NEWS: City draw Rotherham in League Cup

Now snazzily entitled the Capital One Cup…

Starting the season against Rotherham? Is it the 1990s again, and was the past decade-and-a-bit of success all a dream?

Happily not – someone somewhere has just decided that starting the season with its least important game, the First Round of the League Cup, is a good idea. Therefore, 2012/13 will begin with the visit of Fourth Division Rotherham United at the Circle on Tuesday 14th August, four days before the proper stuff begins.

We haven’t met the Millers since 1999/2000, when we played four times – twice in the League Cup, with a 3-0 aggregate win for City preceding 0-0 and 0-3 scorelines in the League. In the 92 years since this fixture was first played, we’ve actually lost to Rotherham more times than we’ve won.

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of crowd the fixture attracts, it being both the season’s opener and Steve Bruce’s first game in charge. It’ll also be interesting to see how the new City manager approaches the game – all out for a win that our strongest XI would surely manage against opposition two divisions down, or sending out the stiffs and risking his first game being an embarrassment at home to a team from the basement?

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  1. Ambraneri
    Ambraneri says:

    Oh,and the return of the pugnaciously ugly and abhorrently vile Steve Evans.I hope we put out our strongest team and pagger them at least 4-0,just to upset that fat bastard..

  2. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re comment 1; Absolutely!! At least so early, a strong team is called for to see how we go…? Rotherham will be no pushovers. Think they’ve under achieved last year and have a new stadium coming…so beware!
    Re new strip; As a poster on HDM said, it looks like a RL strip! Oh dear! Like stripes myself and yellow isn’t amber to me…needs touch more orange to it imo.
    Re transfers; Looks like Gordon and Heskey favour PL still. Gordon’s interested clubs seem to be signing GKs elsewhere, so he may struggle. Don’t really want him! Koren’s agent very active and if Reading go to £1mil, would be tempted!
    Re backroom staff; Hope the new lot have more idea of when to sub and change tack!! Conditioning coach loss worries, as Steve doesn’t look like he knows much about that!!!

  3. amberroar
    amberroar says:

    How would Koren be tempted for £1mil durham you arse, it would be up to the Allams as he is contracted for a further twelve and a half months, after turning double the suggested Koren offer down for the much less useful Cameron earlier this year i hardly think so…
    What have we done to deserve that fat, tax dodging oaf and all round vile excuse for a human being Steve Evans to end up at the K.C. for a second time in twelve months? i for one would like to see the police drag the fat cunt off the premises at half time as he was at Blundell Park years ago…

  4. FilthyMcNasty
    FilthyMcNasty says:

    The shirts are amber, the last shirt was amber, the shirt before that was amber. Stop being a daft cunt.

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