Things We Think We Think: #27

1: Well, that felt good on Saturday. Before the game, We anticipated an afternoon of low wit on the terraces, but “We’re not boring anymore” was very good. Time to put the Pearson vitriol to bed now though.

2: Southampton are by far the best team we’ve faced this season and are top of the table on merit.

3: Why does the FA Cup hate us so much? Ipswich at home is a cack draw, though at least it’s not Ipswich away. Or bastard Wigan again.

4: It’ll also be nice to share our opinions on life, the universe and everything with James Richard Bullard. We trust he’s looking forward to it too, and won’t wuss out with a phantom injury. Or be in the Weir bar.

5: Nick Barmby noticeably prevaricated when asked whether he wants the job on Saturday. We get the feeling he’s still unsure about the whole thing – and if so, he’s doing terrifically well to not allow that personal uncertainty to spread itself to the team.

6: Yes, he’s 19, yes, he’s naive, yes, he’s skilful, but boy, is Robbie Brady so frustrating already.

7: Joe Dudgeon was tremendously unlucky to lose his place against Leicester, but the Hull City team does always feel like a better thing for having Andy Dawson in it.

8: If the Tiger Nation wish to sing “sign him up” every time Boaz Myhill catches the ball on Wednesday night, that’s perfectly okay by us. One suspects that Convicted Sex Offender Marlon King may get a slightly less adulatory welcome…

9: Cameron Stewart hasn’t noticeably lost any pace, skill or confidence during his time out. When Leicester went down to ten men and couldn’t put two men on him any more, he absolutely tore them to pieces at times. What sets him apart from lots of players of a similar nature is his ability to make the right decision more often than not – stepovers when the time is right to try them, a short pass when it’s not. He’s going to have a superb career.

10: Five years ago yesterday, Phil Parkinson was sacked by City after winning just five out of 24 games, only a few days after The Colchester Debacle. It seems an absolute age ago. Mind you, was it only 20 days since Nigel Pearson left?  Seems longer somehow.

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  1. bryne
    bryne says:

    “I was not really surprised when he left because this is football. It’s difficult for our fans to understand that, but we all agree if any one of us will get more money somewhere else, everyone will make that same decision.”

    I guess that we can kiss goodbye to Koren at the end of this season then! How about cashing in now? I always find it odd that footballers seem to play better in a ‘contract year’. Young players that you think will develop on 4 year contracts and older players on 2-3 years is the way forward. Do you think Bullard would have been as shit or spent as much time at the bar if he had a much shorter contract?


    He is from The South, looks like a gargoyle and has parlayed 3 years as a good footballer into a vastly overpaid career.

    At 31 years old I think that a 2 year contract should be the MAXIMUM Koren should expect from City.

  2. Johnny Reggae Reggae
    Johnny Reggae Reggae says:

    Quote:” but we all agree if any one of us will get more money somewhere else, everyone will make that same decision.”

    Rubbish, I’ve been offered more money to change jobs on more than 1 occasion but haven’t always taken it & I suspect many more people have done the same.
    It’s not always about money & the grass isn’t always greener.

  3. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Hopefully Seyi O will be available soon, so Koren may not be missed if sold in Jan. (Perhaps another scorer will be signed then also.) Koren didn’t seem able to step up to the PL when given the chance before….

  4. Knuckledragger
    Knuckledragger says:

    I tawt I taw Nigel Pearson shaking hands with Robert Koren in Hull Royal car park about 2 hours after the game. Nick Barmby was trying to get at them but was being held back by James Chester who was simultaneously laughing behind his back. Hobbs, Fryatt and Evans were approaching slowly and menacingly from the East, South and West. It wasn’t looking good for our Nicky as I walked away.

    I say we get rid, we needs ourselves a hard man as manager. What are Gary Brabin and Billy Whitehurt up to these days? Big Nigel ‘Nige’ Pearson wouldn’t want to mess with them.

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