Things We Think We Think #77

1. It’s on. It really is on. In our recent spate of form, the Derby victory was perhaps the least convincing performance, yet City won with reasonable comfort. That in itself is hugely impressive.

2. Corry Evans is in the finest form of his City career. He does the running of two men, but there’s more to his game than rushing about enthusiastically. It’s perhaps lucky that a player of his nature isn’t the sort that struggling Premier League teams will turn to in order to save their seasons, but the way he’s playing at the moment wouldn’t look out of place in the top flight.

3. Eldin Jakupović made an assured debut on Friday evening, and has probably earned himself a run in the side on the back of it. A permanent goalkeeper would still be nice, but if Jakupović turns out to be any good and/or Stockdale returns in the New Year, we should be okay.

4. We’ll miss Stockdale though, and Meyler too. Both have contributed greatly in recent weeks, and City could do a lot worse than attempt to re-sign them next month. Loanees often make a big impact in the Championship, and that’s been the case here. Robbie Brady has been a revelation in his second spell at City, whereas Ahmed Elmohamady is a fixture on the opposite wing. Steve Bruce is quite right to say that our season could be shaped by our dealings in the loan market.

5. Anyone who thinks City should move to Melton is an idiot.

6. The timing of the Allams’ statement was pathetic and made him look vindictive and spiteful.

7. City fans going on and on about Nigel Pearson – both his sullen demeanour and messy exit – really ought to get over it. Just look at the League table instead. Leicester are guaranteed to start 2013 below City.

8. There now follows a complete list of all the Yorkshire clubs in a higher League position than City:

9. It would no doubt be an honour for the player himself, and a feather in City’s cap to have a man at such a prestigious tournament – but we can’t pretend not to be pleased that Sone Aluko hasn’t been selected in the provisional Nigerian squad for the African Cup of Nations in January/February. Would he have been called up if he hadn’t been injured though?

10. Why haven’t the prices for the Leyton Orient FA Cup match been announced yet?

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  1. awaytiger
    awaytiger says:

    1. Buying and Owning a football club and running it as a business is not the same thing as owning a house? Without the fans and the clubs history you do not have a football club.
    2.The stadium can be sold by the council to become an asset for the Owners of the club but maybe the pitch can be owned by the fans. (see chelsea fc) the realised income could then be used for another ‘KC type’ development to bring the city the benefits of another modern facility.
    3. Why should it be more expensive for non season card holders to follow their team in the fa cup- another piece of elitist marketing.

  2. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    I got over the Nigel Pearson a long time ago, maybe some of the writers on here should also get over Myhill, Campbell, Turner etc.
    i.e they’ve gone, get over it.

  3. willowanderer
    willowanderer says:

    If the council wont sell the KC to Allams so they can redevelop, they should redevelop the area themselves. This wont happen, so Melton – a bigger stadium – looks a good move for the future of the tigers. The KC as it is wont support a successful premier club.

  4. richard pearson
    richard pearson says:

    “IF” seems to be the current word. “IF” we get promoted, “IF” the Allams move from the KC, “IF” the council won’t sell the KC etc. etc. A good New Year resolution might be to concentrate on backing the team and securing the Holy Grail of the Premiership, then we can work on the “IFs”. Happy Brucemas!

  5. suttontiger
    suttontiger says:

    Totally agree – anyone who thinks moving to Melton is a good idea IS an idiot. Also, Pappa Allams posturing about this on our 10th anniversary at the hugely suuccessful KC was a very poor effort. Pity some others on other message boards agree with him on both counts.

  6. Bazza
    Bazza says:

    Re points 5 and 6, someone needs to have the influence and diplomatic skills to bring the Allams and the City Council round the table to find a solution to the present impasse in respect of the KC. It’s clear none of the politicians on the city council have such skills – with the leader, Steve Brady, showing no leadership at all on the issue, which is both pathetic and depressing in equal measure. To leave the matter in the hands councillor Terry Geraghty is risible. His public criticism of Assem Allam immediately after their one and only meeting two years ago was the height of irresponsibility. It was the genesis for the present stand-off.

  7. bartontiger
    bartontiger says:

    To be fair if we got promoted and the Allams did move City to Melton then by the time a new stadium was built we could well be back in the Championship. Bad enough watching City at the KC with 16k never mind in a 40k stadium.

  8. knuckledragger
    knuckledragger says:

    Yet still way above average for an internet fanzine. You sound like a Charlton fan getting complacent about the lack of progress under Curbishley. Of course you probably know how that little scenario panned out.

  9. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    3. Jakupović didn’t look that assured to me. He looked nervous throughout, did well when it came to shot-stopping, but flapped a couple of times. I recall in particular a downward slap of the ball when attempting a clearance – not a good tactic for a keeper.

    7. What does it mean to ‘get over’ Nigel Pearson? He managed us well, but with extremely bad grace and a style of football aesthetically poorer than what we now enjoy. He left us shabbily for a ‘bigger’ club. No harm in reminding him of these things, especially whilst we’re doing better than Leicester. It’s all part of the fun. Might as well say we should get over any other of the myriad rivalries, snubs, and come-up-ances that enliven life as a football fan.

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