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  1. amberroar
    amberroar says:

    If we had gone up to second tonight above Watford, we would have been delighted, all to play for still..
    We missed Meyler breaking things up in midfield, Watford had it far too easy in the middle..
    A well taken goal was the difference between the 2 teams..
    Bruce had his second poor game in a row..
    But Koren!! he has given us nothing all this year, he wouldn’t be in my first 18 at the minute and in my opinion is a total waste of a place in the first 11, its starting to make me angry that he waltzes into the team without justification…

  2. Bucks Tiger
    Bucks Tiger says:

    Disagree with the above. I got home at 1:45 so had plenty of time to mull over the game. We started so well and had them rocking. Then we played deeper and deeper inviting them on with a huge gap in the middle allowing Watford to dominate Boyd and Koren. Their (well-taken) goal came after a long spell of Watford dominance. Thereafter we had little luck in front of goal and their keeper played very well. Some of the approach play in the second half was laboured and moved at a pace to suit Watford’s defenders and their time-wasting. That aside, we live to fight on. Need a big response on Saturday. The fat lady is only warming up…

    Disappointingly, West Stand was as quiet as ever last night. In the old days music hall artists disliked playing Hull because of the curmudgeonly attitude of local audiences. “I’ve paid me money, now try and make me laugh.” Felt a bit like that where we were sat last night. A good turn-out, but not the cauldron of sound you might have hoped for.

    Watford vs Cardiff will be significant, but we need to upset Boro and not worry about others.

  3. Chris
    Chris says:

    Interesting that in 2003 there was a crowd of 23000 plus to see us go top of the fourth division in October but less than 21000 last night for a crucial promotion match to the Premier League. Small away following in 2003 too as it was against Swansea.

  4. David
    David says:

    Watford fan in peace.

    Re Chris, ‘small’ away following completely not helped by the change of date (following the change of time of your game on Saturday). Tuesday evening first day back after a bank holiday not the best of times for us down south.

    We thought you were excellent when you played at ours, hopefully we did a fair show of playing well last night. Let’s hope we both catch Cardiff, eh?!

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