Things We Think We Think #21

1. City played better against Brighton than Watford, yet drew the former and won the latter. Four points from the two games is probably therefore fair.

2. Pinching a last-minute winner bodes well for the future. City’s young team will remember that moment for the rest of the season and will always feel itself capable of winning late in a game.

3. The timing of winning was good on so many levels. It meant there was no time for that tedious “how shit must you be” nonsense, it meant that a side that’d devoted much of the afternoon to timewasting had no opportunity to respond, and provoked one of those gloriously mental goal celebrations you only get a few times a season. Most pleasing.

4. Should we ever get stuck for a goal, letting Robert Koren shoot from 25 yards is as reliable an option as anything else. Not since the halcyon days of Stuart Elliott shooting and scoring from all angles and distances have we had a player who always looks like succeeding from outside the box. It’s a wonder that sides still let him get away with it, the knaves.

5. Nottingham Forest next week is shaping up to be a much harder game than it looked a few weeks ago. A couple of wins under new boss Steve Cotterill has lifted them out of danger and they’ll regard the seven point gap between them and the top six as one that can be easily closed. Forest away last season was one of the highlights of 2010/11 and the game that made us believe we could make the play-offs. That belief – ultimately misplaced – took until March to arrive. Level on points with fourth and sporting a game in hand on many, we’ve revisited that heady confidence five months early.

6. It won’t hurt to be realistic, however – at some stage, a young side is going to stumble and have a difficult patch. When that does happen (and it almost certainly will), it’ll require experience on the pitch and patience in the stands. But that’s looking at the downside of having a side with a low average age. Fearlessness and confidence are the obvious benefits. May as well make hay while the sun is shining.

7. So how far can we go? The play-offs was the target at the start of the season, and with City very much in contention for that, do we re-evaluate our targets and aim higher? Perhaps not. A top six finish will still do very nicely, anything else is a unlikely but welcome bonus.

8. It was interesting, and a little troubling, to see Nigel Pearson acknowledging in the Hull Daily Mail that some of his promising youngsters will be attracting the attention of others. You’d expect City to fight off the advances of any other Championship club, unless West Ham are that club or someone like Leicester make a silly desperation-fuelled offer. But lower-half Premier League clubs must be well aware of the promise shown by James Chester and company, and one hopes that City are making whatever preparations they can to keep the side together come January.

9. Do you remember Lincoln City? We used to play them in the bad old days – y’know, air-raid siren at corners, neanderthal playing style, idiot supporters always trying to start a rivalry with us, local police needlessly antagonistic towards us, endless sequences of defeats there? They’re currently in the relegation zone in the Conference. How unfortunate.

10. Following discussions with City, we’re pleased to announce the return of TigerTube, and offer thanks to the club for handling its restoration in a cooperative fashion. We’ll have lots of splendid videos coming up, though whether anything will ever match the Herley Berdz is doubtful…

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  1. suttontiger
    suttontiger says:

    Like the bit about Lincoln – their chavs with the drums baiting the massed ranks of city supporters in their main stand is not something I miss !!

  2. Johnny Reggae Reggae
    Johnny Reggae Reggae says:

    Why do clubs only aim for the play-offs?
    Surely so early in the season an automatic promotion spot should be the aim?

  3. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Totally agree with JRR above!…..But is Nige softening us up for an Adam sell off? Time will tell. Could it be that that was a “as good as you get” rallying call from NP, lol!
    Think to an extent we had a drop off by letting slip 4 pts v Donny & Bristol C..!? Agree on Notts Forest comment…big game… UTT!

  4. Prawn Sandwich
    Prawn Sandwich says:

    gjhdurham you are possibly the most paranoid internet poster I’ve ever come across.

    Apart from Steve.

  5. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Prawn…you don’t get out enough!…As for the other intellectual comment…!
    Adam, (it would appear from today’s reports), is looking to move Seyi out on one of these “buy a wage, get one free” deals of his…? Why can’t Seyi do a job for us? He seemed very good at this level for Cardiff last year, and he’s bigger than what we’ve got/dangerous in the box, etc. Paranoid…? Nah, just discussing football & wanting the Tigers to improve….without being a management lick spittle!!

  6. Prawn Sandwich
    Prawn Sandwich says:

    Implying that City need Seyi Olofinjana to “do a job for us” seems to overlook the wealth of talent that our midfield currently possesses.

    I’m not saying he’s a bad player, but we are in now way dependent upon him and any decison to move him on will have a large financial bearing.

    Plus Corry Evans is fucking ace.

  7. Don Dan
    Don Dan says:

    It’s no good Prawnie, Durham’s anti-Pearson City-meffism doesn’t allow him to understand basic economics. Actually he’s probably Paul Duffen taking a break from his Twitter feed.

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