Things We Think We Think #98


1. Hull City without Andy Dawson. It’s been a decade since the two were separate. If you’ve not had the chance to read our tribute to the man himself, it’s here – and perhaps some day City and Dawson will be reunited. You suspect he has a lot more to give the game.

2. Of those featuring on the list of players released by the club, only one must have been a close decision. Jay Simpson can consider himself a little unfortunate to not be playing for City in the Premier League next season. His early-season partnership with Sone Aluko was blisteringly destructive, and it’s tempting to wonder whether Simpson’s pretty rotten goalscoring record may have been better had his preferred striking accomplice remained fit – indeed, would it have been sufficiently better as to tempt Bruce into renewing his contract?

3. We’ll never know. But for a variety of reasons, footballing and non-footballing, Simpson’s stay in the north never really hit the heights it could have done. If it’s of any solace to the player, his occasional brilliance was always supplemented by hard work – that’s always welcome, and it’d be nice to think he knows that his efforts here were appreciated.

4. Mark Cullen, meanwhile, should score a lorryload of goals in the Conference for Luton Town. While he was never going to make it at City’s level of the game, in whichever division, the lad evidently is a born scorer at the right level and we wish him well.

5. Ooh, look at all of the exciting names linked with City in the tabloid press! Actually don’t. It’s an unendingly tiresome ritual whereby lazy sports writers and grasping agents collude in creating fact-free “stories” for undemanding readers. Steve Bruce will have his targets, some of them will sign, some won’t, and very little we see in the Sun or the Mirror will come to pass.

6. The Leicester Mercury are reporting Nigel Pearson will remain The Foxes’ manager. Would that make a move for Kasper Schmeichel, who we are linked with, more difficult? We shall see, but whoever comes in it will be good for City have their own goalkeeper after a string of borrowed netmen.

7. Stephen Hunt, undeniably our finest player in 2009/10, has been released by Wolverhampton Wanderers. They say you should never go back, but Dean Windass gave us reason to query that school of logic. We’re going to have to take some punts, and signing Hunt on a free doesn’t seem that much of a risk.

8.  Very soon we could see three City players – David Meyler, Robbie Brady and Paul McShane – lining up for the Republic of Ireland to play against England at Wembley. As the England team is both unlikeable and unremarkable at the moment, and the game itself is largely meaningless, one or two of us may find it within ourselves to support the Irish team.

9. His brief time in charge of City was and remains best forgotten, but kudos to Phil Parkinson for the phenomenal season he has just enjoyed with Bradford City, with success in the play-offs on Saturday following that bonkers run to the League Cup final. Decent man and a good gaffer at the correct level. The large ex-Tigers contingent at Valley Parade all deserve our warm congratulations – not just for their own successes, but for making Bradford quite likeable, which is some achievement in itself.

10. Two of the best days in City’s sparkling recent history came at Huish Park in 2004 and Wembley in 2008. The victims were firstly Yeovil Town and then Gary Johnson, manager of Bristol City, and both of them were class acts at the time despite being the bit-part in a day of Tiger glory. How richly they deserved their own victory at Wembley yesterday.

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  1. Bartontiger
    Bartontiger says:

    Excellent writing as usual and agree with the points regarding Phil Parkinson and Yeovil.

    Re:point 8. When St Stu was playing for Northern Ireland and they beat England I actually cheered when Ireland scored. I was just caught up in seeing a City player in an international shirt. Might be the same for the Republic.

  2. adamhull
    adamhull says:

    I’ll be at Wembley for the England – Ireland game, inevitably surrounded by the nobhead “No surrender” brigade. A hearty round of applause for the City contingent will be required (and should avoid the nobhead element mistaking me for a Plastic Paddy!)

  3. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    I did wonder if Simpson had had a bit of a pop at our under achieving German..? Thought I caught a bit of Agro between them in one game…This would not please Brucie…
    Have to say I’m getting a bit concerned at some of the names quoted in the rumour mill. There’s a number of issues need sorting ASAP, ….Chester, Elmo contracts…not sure on Boyd….and we can’t do with another set of Campbell issues dragging on! A couple of double figure strikers are needed or we’re doomed….doomed I tell you!
    Hunt’s not been the same since his foot op IMO…which makes me wonder about Gedo…

  4. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    “A couple of double figure strikers are needed or we’re doomed….doomed I tell you!”

    Here is a list of the double-figure scorers in the Premiership this season, gjh.

    Which of them do you think that a) we could afford, or b) would be likely to come here even if we could afford them? We need goalscorers, but ones that are proven at the top level cost a lot of money. It might prove more cost-effective to wrap Sone Aluko in cotton wool for the entire summer.

  5. Les
    Les says:

    Well Fredster, given that we’re not the tabloid press, and that we were wishing out loud rather than suggesting it will happen, then no, it isn’t.

  6. clint naysmith
    clint naysmith says:

    I am puzzled at the various calls to re-sign Stephen Hunt (here) and Boaz Myhill (before). Was no-one else but me paying attention when we got weekly shellackings in 2009/10?

    And yes I’m two faced because I said Altidore might be a decent signing. Before anyone starts!

  7. Officer Crabtree
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Stephen Hunt was injured for the uglier part of that season. And he was our best player then. Granted, it was probably the least anyone had to do to win that particular accolade since John Anderson won it more than a decade ago, but he was a very decent player for us. I doubt he’d be up to Premiership football anymore though.

    With Boaz, we’ve tried for three years to replace him permanently and failed. In that time, we’ve unearthed only two keepers who would probably ‘do a job': one of whom we wouldn’t stand a chance of getting (Guzan) and the other a bit of an expensive flight risk given how much Arsenal were asking for him and his performances for the Gunners first team (Mannone). Myhill has been a very able deputy to one of the best keepers in the Premiership. His confidence was totally shot by the end of his time here, but surely it would be better playing behind our current defence than it was playing behind Sonko and Gardner. There will be better than Bo out there – he worryingly doesn’t seen to have quite eradicated that habit he has of palming the ball stright back out into play rather than for a corner – but as we’ve seen from some of the highest rated young keepers in the country, there’s a hell of a lot worse too.

    I agree on Altidore, by the way. I fear he’d be out of our price range.

  8. BobNoxious
    BobNoxious says:

    No4. Wish him well of course, but the only way he will score a lorry load of goals is if he backs a lorry into a store called ‘Goals’ on Luton High Street.
    No6. No move for Chris Kirkland, who IMHO could do a job.
    No7. Hunt on a free. I think Wolves will have to pay City compensation.
    No 10. Made up for Yeovil. Grand little club. I can’t see them surviving for more than one season in the Championship. But stranger things have happened. Look at the Scunts!

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