Things We Think We Think #63

1. Andy Davidson, the anniversary of whose debut we celebrated over the weekend, made 520 League appearances for City. That’s a truly remarkable feat, and it’s a record that’ll probably survive every one of us.

2. Footballers can still have lengthy one-club careers, of course. The redoubtable Ryan Giggs is an excellent example. However, for the likes of City, who tend to bobble about the divisions, for one player to remain here for the 12+ years necessary to accumulate that many appearances seems inconceivable.

3. Take James Chester, who we’d all like to break that record. If City went down, he’d obviously be off. If City went up, he’d stay; unless he did well, in which case a bigger club would take him off us. If we went up and then back down, ditto. And if we stay in the Championship, someone in the top flight will eventually take a chance. And even if the peaks and troughs of City’s next decade roughly parallel James Chester’s development, there’ll always be agents agitating for transfers and their own cut of such deals.

4. As if to reinforce the point, none of the top ten appearance-makers for City have played for some time. Garreth Roberts, whose time at the club ended 21 years ago, is the most recent.

5. Stan Ternent, eh. Who saw that coming? There’s doubtless a range of views on his ill-starred time at City between 1989-1991, which we’ll leave to one side for now. He’s the second ex-City manager from the receding past to return in our Circle incarnation, following Brian Horton’srecent stint. Ternent’s successor was Terry Dolan…

6. Apropos of Terry D, Saturday also marked 11 years to the day that City gubbed his York 4-0 at Boothferry Park, to the general amusement of all. There were four different scorers on that warm autumn afternoon, all long since departed. Who, without looking, can name them all?

7. Was it a good thing that we had a weekend off to continue basking in the happiness engendered by the Bolton game, or a pity not to be able to capitalise upon it? Even though the football under Messrs Pearson and Barmby was generally very good and the results perfectly serviceable, there remains something indefinably encouraging about what we saw nine days ago. It’s therefore maybe a shame City didn’t have the opportunity to build upon that superb display.

8. Millwall at home would have been the ideal fixture, too. A club unlikely to feature in the upper reaches of the table, negligible away support to bolster them – we’d have taken them. Right?

9. Beyond determining whether last weekend was the shape of things to come or merely an exhilarating one-off, it’ll also be interesting to see the crowd. Not since January 2008 have we seen so few at the Circle for a League game. Whatever the rights or (more pertinently) the wrongs of the pricing, it’s a real shame to see ten thousand empty seats. Must it really be like this?

10. Fraizer Campbell to City? That’s unlikely, for a variety of reasons – but he’d absolutely destroy the Championship. Yes please.

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  1. Robbo
    Robbo says:

    6. I couldn’t remember. So I looked it up. A couple of surprising names on the score sheet.

    11. I always look forward to Mondays to read “Things we think we think” to know what I should be thinking that I am thinking.

  2. Chunder Monkey
    Chunder Monkey says:

    I’m certain of Mohan (shit cunt) and David Lee (ace free kick). Going to guess Theo and the lad from Sun’lan Reddy?

  3. Mike_Edwards_Elbow
    Mike_Edwards_Elbow says:

    Deffo Mohan and David lee (Whos goal i missed because I had to go to the sisters wedding), but as for the other two? Your guess is as good as mine

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