Things We Think We Think #24

1. So Nigel Pearson is gone. That fills us with sadness rather than a sense of outrage, as he was doing a sterling job of rebuilding the team. He had (with help) removed disinterested mercenaries and packed the squad with hungry, motivated and talented players who it seemed would run through a brick wall if the manager told them to. The team were upwardly mobile under the irascible Pearson and, contrary to what some hard of thinking types insisted, were playing good football. There now lurks in our minds the worry that such a team could be broken up in the January transfer window.

2. Some have chosen to believe that Nigel Pearson’s motive for leaving was money, and money alone, but that doesn’t chime with what we know of the man at all, and we’ve heard stories of a manager driven to disillusionment by interference and lack of support from the club’s front office as well as the sidelining of his staunch ally Adam Pearson. Radio Humberside’s David Burns last week made a remark that aligns with what we’ve been told, so we’re not as inclined to believe money is the main factor in Pearson’s defection as some.

3. It’s irritating when official club websites go silent at the time supporters are most clamouring for reliable information about events unfolding at the club. The rest of the year they posit that they are THE go to source for up to date information, but when a manager requests permission to talk to another club, it’s up to Radio Humberside and the Hull Daily Mail to say so while the OWS talks about a curry night. It doesn’t have to be this way.

4. Warren Joyce and Nick Barmby, two men for whom the Tiger Nation should have nothing but love and respect for. If we do appoint them this week we need to add patience to that, Joyce hasn’t managed a first team side in a few years (and Royal Antwerp is used as a satellite reserve side for Manchester United, who later made Joyce manager of their actual reserve team) and Barmby is taking his first tentative steps into a management set up. If owner interference was an issue for Pearson, it will surely be an issue for these two, so we hope they (or whoever gets the job) are given every tool needed to succeed.

5. We’d feel a lot better about the appointment of any new manager if Adam Pearson was in total control, but his authority has been gravely eroded. Recently, the personal assistant shared by both Pearsons was made redundant without the prior knowledge and consultation of our director of football, which illustrates the curious lack of regard our owners have for a man whose services are coveted by other football clubs. When we asked Assem Allam directly what value he places on Adam Pearson’s continued involvement in the club (in light of him buying Hull FC), the answer was troubling…”if he goes, he goes, the club will go on.” Yes, the club will go on, but with a dearth of experience in running a football club competently. Does anyone really think Mark Maguire or Assem Allam could do a better job than Adam Pearson recruiting a new manager?

6. Some will mention the names of Molby, Parkinson and Dowie to show Adam Pearson hasn’t always gotten managerial appointments right, and they’d be correct. Choosing a manager isn’t an exact science, and plenty of clubs have made wrong choice after wrong choice after wrong choice. When Adam Pearson has got it wrong, it’s been put right quickly, and it’s been put right with spectacular effect, Taylor after Molby, Brown after Parkinson, Pearson after Dowie.

7. The Allams may have been a little misguided in their attempts to blag £1.2m for a manager (and staff) that cost them £675,000, and a tribunal would have surely favoured Leicester and their lower valuation if it had come to that, but who can blame them for messing Leicester about a bit? The Foxes are potentially derailing our season because they made a stupid appointment/hasty decision to get rid with Sven, and now need to put it right at our expense. The long term benefit of the Allams’ obduracy is Leicester won’t be inclined to deal with them again, and may think twice about poaching James Chester, Liam Rosenior et al in January. Our chances of permanently signing Martyn Waghorn, however, will surely have plummeted.

8. We were surprised to discover that the tawdry Jimmy Bullard saga isn’t yet concluded, City are still dealing with an appeal made by the player and the main witness for the defence of cashiering him out of the club is the new Leicester manager. The dynamics of Bullard’s appeal, a case with £5m riding on it, have just changed somewhat.

9. It’s natural that off-field considerations have dominated lately. However we’ve got a fascinating game coming up next weekend. It’ll be first without Nigel Pearson, and the attitude of the squad to his departure will be interesting to observe. A solid result against play-off rivals would offer reassurance that our season is still on track despite the change of manager. Anything else, though…

10. On Saturday morning, there were still tickets left for the eggchasing at the Circle between England and world champions New Zealand. Anyone imagine England v Spain at football not selling out many times over at City’s home ground? Rugby town, you know.

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  1. Gruff
    Gruff says:

    Had to take my nephew to that game, I thought rugby was a gentlemens game? If so why the f**k did they play a stupid hooter sound over the tannoy system every time new Zealand went to kick off. I don’t know what was more embarrassing, the rugby meff behind me telling his mate that ‘all kids should be taught the National anthem at school’ the div didn’t even have the decency to wear a poppy or the fact they had to play the sound of trumpets over the tannoy to get the crowd going.

    One last thing that pissed me off was the fat bint sat next to me who during the game came back with four pints spilling them on people as she passed them, if it wasn’t bad enough that these cretins can even bring beer into the stand in the first place, they also had the ever so fast Kc kiosk staff walking up and down the isle Serling bottles of carling and magners

  2. Prawn Sandwich
    Prawn Sandwich says:

    Re: point #3, what exactly would you have them do?

    They made a comment about “We can’t say much, we hope you understand” and that’s pretty much all I’d expect to hear from them. Given the dearth of ACTUAL NEWS during the week it would’ve been awful to keep hearing “Leicester this/Nigel Pearson that” on a bi-hourly basis anyways.

    The social media side of the club does its’ job very well these days, it ticks pretty much all the right boxes without being cringeworthy or excessively spammy. It engages the fanbase, and generates interest which is what it is there to do… isn’t it?

  3. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Ok…Re 1 ; No sense of outrage at all!?…In spite of aspects mentioned in 7&8? I’d heard Nige took the hump because he didn’t get free tickets for family & friends……Add that to your list. From the above, it looks like Adam may yet appear in JB’s defence lol!…and yes, I’m not sure the cheap option isn’t top of the list! Worrying times….

  4. Les
    Les says:

    I don’t expect realtime updates on the situation, but utterly ignoring what is going on is pathetic. The facts would have done, ‘Leicester have made an approach for our manager, negotions have begun’ is all that was needed. Not ‘Lalalalala, nothing’s happening, fancy a curry?’

    You can’t pretend to be the number one news source year round then not even acknowledge a massive news piece when it happens, and they don’t need to. They may have mentioned something on social media, but that cuts a lot of people out of the loop, the OWS is the main club platform for conveying information, Facebook and Twitter merely complement it.

  5. Knuckledragger
    Knuckledragger says:

    I concur. I wouldn’t expect the main source of news to be the clubs Twitter feed. The OWS should have made a statement, however short and lacking in information it may be.

    As for the manager situation. I am torn between my own keenness to see the situation resolved, and admiration for the fact that Hull City Association Football Club is refusing to be seen as pushovers in this whole saga.

    An announcement on Friday/Saturday would be most welcome.

  6. kirkella_tiger
    kirkella_tiger says:

    You need to get over the egg chasing complex, the two rugby league clubs get a combined average attendance greater than Hull City (bar two seasons in the premier league were attendances were boosted by glory hunters/large away followings).

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