Things We Think We Think #67

1. The victory over Sheffield Wednesday was extremely welcome. It was perhaps a win that called to mind the Pearson reign – and that’s not meant unkindly. Grinding out 1-0 away wins with important players missing is exactly what our promotion rivals will spend the season doing, so it’s important City also possess that ability.

2. With ten games now gone and an international break looming, it’s a reasonable time in which to take stock of our present situation. 10th, a point behind 6th: good. Scoring lots: good. Conceding lots: um, less good, but remediable. Style of play: some of the best we’ve ever seen.

3. How good has Paul McShane been in the last two games? There must have been some anxiety among the Tiger Nation when he stepped into the side, but he’s been immaculate. With his flowing ginger locks, alice band and capacity for gloriously unorthodox play, there’s real cult hero potential there if he’d just get a longer run in the side.

4. It was good to see one of last season’s best players, Paul McKenna, in the side on Saturday. Steve Bruce initially didn’t seem keen on him, and his idiotic dismissal at Doncaster will hardly have helped, but it’s interesting to see that he was favoured on Saturday ahead of Corry Evans. As usual, he didn’t let us down.

5. The prospect of Andy Dawson playing as a wing back in a 3-5-2 is unrealistic and a bit gruesome, but our defence still seems a better thing for his presence when it’s flat and made up of four. His first appearance in the Championship this season emphasised how much his gravitas, experience and ability can prove useful in what will almost certainly be his last campaign with the club.

6. The news that Matt Fryatt is likely to miss the whole season with his ever-worsening Achilles issue is awful and we wish him well, of course. Fryatt is our most natural out-and-out finisher since Stuart Elliott, and he’ll be missed. But doors open as well as close, and it was good to see Aaron Mclean take his chance for his own sake and the team’s when he sauntered on at Hillsborough and promptly won us the match.

7. City remain firmly under the radar, as ever. There’s little prospect of that immediately changing, with games against Ipswich and Middlesbrough unlikely to stir the media’s interest. We’re on the television soon, which could let the country into our little secret – however it’s at Bristol City, where City haven’t won in aeons.

8. Where did those scrotes who kicked off at Sheffield on Saturday come from? They’re clearly not regular City fans as we hardly ever see them – but why Saturday? And, lads, if you want to be hard and have a fight, the Army is recruiting, y’know.

9. We’ve not heard much from the Allams lately, have we? We maintain that they’re at the best when operating quietly and unfussily in the background.

10. The news that Jimmy Bullard has retired from professional football to spend more time with his money will have surprised no-one here, though the national view of “awww, what a shame” reflects the success this greedy wastrel has had in persuading others of the authenticity of his football-loving cheeky chappie routine. That’s nothing something anyone in East Yorkshire has believed for a long time. The game is better without his tawdry ilk.

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  1. joe
    joe says:

    Re point 5 – I personally thought Dawson looked like a complete liability for 90 mins on Sat and was massively relieved that Wednesday didn’t switch Antonio to right wing to target him, i’ll be very very surprised if Bruce does not look to stregthen at left back in the loan market if Dudgeon is going to be out for a while, gravitas and experience yes……ability….not so sure anymore on hat showing

  2. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    Point 5 – are you sure? From what I read (admittedly and obviously) he struggled and the challenge for the non-penalty was a bit of a shocker which could have cost us the match. Squad member at best methinks.

  3. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Great to end a losing run. Nicely placed shot from McLean…the Billy Wilkinson of the 21st century!
    Good to see Cooper and Townsend getting squad places, but a pity games have been so tight, as with the Dudgeon injury….should he have played last game?…it would have been good to see Townsend get some experience! Agree above comments. Dawson seems to get away with a lot of pulling, etc, but sooner or later it will cost!
    Wondered why NE police seemed heavy handed with Tigers fans, but the nutty boys on Sat. maybe prove the point for them! We all suffer as a result!
    Credit to Bruce for doing the needful with Plan B!! Drop a line to Dave & George about it’s success!!!
    Pretty football’s all very well, but I like 3 points!! UTT!

  4. richard pearson
    richard pearson says:

    Excellent article. City match reports better than any in the press and more perceptive and reliable. I’m fairly new to you site and very impressed. Thanks and keep going!

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