Things We Think We Think #9

1. Tom Cairney’s return to prominence is a welcome one – his talent is unquestioned and it was a shame to see him go backwards last season, however he has the potential to be one of the division’s best players

2. With two goalkeepers on the books at last, it’s notable that one is a bright young thing with massive potential and the other is an experienced old head who knows this division well. Most useful.

3. That said, having Boaz Myhill playing in the Championship this season for a club other than the Tigers will be a very odd sight, especially when the greatest City custodian for a generation visits the KC with his new (temporary) club Birmingham City in October. We’d still have him back like a shot.

4. Some clarification on Richard Garcia’s situation would be appreciated.

5. We were really positive about the new season until we went and won all five pre-season games, because that rarely bodes well.

6. Seeing Stoke City – promoted from the Championship with us, lest we ever forget – playing a European match this week (and winning it 1-0) is a worthy, discomfiting reminder of what we could have achieved as a top-flight club in the absence of morons and shysters making the decisions.

7. And Jonathan Walters scored their goal. It’s almost on the verge of the inexplicable, really.

8. ESPN are again badgering managers for comments while the game is actually being played this season – it’s fortunate for their reporters that City are unlikely to feature on that channel, as we suspect it’s an innovation Nigel Pearson would have little patience for.

9. Amber socks work much better than black hose with the new home kit. Black and amber stripes is our favoured style of City shirt, but it makes for a very dark kit if paired with black shorts and black socks. Amber socks brighten up the whole outfit, so we were pleased when they were used in the Bradford friendly (the Bantams tipped up wearing pink, and some say our sky blue away kit is effeminate!) but oddly not at Chesterfield.

Amber socks were part of the original design from adidas, use them whenever we wear the home kit please John Eyre. Ideally, City would use hooped socks, but in their prolonged absence (we last wore hooped socks in 1987) amber hose with striped shirts will do nicely.

9a. Anyone thinking a sky blue football shirt is effeminate or gay has some serious egodystonic issues and should seek therapy.

10. Many folk have howled this is the worst home shirt ever, but it really isn’t, it’s better than last season’s for a start. What people object to is that hideous sponsor patch, and they have a point, but remove that and it’s a fairly nice kit. The shirts are delivered to the club plain, and they send them off to have the patches heat bonded on. Tiger Leisure could sell them sans sponsor if they wanted to y’know.

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  1. Johnny Reggae Reggae
    Johnny Reggae Reggae says:

    Anyone who’s worried about whether City play in hooped socks or not, should also seek therapy.

  2. Knuckledragger
    Knuckledragger says:

    Indeed Sky Blue is a perfectly acceptable colour. However, a shiny almost metallic looking sky blue shirt is not seen often outside of the the cabaret scene. Unless your a fan of the 80’s.

    Verdict – Horrific.

  3. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Re;Nos6&7; Stoke’s owner forked out for the 2 or 3 quality players needed to maintain PL status & then continued the improvement process in each transfer window. (Believe he’s converted the loans to club shares…he & his wife/family.) Whereas Bartlett…!! This was the main difference, imo…plus probably easier to recruit in/to the midlands! As for Walters, looked to have potential to me…Saw him play a stormer at Hartlepool (midweek?) & he wasn’t even on the bench next game (Sat?)! Man management (?) by a City manager (PT!) that some rate as one of the best, but for me was a major “tinkerman” & has slide down the management ladder in recent times… As for Walters ..believe immaturity & family illness (?) may have been unsettling at Hull? The internet rumour mill was an unknown (to me anyway!) then. Still agree with the gist of what’s said above. Very galling!!! However, Stoke had more “history” than Hull (to attract players), & I worry that if we don’t get another PL stint soon, then the last one will soon be forgotten!! Also encompasses reasons for getting the training complex built before worrying about owning the KC!!! Oh, & then there’s Stoke’s home support…….

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