Eight days after the news emerged that Nick Barmby had been suspended by City, it’s now being widely reported that he’s been sacked by the Tigers. Official confirmation (and hopefully a very good explanation) is expected from the club later.

Adam Pearson has already offered a terse disapproval of the whole shambles; whether Nick Barmby is likely to speak publicly about his dismissal from his home-town club is probably dependent upon the legal situation surrounding his departure.

What a desperately unhappy way for one Hull’s greatest sporting sons to leave the club he’s supported all his life. Answers please, City.

1555 UPDATE: The club’s official statement is now online, confirming that Barmby was sacked for “certain comments made by Nick in recent interviews”.

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  1. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    While it’s all rather sad, I still maintain that if Barmby really thought his team/squad didn’t need strengthening in January (with money available) then he wasn’t the man for the job.

  2. Bucks Tiger
    Bucks Tiger says:

    So farewell and thanks to NB for some very happy memories. He could only ever seem to last 60 mins on the pitch, but he gave us total commitment, some crucial goals and he smacked that fool, Bullard. As a manager he was reasonable, smiled more than Stone-faced Pearson and it was great to hear his Hull accent every week on the telly. I wish him all the best for the future.
    Now, can I get a refund on those £40 “Barmby Army” shirts the club was flogging in January?

    Anyone other than Brown for me……. oh and Megson ……..or Wenger.

  3. Speckled Jim
    Speckled Jim says:

    But we dont know what his plans were going to be for the summer signings. Or do we ?

    Sorry, but am not sure what his sacking achieves.

    What is the real reason for NB going ? (I’m not really that bothered about AP going,unless it’s evidence of Allams incompetence in footballing world) Will we ever know ? Or will it be like the legal action involving former senior management ? Or what really happened with JB ? Everything hushed up. The way of the world these days unless you are Kevin Keegan.

    So what happens now ? New manager ? Dowie type again ? Will he get money to spend. Or will he supervise a clearout fire sale of Nigel P proportions ?

    Questions, Damn questions.

  4. 20goto10
    20goto10 says:

    oh, the dull inevitability of it all, have to shoot outselves in the foot every time don’t we? seems to me like a bit of a smoke and mirrors job, as NB issued the kind of rallying cry that any club wants to hear its manager make. diverting all of the attention onto a supposed discussion regarding some mythical goalscoring mercenary whom seemed to be available in jan and quite happy to only sign on for 4 months. smells a bit like a field full of cows to me

    supporting the tigers has always been an up & down affair, but i dont recall in 30 yrs having to play an away game in The Village [Prisoner ref.] obfuscation seems to have won the day, and a true hero is out on his arse. the allam’s have used up all the good will garnered in their takeover etc.

    NB, you are and always will be a LEGEND! [and thanks for clocking that twat bullard!]

  5. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Les, how is it a “big if”?
    I (along with thousands of other City fans) heard Barmby say quite openly that he didn’t need to strengthen the squad in January and it was good enough to get us promoted.
    We all knew it wasn’t so why didn’t the manager?
    No matter how much you dislike the Allams, the conspiracy theory about Barmby covering things up because of no money available has been blown right out of the water.
    Sorry, but much as I like Barmby & wished for him to do well he obviously fell short of what was expected.

  6. amberroar
    amberroar says:


  7. paddy ross
    paddy ross says:

    What a set of jokers the new owners are proving to be.Ihope they give a good explantion of the reasons why at the press conference later.Best wishes Barmby your a Hull city Son and a legend in the clubs History.

  8. Geoff Trew
    Geoff Trew says:

    Barmby was banging the drum for more funding as many managers have done – Can anyone find a quote where he clearly implied there was no money in Jan. Everythign I read was along the line that He chose not to strengthen as he felt only right to give the current lads a go under his management.

    The best I can do was that he wasn’t sure if the Money from Jan was going to be available now.

    Either there is more to the story or the board are very sensative, so what ever manager comes in will be very plitical and not be able to be open with the fans and press, for fear of upsetting the board

  9. Les
    Les says:

    The if is if they were telling the truth in that interview. With fans bewildered and angry about the removal of two popular men, an owner will say anything to get fans back onside. Who’s integrity do you trust more? Barmby’s or the Allams’? One side is lying. Being successful businessmen doesn’t mean they’re honest.

  10. 4Jacks
    4Jacks says:

    one Pearson is laughing one isnt
    If Barmby had played we would have made the ply offs
    If we made the play offs Barmby would be in work
    Nicks passion got the better of him
    Dont mess with Citys owners – they mean business
    Its always traumatic being a Tigers fan
    Its going to get interresting
    This club is addictive – in all the best and worst ways

  11. Dave T
    Dave T says:

    Can somebody point me in the direction of the interview where Nick Barmby said no money was made available to him in January ??

    I thought he said something like he didn’t think there was anybody available who would improve the team ?

    I take it if he had brought somebody in in January and we didn’t make the top 6 he would be gone anyway for failing ?

  12. John Densley
    John Densley says:

    I, like many, knew there was no quick fix in January. NB may have had some funds to spend but has publically stated on one or more occassion he wouldn’t put the future of the club at stake again, he wasn’t going to pay someone 40k a week.

    Nb didn’t always get his tactics right but every fan was certainly going to give him another season.

    Without NB and AP will we still remain on good terms with Man Utd?

    I don’t think NB will appreciate the official club statement repeatedly calling him Nick like best mates. I think Mr Barmby would have been much more appropriate under the circumstances.

    I just hope the fans not renewing their season passes have a rethink. Without the fans the club is nothing and no one is bigger than Hull City.

  13. Bazza
    Bazza says:

    Sometimes think that whoever we get as owners some fans will not be satisfied. That’s not a view formed of late. It’s based on a lifetime of supporting the club. Some seem to resent success in the field business. The Allams started with nothing. Or maybe some fans would be happier with a Martin Fish character – ie someone with no money. For those who simply dislike the Allams, what would they say if they walked away? If Nick feels what the owners have been saying is not true, presumably he can seek to put the record straight, as he sees it?

  14. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Generally agree with Bill Baxter’s comments above…there’s a lot of disbelief twisting facts to support NB, who proved to be not ready for the job…you might accuse the Allams of making a mistake there. Pity he didn’t remain a “caretaker” then he might have remained at the club in some capacity.

  15. John Densley
    John Densley says:

    Not sure about all these ‘not ready for the job’ comments. When is a person ready. and how long does he get to prove he is ready for the job?

  16. Bill Baxter
    Bill Baxter says:

    Les, back in January the Allams stated that there was money available for team strengthening if we were in a play off place (which we were) & in their interview they stated that on at least 3 occasions they offered money to Barmby for players & he turned it down.
    Barmby himself said he didn’t want to sign players on £40,000a week (or whatever) so the evidence to me points to the Allams telling the truth on the “money for transfers” episode.
    I’m sure there would have been quite a few players who Barmby could have signed for a lot less than £40,000 per week who would still have improved our (very weak) squad.
    Barmby also stated that he was “happy with what he had” (player wise) which smells of unambition to me, shouldn’t a manager be always looking to inprove his squad? The likes of Southampton, Reading & West Ham (to name but 3) all did.
    I’m not saying the Allams should be trusted & believed on everything they say but I just think they are telling the truth on this point.

  17. Riochatemyhouse
    Riochatemyhouse says:

    Let’s not forget that, in a roundabout sort of way, one of the most stupid things about modern day football has led to Barmby’s downfall. The January transfer window is ill-conceived, and a stupid time to do the sort of big transfer business that the Allams seem to want to advocate. Naivety at its best.

  18. Lee
    Lee says:

    Bill – ever considered the possibility that Barmby was (rightly or wrongly) just backing his existing players in public? – A tactic used by more successful managers. We have no idea what he was actually thinking or going on behind the scenes regarding transfers!

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