NEWS: City sign Huddlestone and Livermore from Spurs


City have this evening announced the signings of Tom Huddlestone and Jake Livermore from Tottenham.

Huddlestone is joining permanently, having signed a three-year contract. The Tigers have parted with about £5¼m for his services, a new club record – yet on the face of it, that’s a perfectly reasonable fee (relatively speaking). The 6’2″ midfielder, one his day one of the best passers in English football and owner of a remarkably fearsome shot, has spent the last eight years at White Hart Lane, where he earned four caps for the full England side.

Injuries have been a slight concern in recent times for Huddlestone, something the club has hopefully recognised when drawing up what is certain to be a hefty contract. Nonetheless, he’s a footballer of serious class, and his arrival is a massive coup for Steve Bruce and the whole club.

Livermore joins on a season-long loan. The exciting 23 year old midfielder has spent his entire career with Tottenham, though is already a veteran of six loan moves. He’s also a full England international, having picked up a cap in 2012 against Italy.

These two arrivals make what was looking a troublingly thin midfield suddenly look much more capable. Off-field issues may still be raging, but there’s a new season starting in four days and these are two extremely good signings that leave City much better equipped for the Premier League.

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  1. When Sunday Comes
    When Sunday Comes says:

    Superb signings. Quite the coup. Now hopefully the 10% of supporters crying over the name change can now get on with and enjoy what is sure to be one hell of a ride. #hctigers

  2. amberroar
    amberroar says:

    I was enjoying a positive A.N. article but then… ‘off-field issues may still be raging’… rears up…F.F.S.
    I hope you don’t ruin your match reports with this negative shite on our return to E.P.L…
    Tomb Rater at 5 you guys are a fucking joke…

  3. Andy
    Andy says:

    amberroar, I’m afraid this issue is going to be mentioned repeatedly until the club sees sense. However long that takes is really down to them, we can’t accept responsibility for the stupidity of others.

    That may not be to your personal taste, in which case, perhaps a pro-Hull City Tigers website may be more to your liking. Oh, hang on…

  4. Barney Gumble
    Barney Gumble says:

    Amberroar, genuine question. If in the future the club was moved out to Melton and the name changed to Hull Tigers, would you still pay your money, support the club etc?

  5. 4Jacks
    4Jacks says:

    I have enjoyed this site and am dissapointed at the name change but this miserable bitching as was carried out over Barmby is very boring and to apply a 5 to the tomb rater just out of proportion. I will continue to read the reports but please get a grip – there are games on soon.

  6. Bryne
    Bryne says:

    What a Brucie-Bonus! Great signings for City this pre-season. McGregor – Davies – Huddlestone – Graham gives us a proven and experienced spine. To have signed all these guys for less than 10 million is quite incredible. Add those players to the hungry, young squad that we had in the Championship (Chester, Aluko, Brady, Elmo) and we should have the strongest side I have ever seen in a City shirt. I think that we are probably better than Palace, Cardiff, Stoke and West Brom. Thank you Allams!

  7. JohnK
    JohnK says:

    You can talk about the name as much as you want but these signings prove if proof was needed that we have serious owners and serious management that are diligently putting together a competitive team to take on the PL challenge. This is the most important thing and I salute and applaud the opportunity that they are giving this club of sustaining a seat at the top table of the biggest league in the world.

  8. Andy
    Andy says:

    I’ve no issue with anyone taking us to task over something they disagree with, as that sort of stuff is really quite healthy. However Amber Nectar has always stroppily campaigned about stuff, and always will.

    Anyway there’s a belting football-only piece to enjoy this morning. Then there’ll be some more bitching about the name change this afternoon, a match preview on Saturday, a match report, then some more bitching.

    For variety, we may have West Yorkshire Police back on the agenda next week…

  9. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    “Now hopefully the 10% of supporters crying over the name”

    When Sunday Comes – 10%? Really? You appear to be a tool. Anyway, as Andy says, there’s nothing to stop the amberroars of this world starting a pro-Hull City Tigers website. Good luck with that. Have the likes of you and 4Jacks ever wondered why you came to Amber Nectar in the first place and continue to come here?

  10. Our man in Finland
    Our man in Finland says:

    10%. Laughable. ‘When Sunday comes’ you’re either a shill, a troll or an idiot.

    Good signings. Nice business by the owners and all those involved at the club. Other than the comedy name change I’m really looking forward to this season.

  11. When Sunday Comes
    When Sunday Comes says:

    Officer Babtree, I come to Amber Nectar and a whole host of other Hull City fan/forum sites, as I enjoy the stories and opinions that relate to the football team I have supported for 25 plus years. I do not always agree with everything that is written, but it would be a boring world if everyone agreed with everybody else about everything. I’m sorry if my view, along with many, many others do not conform to your blinkered view on the topic of the name change (dropping the redundant ‘AFC’ from the name), but hey ho. You say why don’t the people who are not bothered about the name change create their own website?! Well why don’t you start to follow another team if you feel so venomously against it.
    It’s just an acronym that’s been dropped. Please, get over it. Move on.

    Our man in Finland, Its not laughable, it’s just that the people whom this doesn’t really bother, don’t go around making a song and dance about it. So sorry about that, idiot.

  12. Mr Muggins
    Mr Muggins says:

    It’s not an acronym, it’s an abbreviation. But hey ho facts are not your strong point are they…

  13. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    When Sunday Comes – you made a statement with nothing to back it up, and which appears to be wildly incorrect based on any information available.

    It is not ‘just an acronym’ that has been dropped. It’s an abbreviation that has been dropped, and a nickname that has been added. It’s also a key word with regards to the club’s identity that is being dropped ‘outside Hull’. You say you don’t go making a song and dance about it, but what the hell are you doing on here? Making a song and dance about you opinion as much as anyone else is. You argument seems to be “I’m not worried about it, so why should anyone else be”. Which isn’t really an argument. This issue matters to a hell of a lot of Hull City fans. You don’t agree, fine. But I’ve yet to see anyone come up with a stronger argument against those of us for whom it matters than “what does it matter?”. If it doesn’t bother you, then why bother arguing with those opposing it? It obviously matters enough to you to make provocative comments on it. Your posting above seems a bit all over the place, the be honest.

    Oh – and ‘Officer Babtree’. Given that you say you’ve supported City for 25 years, I can only assume you started when you were minus 21?

  14. hullk
    hullk says:

    Bryne – I like your optimism but do you really think we’re better than the team who finished top 8 in the Premier League last season?

    I look forward to a spirited display on Sunday and a respectable 2-1 loss. Our goal will be the opener, a Thudd from 30 yards.

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