NEWS: City draw Huddersfield in League Cup

City’s reward for last night’s 1-0 extra-time victory at Leyton Orient in the League Cup is a home draw against Huddersfield Town.

We cannot confirm rumours that West Yorkshire Police are planning to implement a state of emergency response to the tie, or that Huddersfield fans will have to travel via the Moon to arrive in Hull, though it’s hoped that martial law can be avoided.

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  1. Brid Tiger
    Brid Tiger says:

    I’ve already started pumping up my large inflatable bubble protection device.
    I’ll even lend it to WYP if they ask nicely.

  2. Knuckledragger
    Knuckledragger says:

    This is no Laughing matter. At the last fixture I saw one Terrier with a plastic bag more than capable of suffocating any one of us Tigers. I saw two eating peanuts with intent to send any City fan with an allergy in to anaphylactic shock! These scum need to be controlled. The Moon is too good for them.

    I think WYP should supply an extra 500 coppers to back up the Humberside lot. I’m sure they can afford the overtime, oh yes.

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