Why City should reject the Huddersfield ticket allocation

We are deeply disappointed to hear of West Yorkshire Police’s plans for the Huddersfield Town v Hull City game on March 30th.

This fixture, which had already been brought forward to 12.30pm without good cause, is now to be televised by Sky Sports, with a 5.20pm kick-off. The response of WYP to this is, frankly, abhorrent. A reduced allocation of 1,500 punishes both City fans and Huddersfield, who are losing gate receipts through no fault of their own.

That’s bad enough, but what is truly disgraceful are the plans to force all City supporters to travel on official club coaches. This is completely unacceptable for two reasons: the practice and the principle. What of City fans who live outside of Hull? As an example, the Manchester Tigers could be left with the absurd obligation of travelling east, through Huddersfield and virtually past the stadium, to Hull, only to return again – and then to face repeating the exercise after the game. This places a ludicrous burden in terms of time and cost on people whose only wish is to watch their football team play. And what of the family who want to travel from Hull by train and have a meal and a drink before the game? Again, they miss out. Again, local businesses in Huddersfield miss out.

The principle is arguably even more insidious. What sort of message does it send out about WYP’s view of us? City fans have behaved impeccably this season, yet West Yorkshire Police appear to regard us as nothing but potential hooligans, fit only to have our numbers and movements heavily restricted lest we engage in violence. That is not at all the reality – City fans, like the overwhelming majority of all football fans, are law-abiding citizens who will put up with almost anything in order to cheer on their local side.

But we cannot put up with this. High ticket prices, matches being moved at random, cloying all-seater regulations; the list of minor indignities is seemingly endless, and they’re tolerated with immense patience. However, the vile insinuation that we’re all violent drunken scum who cannot be trusted to watch a football match in the late afternoon without being compulsorily ferried from one part of Yorkshire to another is absolutely not on.

Amber Nectar, City Independent and the Hull City Official Supporters Club have joined together to stand as one over this issue. If West Yorkshire Police will not see sense, we urge the Club to take a stand on our behalf, and refuse to accept an allocation of tickets under these conditions.

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  1. Carl Thompson
    Carl Thompson says:

    Hear hear ! This well written article needs to be publicised and the shortsighted planning and thinking of West Yorkshire Police and SKY TV brought to the fore.

    Boycott this match and everyone go for a nice day out in Huddersfield pubs instead to watch the match there. I’d like to see them try to police / prevent free movement then. Close the M62 perhaps?

  2. Wolfie Watson
    Wolfie Watson says:

    West Yorkshire Police are treading a very fine line as the above comments by Carl Thompson illustrate very well. What if I want to travel to Huddersfield on the day of the game? What if I want to visit family or friends in the Huddersfield area on this day? Or go shopping or go about any other lawful business? There are wider questions regarding freedom of movement and civil liberties surrounding the Police decision.

  3. Midlands Tiger
    Midlands Tiger says:

    Absolutely agree, Wolfie. It’s a shame we can’t take WYP to court under the Human Rights Act. These measures certainly seem entirely disproportionate and an unreasonable restriction on our freedom of movement. “In the Public Service”?? More like “Justifying our Existence”!

  4. suttontiger
    suttontiger says:

    Never thought any force could be more draconian than Humberside but I was wrong.

    Bad enough that WYP made it an early kick off for us and then as a result of Sky televising it and moving it to the tea time slot WYP decide they can’t copethus limiting the numbers to 1500 and forcing all those wishing to attend to have to travel with Tiger Travel from Hull. Simply outrageous.

    Made my decision not to go easy though – I hate Huddersfield and their supporters with a passion.

  5. Paul Bates
    Paul Bates says:

    I can tell you tigers that the vast majority of Huddersfield fans also think the actions of WYP are a disgrace.
    they have already scuppered several plans to televise games at the Johns smiths this season meaning Town dont get the TV revenue.

    the supporters association demanded a meeting with WYP because of this and only got half answers or the people who could answer the question wasnt there. my understanding is another meeting has been urgently demanded by the HTSA

    unfortunately the club are pretty much powerless, they dont own the stadium and they have been told by SKY that they have to have a televised game or they would be in breach of the TV contract and with so many planned TV games not being televised because WYP would not allow the game to be moved they pretty much have to accept WYP’s terms over this one

    i would advise any official Hull City supporters groups to contact the Huddersfield town supporters association and maybe co-ordinate and efforts to overturn these ridiculous stipulations by WYP

  6. cyberiantiger
    cyberiantiger says:

    Disgusting; this cannot be allowed this to happen. I’m sick of being discriminated against because of my leisure entertainment choices. It’s plainly ludicrous and absurd.

  7. Midlands Tiger
    Midlands Tiger says:

    Here’s the WYP ‘justification':

    Monday, 18 February, 2013

    Superintendent Ged McManus of West Yorkshire Police said: “The change in the kick off time for the Huddersfield Town v Hull City football match at the end of March is purely to allow Sky sports to broadcast the match live – it has not been requested by West Yorkshire Police.

    “However, in order to facilitate this change a number of conditions were necessary to ensure that the match can be safely policed.

    “We have asked for these restrictions to enable us to control the amount of fans attending the match and reduce the level of alcohol consumption, therefore decreasing any risk to the wider public in Huddersfield and reducing the cost of policing such a match for West Yorkshire residents.

    “I understand that these measures will not be to everyone’s liking but they are a result of consultation between ourselves, both football clubs and the Football League.”

  8. James Smith
    James Smith says:

    This has been happening for years in the Blackburn Burnley derby. It’s draconian and embarassing. Good luck raising some national attention for it, hope you can get it overturned.

  9. drax tiger
    drax tiger says:

    We would have to travel 35+ miles east to then drive past where we live to get to huddersfield making a total round trip of approx 170 miles instead of 100! Boycott required fans need to stand up for their rights

  10. Mick
    Mick says:

    Im a town fan living in Hull, i wonder if this counts for me!! Ridiculous decision, HTFC and WYP have been at loggerheads for years, So this doesnt suprise me at all, Just suprises me that they have targeted City!!

  11. 200 Mile Round Trip
    200 Mile Round Trip says:

    As a Manchester Tiger am I really going to travel 320 miles to go to a game less than 40 miles from my house Mr McManus? I think not! You are a joke and the town of Huddersfield sadly misses out on significant revenue as a result of your misconceived and discriminatory action! Whatever happened to policing??

    See you at the John Smith’s Stadium anyway!!

  12. big-bad-joe-red
    big-bad-joe-red says:

    But is there actually anything we can do? You say that the 3 supporters groups will urge City to reject the reduced allocation, could someone with computer skills organise an online petition to send to both the clubs and WYP. It probably won’t do any good at this late stage, but it might help with next years fixture.

  13. Den
    Den says:

    So Hull City supporters will have draconian restrictions placed on them but what about the home support. They will be attending the same match at the same kick off time but will be free to come and go as they please, drink as much as they like. How can the WYP justify discrimination such as this?

  14. TigerNick
    TigerNick says:

    Totally agree that this is ridiculous. I live in Uttoxeter so totally impractical to drive to Hull, leave my car and then return to Hull to collect it afterwards. Perhaps I will simply go to Huddersfield and buy at ticket for the home stand instead. If a few more similarly inconvenienced members of the Tiger nation did the same, would our friends at WYP think that this was a better solution? We live in crazy times

  15. Faz
    Faz says:

    One of the strange things that will come out of this is that Hull City fans wont know at the end of the game the away fans cant be held back as there is no concourse in the away stand. All fans pour out together and WYP cant do anything about this. All fans meet in the car park after everygame and there is never any bother.

    I’m with the Hull fans on this and either boycott or get a coach load yourselves to Huddersfield and watch it in a pub in the Town Centre. Make WYP earn their money

  16. overseastigerfan
    overseastigerfan says:

    So even our supporters who would wish to drive to Huddersfield to watch a game of football are also going to be tanked up with alcohol and then drive back home – do me a favour………. Has anyone from WYP really looked at what they’ve proposed?

  17. London Tiger Tuffers
    London Tiger Tuffers says:

    Disgrace – travelling from London each game I see dozens of city fans following the same route away match after away match – this will be a huge disappointment to all those who would have made a day of it, for Tigers fans from all parts of the country.

    In the short-term, rejecting the allocation would very publicly make the point, as Sky would no doubt be forced to show the empty seats and explain why no City fans have made the trip. But the views of those above around contacting MPs etc should continue to be pursued post the game; this should not be allowed to happen again for any club in the football pyramid.

  18. Davehcfc
    Davehcfc says:

    Why not just buy tickets travel however you please they wont refuse you entrance to the match as they would rather have you in the stadium than outside or around Huddersfield where these disturbances would happen, i for one was going to visit family before the game and stay over after and i will be going either way because trains have been booked.

  19. stevvy
    stevvy says:

    Davehcfc, what’ll almost certainly happen is you’ll either be given your match tickets as you board the board, or given them at a specified service station at a specified time with a police presence there, with only the names of the fans on the coach given their tickets. I’ll be stunned if they let people buy tickets and actually let them have them before the day of the game. That’s not the way the ‘bubble’ system generally works.

  20. Ram
    Ram says:

    Unfortunately Lads. The police restrictions also apply to ticket sales,as I understand only season ticket holders and registered Town fans can purchase…No pay on the gate either.

  21. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Because, Davehcfc, tickets will be distributed on the coaches only, so you won’t be able to buy one and then just drive.

    Why is the club being so quiet about this? No statement at all in response to the overwhelming anger of fans.

  22. laura
    laura says:

    I’m up for the idea of all city fans getting together to watch the game in town centre pubs. Especially as it looks like e won’t be able to pay on the gate to go in the home end. City should definitely reject the allocation,its a shame for Huddersfield fc but at least some of thier local businesses will get the revenue instead. We need to get loads of publicity for this,for the sake of Blackburn an Burnley fans too! We had planned to visit family for a 60th birthday party as part of the same trip. Its not fair that we now cant do that because WYP are unfairly branding us all hooligans.

  23. Gary Hogben
    Gary Hogben says:

    I live in Wirral and intended to travel by bicycle to the game especially when I heard it was a 5.20 k.o. I then planned to stay in a hotel and cycle back on Sunday. I won’t have the energy to fight anyone when I get there. This decision is an an infringement of civil liberties and its disgraceful. I support a boycott

  24. 2wenty7even
    2wenty7even says:

    From a Town fan’s perspective I can completely sympathise with you. We got promoted to this league to witness derbies like this and the amazing atmosphere that a game of this magnitude would doubtless create. I agree with bringing the kick off forwards to lunchtime was probably a sensible move as, sad to say, our club has its fair share of numpty supporters. To restrict travel in the way that WYP is just barmy and extremely short sighted.

    I just ask that you don’t see this as a reflection on our club or a decision that we have made, more the powers that be that reside ‘above’ us.

    Hope to see as many of you there as possible but I completely understand why you would be hacked off enough not to travel.


  25. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Comment 31: Always done that mate!
    Could it be some chants about SYP/Hillsbro have put police backs up?
    Could Huddersfield fans help buy tickets…?
    The issue wrt fans buying train tickets then Sky changing kick off times also needs addressing!

  26. breadandjam
    breadandjam says:

    The email address for the Football Supporters Federation is info@fsf.org.uk it can’t do any harm if we all bombard them with complaints, addressed to Amanda Jacks, she has made utterings about possible legal action but we need to force the issue en mass

  27. overseastigerfan
    overseastigerfan says:

    Yes, bombard Amanda.Jacks@fsf.org.uk. I have done already and the more she gets the more ammunition she can put forward in the case. Any action that puts us in a bad light should not be condoned, lets go through the sensible and legal challenges first. You can’t buy tickets for the Home stands without prior purchases. I support a boycott. I am travelling from Southern Holland for the Easter period and not only has this screwed my Huddersfield Match up the subsequent moving of the Watford match has meant changing my return ferry booking for a day later; I’m not a happy bunny!

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