Things We Think We Think #8

1. Now that the only man at the club with experience of properly running one also owns Hull FC, things could become very int-er-es-ting at Hull City, and not in a good way. The Allams have said in their own words that football isn’t their game, their knowledge of how the football side of the business should be run is almost non-existent, so the appointment of whoever fills the Pearson void when he inevitably severs ties will be a pivotal moment.

2. When Adam Pearson sold the club to Messrs Bartlett and Duffen, it was reported he’d stay around for six months to advise – he was gone in under half that time. Now that he’s bought Hull FC, we don’t believe he’ll be around much longer, despite assurances to the contrary in the media.

3. Would Adam Pearson really have bought a rugby league club, which can only ever be a lesser outfit than a Championship football club, if all was well at City?

4. That said, would YOU want to work under Mark Maguire, who thinks Cash Converters is an acceptable sponsor?

5. Mark Maguire’s most notable contribution to the running of Hull City, beyond signing that nauseating sponsorship deal, has been to provide ‘jobs for the boys’. Backroom staff, local and loyal servants of the club, have been let go in a publicised, ostensibly cost-cutting move, but the arrival of several of Maguire’s mates from Stockport has not been publicised. That’s because their sizeable wages, company cars and company houses proves the ‘cost cutting’ exercise to be a lie. The Allams have stated they wish to give something back to the people of Hull, Maguire seems more concerned with diverting monies to Greater Manchester.

6. It was only a friendly, but it was still nice to beat the Scousers, just to stick it to the Hull born arseholes who parade around the city in Liverpool shirts. Imagine how smug the plaggy-Scouser at work (and there is one in every workplace, as if filling an EU quota) would have been today had they won?

7. Funny how those who were bemoaning a lack of decent signings and slagging Nigel Pearson off as negative a day or two ago now think City will win the Championship, FA Cup, Strictly Come Dancing and The X-Factor.

8. On Saturday, North Ferriby United held a kit launch at Princes Quay. They didn’t ask fans to search the city centre for the new kit and take low-res photos in the rain, they just showed it off, took orders and sold merchandise. An amateur club can organise a kit launch better than Hull City at present.

9. What’s happening in the boardroom and club offices is a little unsettling, but what’s happening on the pitch is a source of real hope and belief. Nigel Pearson is an excellent manager, he and his staff are doing a fine job transforming the club, moving on overpaid underachievers and fashioning a side that is hardworking and hungry and evidently has team spirit in abundance. Nigel Pearson has methodically made City better, piece by piece, and has our total confidence. Adam Pearson buying FC rather than Barnsley or Sheffield United removes the worry of him taking our boss with him at least.

10. If you think a player’s talent entitles him to repeatedly flout the club’s conduct policy and set a poor example to young professionals, and that he should be foremost in the manager’s plans for the team, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself.


10a. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Hull FC’s crowd of 9,496 for a Challenge Cup quarter final on the same weekend City drew over 20,000 for a friendly (albeit against reasonably glamorous opposition). Yet we continually hear how Hull is and will always be ‘a rugby town’. If it is, it’s to the city’s shame, given the Hurley Berds’ feeble crowd and Hull KR fans kicking off in St. Helens.

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  1. Rickster
    Rickster says:

    I totally agree with your assessment of Mark McGuire he does not know what he is doing. He has brought his ‘side kicks’, who have arrived with him from Stockport, and paying them a fair whack in wages, whilst releasing junior staff in the offices on a pittance. That is downright disgraceful. He spends his time, allegedly, sucking up to the Allams showing his costcutting exercises then spending on stupid things behind their backs. The man is not good for Hull City, he does not care about City at all. We want people who are passionate. What about the staff who were at Boothferry Park, in the days of our near demise, who kept the club going, they have long gone. Look at Paul Duffen, everybody thought he was a ‘genuine man’, but what do you think now? He is making backward steps and making the wrong decisions, Cash Converters, I ask you, can’t he see it! That says it all, he is losing the true sponsors and getting a few dubious ones instead. The only plus point is the well established name of Cranswick plc as the West Stand Sponsors, but they have always been there in the background.

  2. BigJonPrioryRd
    BigJonPrioryRd says:

    Point 6 well said, all I got after gloating to a Hull born plastic scouser was “early pre-season friendly. second string side out. 6 substitutions at half time. Come see us after August!” =wankers.

  3. Jimmy Weekly
    Jimmy Weekly says:

    Yep, Adam Pearson will be away soon, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all is not well at City. It means that Adam Pearson makes his living, and a good one at that, in moving between clubs, buying, selling, working for others, moving on. It’s all about timing. He’s good at it, and he’s good at running football clubs. He’s a Huddersfield fan, who’s worked for Leeds and Derby and City and now owns FC. He sold to Bartlett and Duffen. Didn’t he appoint McGuire? Last time he left City we went on to the Premier League at last.

    I’m not ready to accept McGuire is ‘a bad thing’. The best thing that happened to City recently has been the Allams pouring the money in, and McGuire has been instrumental in getting and keeping them on board. I don’t care if he’s passionate about City. I just want him to be good at his job. Same goes for all employees of the club.

  4. Johnny Reggae Reggae
    Johnny Reggae Reggae says:

    Adam Pearson can fuck off, when has he ever made a decent double album?

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