RUMOURS: Davies to City, Koren to Leicester

It appears that every passing hour brings another slew of bad news our way. Amber Nectar is reliably informed that Billy Davies is to be City’s new manager, while Robert Koren is likely to rejoin Nigel Pearson by signing for Leicester.

Davies was sacked eleven months ago by Nottingham Forest after complaining about a lack of transfer funds, something he’d probably be advised to avoid if he really is to be the new City boss. It’s not easy to imagine his appointment being a popular one in the aftermath of a local hero’s removal.

Meanwhile, the potential loss of City’s 2011/12 Player of the Season to Championship rivals is simply awful news, however great the fee – at this level, he is simply irreplaceable. Let’s hope the Allams remember they’d promised not to deal with Leicester any more when Pearson left last November.

What a total shambles.

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  1. Occasional Fan
    Occasional Fan says:

    Please stop.

    I fear it will be “Jack Hobbs’ Head Amputated” next time I log on.

  2. Carlostomy Bag
    Carlostomy Bag says:

    I’ve just about had it with football. I might spend my money on prostitutes instead, afterall, I get fucked over when I go and see City anyway…. reh!

  3. Chris Stern
    Chris Stern says:

    Maybe I won’t be driving over the M62 from Manchester next season. This whole thing is a nightmare I can’t wake up from.

  4. David
    David says:

    Agree with Chris I drive from the South to watch games to support City and to away games in London but will now not go if Billy Davies is the new city manager no matter what happens.
    Hull have lost a Hull lad who wants us to be in the Premiership and one who knows more about football in his little toe than the management.
    They don’t wish success for Hull so lets get them out.

  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    I rang the ticket office yesterday and asked for the money back that i had paid towards my season ticket for next season. I reckon many more will follow what i am doing once it is officially announced that season tickets are going up 20% on last season. Sad sad times. Looks like now it will be away games only for me.

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