PROMOTION SPECIAL – The Hounds of Hull (City)

Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend, they’re also amongst the best and most fervent football fans. Hounds around the world have been showing their love for The Tigers since City clinched promotion, and we’re proud to showcase some of them…

AN Mike Carter

Mike Carter’s mutt is keen to show thanks to the Allam family as well as the Egyptian trio of Gedo, Fathi and Elmo. 

AN Jamie Smith Charlie

Jamie Smith’s canine Charlie howled with outrage when the ref awarded a penalty to Cardiff.

AN Bailey John Hendey

John Hendey’s Bailey fancies City’s chances of staying up next season.

AN James Peters

James Peter’s four legged friend thinks Abdi Faye warrants a new deal.

AN Ian Smith

Ian Smith’s pair of pooches never doubted City would go up, even after the Barnsley horror show.

AN Roger Gawtrey Jay Jay

New Zealand dweller Roger Gawtrey’s hound Jay Jay never thought he’d see two promotions to the Premier League in his lifetime.

AN Colleen Thundercliffe
The canine of Colleen Thundercliffe stared out a West Yorkshire Police dog at Huddersfield before barking “Fans not criminals!”

AN Alex J

Alex J’s dog hates it when commentators call us ‘Hull’ or a ‘Humberside club’. Us too dawg. Us too.

AN AdamDennis Maxwell

Adam Dennis’ greyhound Maxwell thinks pace is the key to life in the Premier League. “Can’t wait till Aluko is back” he growled.

AN Steve Broadbent
Steve Broadbent says his hound barely moved from this spot on Monday. “He reckons he had a bad pint”. Or twenty.

AN Vega from Christine Zinke

“There’s Norway we’re going down” puns Norwegian mutt Vega. Owner Christine Zinke hope’s that’s the case.

AN Roxy Robbie McIntyre

Roxy, owned by the McIntire family, never thought we’d need a favour from Dirty Leeds.

AN Poppy James Cowlinshaw

Melbourne based mutt Poppy and owner James Cowlishaw reckon Prozzy will come good next year.

AN Matthew Viggo

“Bring back Stephen Hunt” says the faithful friend of Matthew Viggo.

AN Matt Marsden Ruby

Matt Marsden’s mutt Ruby doesn’t rate Eldin Jakupovic’s keeping, but does admire his hair.

AN Matt Holmes
Matt Holmes’ dog thinks we’ll struggle to hold on to James Chester, calling him a ‘Rolls Royce’ of a player.            

AN Ian Barber Ruby

Another Ruby, this one belonging to the Barber family, was disappointed not to see more of Tom Cairney this term.

AN Archie Stacey Slack

Stacey Slack’s Archie invites other dogs to have a go, if they think they’re hard enough.

AN Whitehead family Alfie

The Whitehead family’s Alfie just doesn’t think you understand his love of Ginger Baresi.

AN AndrewRobinson Victor

Andrew Robinson’s Victor is full of respect for Andy Dawson. “10 years at one club is almost unheard of now” panted Victor.

AN Rhys

This pooch belonging to Rhys wonders why Mark Cullen never made the grade. “He took that goal at Wigan superbly.”

AN Craig Lyell Chaz

Craig Lyell’s Chaz salutes our away form this season. Favourite away performance Chaz? “Bristol City!”

AN Ian Stewart Sid from Luton

Sid and owner Ian Stewart reside in Luton. Both enjoy biting the ankles of Luton Town fans.

AN Lily Greaves family

The Greaves family’s hound Lily predicted a 2-2 draw would be enough, and has been silently smug ever since.

AN Will Hardcastle Penny Pickle

“Loyal supporters!” barked Pickle and Penny, as owner Will Hardcastle beamed with pride.

AN Danny Shaw Roxi

Danny Shaw’s Roxi demands a better atmosphere at the KC. “Get behind ’em!”

AN Barber family Charlie & Spike

The Barber family’s Charlie has been invited to Steve Bruce’s party, Spike is his plus one and will take Vodka.

AN Scott Richardson Prince

Scott Richardson’s Prince is the only City canine on his street, that makes him a king.

AN Skye the WeimeranerAndyAuld

Skye the Weimeraner wears a scarf as his shirt is in the wash. “He was sick on it after 15 pints” says Andy Auld.

Molly Carolynn Hessell_10200559463482022_1761326918_n
Carolynn Lewis sends us Molly, who remains heartbroken after the loss of James Harper.

Bebe Neal Kesztenbaum 811603530344_1789996060_n
Neal Kesztenbaum offers up smooth looking Bebe, adopting his “paint me like your French girls, Jack” look.



Not forgetting the Kit-Cats! 

AN Sid from Zoe

Zoe’s moggy Sid adopts Gazza’s ‘dentist’s chair’ pose and hopes for celebratory Tequila.

AN Sonny Amy Northey
Amy Northey’s Sonny reflects on a great season, and asks “I can haz season pass?”

AN Jasmionee Zaffy

Jasmionee’s Zaffy claims to have a passion that’ll match any labrador’s support. Meow, Zaffy.


Err, and City sheep!

AN Spider the Sheep Charlotte Ball

Charlotte Ball sends us Spider the City sheep. Judging by his scarf he’s been a fan since the 80s.


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  1. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    Uncanny resemblence between Stephen Hunt and his canine fan, uncanny.

  2. C'mon Tiger
    C'mon Tiger says:

    That Ruby (#1) and Victor are creepy as fuck.

    I own a terrapin (Kamil), but he won’t wear the shirt I bought him. It’s not the size, but the fact he got stiffed by Cash Convertors over the cost of a deep sea divers helmet he was trying to sell.

    Consequently he refuses to endorse their brand and hopes that the club will actively seek another sponsor for next season.

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