Introducing the ‘Ulltras…

It’s long been a frustration of ours that home game are muted affairs, particularly given the excellent showing the Tiger Nation offers on the road every week. We endorse any attempt to rouse more passionate and vocal support  at the Circle, and are very happy to publicise the following…


‘Fellow City Fans:

In response to an increasingly sterile and corporate driven atmosphere at both the KC stadium, and the football grounds we visit throughout the land, a group of like-minded City supporters have decided to take direct action. Our aim is to increase in number, and make visible, a specific type of City support that we have always enjoyed at our club but believe has been ignored for far too long during our meteoric rise from the depths of despair to the most glorious days our history.



City ‘Ulltras have formed as a direct antidote to the sanitised matchday experience that frowns on the very type of support that sustained us through our darkest days.

City ‘Ulltras have no leader, no spokesman, no membership scheme, no exclusion or inclusion policy other than:-

– To be a City ‘Ulltra is to adopt a simple singular state of mind.
– 100% commitment to the club by Singing, Standing, and Supporting our team with passion – no matter what football life throws at us – good or bad.

If this they way you like to support City then you already are a City ‘Ulltra.

The most visible presence at home and away games will be the large ‘ULLTRAS banner that has been jointly commisioned by those who have made the first steps to make this a reality. It is expected to be a visual rallying point for such supporters especially at away games.

The artwork is original and consists of a rampant tiger and a face scarfed figure designed around the three crowns of our magnificent city.  The artwork can be used freely by any independent City supporters by prior agreement.

Although the group will consist of supporters from all generations this is NOT an attempt to return to, or emulate earlier un-official supporters groups from our past, they have had their day and were perhaps appropriate for a different time.

We already find our style of support sometimes in conflict with stewards and with other city fans specifically regarding standing. We do not not want this. We believe that passionate support can and should co-exist with more ‘recreational’ support with some simple sensible adjustments at the KC and via our away ticket allocations. We call upon the club to implement the following:-


1) Creation of a safe standing area within the east stand as per the campaign by the FSF
2) Designation of the same area as a ‘singing section’ that can be optioned at the time of season ticket renewal or ticket purchase.
3) Ticket application advice that clearly inform people that standing is to be expected at times of high excitement and that adult language and banter is to be expected in this portion of the ground
4) Elimination of corporate advertising in this area of the ground so that fans banners and flags can be freely displayed
5) An urgent review of KC stadium policing levels to reverse the trend of ‘over-policing’ and regularly inconviencing city fans while away supporters seem to take liberties and commit crime with little consequences. FOLLOWING HULL CITY IS NOT A CRIME – HUMBERSIDE POLICE NEED TO JOIN THE 21st CENTURY
6) As numbers increase and a stadium expansion takes place the above area is expanded pro-rata


1) request that host clubs can split our allocation into a simple singers section or family section ticket
2) request that host club stewards allow the placement of city flags and eliminate petty ‘fire-risk’ excuses for banning our flags
3) request that host club stewards understand that by selecting a ticket in the singers section ticket holders understand there may be some standing at moments of high excitement

The ‘Ulltras anthem is a simple and subtle re-working of an earlier chant



See you at the match…

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  1. Johnny Yen
    Johnny Yen says:

    >>City ‘Ulltras have no exclusion or inclusion policy

    Just to clarify, are man-bags allowed?

  2. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Mmmmm, the name choice has unfortunate continental overtones. Suggest this may attract “interesting” membership! In the words of the song…I see trouble ahead…(? Or something like that)… Support the general drift of the argument, however. Feel the East stand is the wrong place…what happened to the idea of moving away fans & giving over the North stand…Which imo is the most like Bunkers…topclass in the Waggy days….best support I’ve seen!

  3. Les
    Les says:

    Not all ‘continental’ ultra groups are violent, or even intimidating. I was in a Borussia Dortmund ultra pub in February and there wasn’t the merest whiff of menace, it was all about passionate partisan support. I’ve met RC Lens ‘Tiger’ ultras from France and they were much the same.

    It would be easy to dismiss it, but I’ll wait and see, I’m loathe to condemn a well intentioned attempt to improve atmosphere at games before it even begins

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