ with a brand mark (nicknamed the cog) by a company called Hull Cityimage Ltd who spend over a million pounds trying to get this ingrained into people. That went nowhere as it was hated. The City already had a brand the three coronets which had history but is binned on the whim of a trendy marketing company.

  44. Riley Tiger
    Riley Tiger says:

    Allam’s comments that ‘City’ is redundant and common again make me wonder if this is part of the long term plan to move from the KC ‘Melton /Welton Tigers’ or wherever he wants his team to play now

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