Things We Think We Think #20

1. The draw at Brighton was, seemingly by common consent, the best 0-0 draw we’ve seen in recent years. At full-time the players came over almost sheepishly at failing to win the game; hopefully the hearty roars of approval they were greeted with will remind them that all is currently very well between team and fans.

2. It must be admitted that the lack of goals is not a problem we’re getting much closer to solving though. No-one doubts the intent, and between them Fryatt, Waghorn and Mclean should be good enough to convert good play into goals. Perhaps we just to be patient a little longer.

3. Brighton’s ground is good, but ours is better – not only because it’s not out of town, but because it looks and feels finished. However, we’ll visit worse this season. Nothing could be worse than the Withdean.

4. When the Tiger Nation sang “you’re so southern, you’re practically French” to the Brighton fans, do we suppose that comparing them to our Gallic neighbours was intended in a complimentary manner? No, us neither.

5. Moving inside has really benefitted Robert Koren’s game. He was a useful contributor out wide anyway, but a more central position appears to have upped both his game and his workrate. His ability to play out wide may actually count against him when it comes to choosing the central pair (assuming we stick with 4-4-2) as it allows him to be shunted elsewhere, but on his day he’s one of our best players, so should the manager pick him in his best position and build from there?

6. The BBC seems to have forgotten that the Tigers took part in the weekend’s game at Brighton. When two attempts at goal that hit the woodwork are not considered important enough to feature in a match report, no matter how short, one despairs for who is receiving a wage from the licence payer to write this guff. It was either careless, incompetent or biased. Possibly all three.

7. Auntie also appear in no rush to broadcast the Tigers. Not that we should be overly fussed about their (and indeed other media outlets’) relative lack of interest in City. Nigel Pearson strikes us as a manager who’d prefer it that way and would prefer to take the nation by surprise by pinching an unexpected promotion next April/May than spend the winter bragging about a few wins.

8. Of course, if City are putting together a genuine promotion push, is Watford at home next week “the sort of game we need to be winning”? We fear it may be. With the rest of the division playing in midweek without us, there’s a chance that by 5pm on Saturday the Tigers could be firmly in mid-table with an unfavourable result against the Hornets. Early days of course, but it’s a good feeling to be in the top six and it’d be a pity to slip too far out of it.

9. It appears that Richard Garcia is set to win his battle for both fitness and a new Hull City contract, judging by the positive comments from Nigel Pearson on the Aussie’s recovery and general attitude. Garcia is a favourite on these pages, for both his ability and his maturity, and it will be genuinely pleasing to see confirmation next month of his return to the Tigers’ payroll.

10. Paul Duffen had the temerity to tip up at Brighton’s AmEx Stadium wearing a Hull City tie. That loathsome freeloader simply has no shame. He also has no job in football (occasional stints on TalkSh*t don’t count) and desperation to get back into the game oozes out of his every pore. He’ll no doubt get one at some point, as football is a ridiculous industry that doesn’t let repeated disastrous failure hold anyone back (just look at Peter Ridsdale). There is no greater example of modern football’s soullessness than hearing the bewigged knave Duffen defending Jimmy Bullard while castigating Adam Pearson, it’s enough to make you weep for the future of the game.


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  1. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Puzzled by No 6, as saw highlights twice at the weekend, including halftime on the live Brum v Leicester fixture. This brings me nicely to No 2…..Leicester had some…on paper anyway…quality strikers on show, but failed to score. I’d like a big quick lad upfront, but this game gave pause for thought! The young New Zealander Woods? on loan from WBA upfront for Brum looked to have potential though!
    Sorry, but as part of the team that gave me some PL football to watch at the KC ( & elsewhere), Paul Duffen can wear the Tigers tie any time/anywhere, as far as I’m concerned!! I wouldn’t extend this to Bartlett though,as he clearly bought & ran the club on loans!!…not to mention the shambollic final months of PL existence, which AP was also involved in!

  2. Jodie Marshall
    Jodie Marshall says:

    I was infuriated at hearing 5 Live’s presenter Green witter on about how he’d love to see “one of the Yorkshire teams back in the Premier League… you know, the Sheffield clubs or Leeds.” Why does the BBC still think it’s the 70’s?

  3. Alex T
    Alex T says:

    Did anybody get to have a frank exchange of opinions with old Duffman ? Who the fuck let him into the ground ?

  4. Bucks Tiger
    Bucks Tiger says:

    Always worrying when you find yourself nodding like a fool and agreeing with opinions on the internet, but you are spot on with all the above. Saturday was great. We were treated with respect by stewards, the ground was impressive and the Away end was full of decent touches so as to remove the usual stigma of being an away supporter. The team are playing quick, attractive football and we look good in all areas.
    Duffen being there is an affront. He may have been the lucky guy in the seat when we went up, but his actions in signing has-beens and never weres via a string of bizarre contracts very nearly crippled our club. So he may still try and ride on the back of that time, but he should be shunned by all who are true City fans. Wish we’d known he was there at the time. I can think of a few choice chants.
    Roll on the next game. This is a whole lot better than the misery of the majority of our time in the “top

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