Things We Think We Think #85

1. Two down, one to go. Neither of our home wins in the last five days was especially artistic, but that’s not an issue right now. There are points on the board and there is visible daylight separating our second spot from the rest. Given that we did have a dodgy spell in January, this still looks like a very gratifying position. Not to mention exciting.

2. The one to go is, of course, the visit of Blackburn Rovers to the Circle on Tuesday evening. One would hope for a “Lord Mayor’s show”-esque display from our improving visitors after their surprising but thoroughly admirable win at Arsenal in the FA Cup at the weekend. Nothing should be taken for granted, of course, but our newly-rediscovered winning habit gives us every reason to make it three out of three at home.

3. Derby County are a good team. It’s a pity their negative tactics are designed to shroud this fact; a bit more ambition and they could have won, let alone drawn, the game on Tuesday night. That suited us, but it must drive Derby fans insane if this is the norm for them, and all via a manager in Nigel Clough who was one of the most watchable and cultured deep-lying forwards of his generation. Oh, and talking of Derby fans – no wonder a Twitter parody account (presumably run by a Forest supporter with ample time to burn) claimed that 200 supporters making the two-hour, motorway-only trip from the accessible East Midlands to accessible East Yorkshire on Tuesday night was a “great effort” and “phenomenal”. What a totally paltry turnout that was. In 2005/06 they filled the North Stand, for heaven’s sake.

4. As for Charlton, City couldn’t kill them off but the task looked a bit easier, with the Addicks bigger on ambition but lesser on creativity. These were two potentially awkward games and the Tigers dealt with each most professionally.

5. Just try to imagine Sone Aluko and Gedo as a strike partnership. Cor.

6. It was an eventful week off the pitch, starting with witless hysteria from rugby fans over the removal of their imagery from the Circle, culminating in their complete embarrassment when it transpired this wasn’t some gigantic anti-eggchasing conspiracy, but a straightforward refusal on their part to pay to have their own history displayed. Not that this has been accepted by the minority sport rabble, whose vitriol towards City and their owners has been breathtaking in its scope and misplacement, even after it emerged that the SMC is actually subsidising rugby. Also embarrassing were some local politicians, mindlessly braying along with the mob without troubling to ascertain the facts. Weren’t you, Terry Geraghty?

7. That said, it still feels a little harsh on Mr Whiteley himself – could not an exception be made for him? He is by all accounts a decent man and a City fan. Were the Allams to stick to their policy but make a concession towards the man who has a suite at the stadium named after him, they’d probably emerge a little better from the whole mess.

8. It all raises interesting questions about the long-term future of the Circle and the SMC. The thought of the likes of Messrs Brady and Geraghty running the stadium is a pretty horrifying one, and the council certainly won’t want to become liable for the costs of running the place as it continues to both age and cost. If not the Allams, then whom? And what if their continuingly fractious relationship with both the council and the eggchasers really does prompt them to look at basing City elsewhere – the Circle would be a massive white elephant with only a rugby franchise there. And when Adam Pearson becomes completely bored with owning them, what happens then? The situation is very unclear, and unedifying squabbling doesn’t really help.

9. One thing, however, is worth reiterating over and over again, as many times as is necessary until the idea is killed forever: City moving to Melton is absolutely not acceptable.

10. Amber Nectar is 15 years old on Thursday. It seems a very long time ago that we were stood nervously outside of Boothferry Park prior to a home game with Scunthorpe, earnestly hoping a few of you might find 80p to buy a copy of our first ever fanzine. We were amazed and gratified that so many did, and that so many people still take the time to pay us a visit at our online home. We may indulge ourselves with little online party to celebrate during the week, but if not, sincere thank you to everyone who’s been a part of the fun over this past decade and half.

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  1. Clint Naysmith
    Clint Naysmith says:

    Tigers lovers in Kent, Buckinghamshire and other Home Counties may wish to peruse the opportunities for fun and larks offered by the Hull City Southern Supporters – City’s longest standing independent supporters association by far. Click to for more details.

  2. Fez
    Fez says:

    A good article. it would be foolish to leave the KC, but it would be equally foolish to continue with the present situation. Totally agreed about Johnny Whiteley, although his posing for photos did not enhance his argument as a dignified backstage position would have had better effect. It was a pity that so many of our supporters descended to the base levels of the FC shower – and I am a FC fan, if not an active supporter.

    Aluko and Gedo, I can’t wait and expect the fireworks to begin.

    Adam Pearson, The Quiet Man.

  3. breadandmilk
    breadandmilk says:

    Ehab, you missed an F.C. picture, there remained at least one F.C. picture displayed on the walls at The Circle’ on Saturday that i saw.
    Through the main entrance towards The Kingston Suite, turn right down the corridor towards The Players Lounge and its on the right hand side wall.
    Anyone seen anymore?

  4. willowanderer
    willowanderer says:

    Melton is not a problem!

    Ehab needs to see the bigger picture: culture, history: …Egyptians should be more aware or the importance of these factors than many.

  5. suttontiger
    suttontiger says:

    For me spot on about the stadium goings on in the past week or so.

    Melton is a total no no – not just because I hate to think how long it will take me to get there from Sutton ffs and indeed for most people living in Hull but because its location would mean getting there would be heavily reliant on the motor car.

    Hopefully the Allams can get hold of the KC and take it to the next level.

  6. suttontiger
    suttontiger says:

    Clint – I remember the guy who set up the ‘original’ City Southern Supporters Group in the early 80’s – can’t remember his name though.

    Is the current crop descended from that time? Ironically I mentioned on this forum about my links with Kent albeit I rarely get to a City game down sarth these days.

  7. richard pearson
    richard pearson says:

    Maybe I missed something but why do our teams have to pay to display? Like Wagstaff, Carter and Windass for Hull City Mr Whiteley is one of the greatest sportsmen to have represented our city – (and I hate Rugby League). Surely with a stadium that is representative of Hull as a sporting centre it seems petty to charge the clubs for exhibiting their histories. What is the point of the KC without City and Hull FC? There must be a reason but I missed it.
    Congratulations to C.I. on your birthday – your site is excellent. Keep going, you have many fans!

  8. suttontiger
    suttontiger says:

    Richard – I agree but this is nothing more than posturing by the Allams I reckon.

    Johnny Whiteley ironically has always been very supportive of City and attended many matches at BP so a bit of an OG IMHO that needs rectifiying.

    If this nonsense however has flushed out into the public domain that the SMC is subsidising Hull FC then it may have at least served some purpose.

  9. Bosco
    Bosco says:

    Having only discover the AN site a few years ago and being based in London, I do look forward to the match reports from the KC and the ‘Things we think’ articles. Keep up the excellent work.

    Re point 5, very exciting, though maybe Simpson can gel with Gedo in the meantime.

    It will be interesting to see if big Nick stays next season, or returns to Germany and how much we get for him.


  10. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Good training facility at Melton please, so enhancing reserves status, etc…….stadium..?
    Aluko not a striker as such IMO. Come on Simmo score a few!
    Huddersfield/police edict just not acceptable. Back to the dark days of Thatcher when you were stopped on the public highway and questioned on travel arrangements…still we’ve got the same types in charge! Boycott the game!
    Re Blackburn….COYH!!!!! Another 3pts please! Onward & Upward! UTT!!

  11. Les
    Les says:

    If you don’t already know why the idea of a move to Melton is anathema, then explaining it would be a waste of breath/finger effort.

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