Things We Think We Think #25

1. As much as our managerial alteration was untimely and potentially disruptive, in the short term at least the appointment of Hull’s greatest footballing son to the top job looks like a masterstroke. One game makes no season of course, but just to have Nick Barmby re-iterating the importance of club and team to a group of young players still in relatively new surroundings will have made a major impact.

2. The football played by the Tigers during the middle section of the second half at Derby was an utter joy to behold. All shackles had been removed, freedom had been granted. Talented players were given the opportunity to play intricate one-touch football and offered an all-too-brief reminder of why this game remains the most aesthetically pleasing of all when done correctly.

3. Hopefully the game and result against Burnley this coming weekend won’t do too much to change the currently held view that next Tuesday’s trip to Southampton will be an absolute corker of an occasion.

4. If there is an issue for Barmby to work on with some urgency, it’s the goalkeeping situation. Peter Gulácsi simply looks too nervy and erratic to forge a career at this level – and this is a keeper good enough to win a contract at Liverpool, of course – while Adriano Basso has been sound without ever being entirely able to convince us he isn’t one howler away from total meltdown. In the short term, he should be restored to the team but in the long term a new custodian should be first on the club’s shopping list come the New Year.

5. That aside, Barmby may be best served by doing fairly little. Often clubs appoint new managers to right wrongs, but there’s very little wrong with City at present so we should carry on as before. That’s not to say he’s not entitled to implement his own ideas in time, but right now we could do much worse than look to tweak rather than overhaul. Barmby himself doubtless appreciates this – if it ain’t broke..

6. The managerial change could mean a return to favour for Seyi Olofinjana and Jay Simpson. Jimmy Bullard’s continued omission was justified, he was a poor example for fellow pros, something Barmby witnessed first hand and wasn’t happy with, but Olofinjana’s case is different and we may as well get some value from paying his wages. Simpson clearly has talents and might benefit from a manager using a new broom at his parent club, especially as Martyn Waghorn is now unlikely to stick around.

7. The Allams’ interview with the HDM after Nick Barmby’s appointment was very interesting; they move to address some concerns about the day to day operations of the club, rebuffing talk of interference and penny pinching. No one is ignorant of the fact that the Allams rescued the club from financial meltdown, but that doesn’t exempt them from healthy scepticism from fans who’ve witnessed all sorts of boardroom behaviour in the last 20 years. There remains the unsettling feeling that the Allams are more preoccupied with capital projects than the long term success of Hull City AFC, but reassurances about squad investment in the January transfer window certainly make for pleasing reading. So do statements of a desire to have the club operate with relative fiscal normality, given that the club has been in some parlous monetary states over the years. It’s a tricky balancing act for sure, and only time will truly tell how well the club is being run.

8. Calling Nigel Pearson a Judas and other choice names, as some fans have been wont to do, is needless, wrong, counter-productive, inaccurate and, if we’re brutally honest, unfair.

9. We hear that Jimmy Bullard isn’t doing terribly well at Ipswich. Shame.

10. The amber alternate shorts and socks were a good move by kitman John Eyre, far better than using light blue and white against a team in white and black. Kudos.

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  1. Briston
    Briston says:

    Bullard has already played in more games for Ipswich than he ever did for City. I see they’ve lost their last four though.

  2. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Both the above comments have traction with me. Bullard may be / have been a poor pro, but we should have got more out of him post Brown. Who said what to whom….? Hope it doesn’t cost us!!!!
    As to 7, the Allams’ reassurances were qualified…a point skipped by many. It seems we need to be up there in with a chance to trigger transfer cash…so far so good after Sat! Pleased they rescued the club though!!….Not so impressed by the KC mess though! Gate at Derby makes you think…..
    Some tough games to come and NB needs to replace McLean (suspended) for Sat. First big decision… UTT!

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