Things We Think We Think #6

1. With a company that exchanges stolen goods for smack-money and East Yorkshire’s foremost ambulance-chaser on board, when can we expect Mark Maguire to announce that News International are to sponsor the manager’s programme notes?

2. City fans had better bloody not “do the Poznan” next season  – not because it’s not a decent spectacle, but because when you see even Castleford eggchasing fans doing it, you realise it’s become the Soccer AM “easy easy” for 2011

3. Paul Duffen plans to release an autobiography, supposedly warts and all. The ‘warts’ of his tenure as chairman are surely his, but given the man’s shameless attempts to pass the buck since his departure, we can expect so many pages of revisionist drivel that it should appear in the fiction section of any stockist that would sell it.

4. We haven’t had any ludicrous transfer rumours doing the rounds in a while, and that’s a good thing. You know the sort, “My mate has just fitted a Sky dish for Paul Scholes in Brough.” Yes, because he’d have bought a house and moved in already before any deal has been announced, obviously. “Someone said Michael Owen’s helicopter has landed at St. Stephens, he’s in TK Maxx right now.” Riiiiiiiiight.

5. The news of financial trouble at North Ferriby makes for some sad reading. They’re a wonderful little club and the annual trip to Church Road is one of the best away games of any year. City’s recent ‘success’ may have been to Ferriby’s detriment, as those Tiger Nationals who’d go to Ferriby when the Tigers were away had the option of watching the City game on an internet feed or on Albanian TV in a pub instead. Ferriby are charging £9 for a home game this coming season, a move designed to reduce the shortfall but one that may backfire and deter floating fans. City should fine Jimmy Bullard a weeks wages for having crap hair and channel it to Ferriby.

6. Alleged landlord on landlord violence could reduce the option of pre/post home match drinking hostelries by two. Both The George and Halfway House are currently boarded up.

7.  City going off to Slovenia to train is all well and good, but it’s a shame there isn’t a friendly there.

8. Thanks for cancelling our only decent home friendly, Humberside Police.

9. Lazy news editors, randomly pick one of these Jimmy Bullard quotes for an easy news piece, there’s one for every weekday: “I’ll take a pay cut to play for Ipswich”, “I’ve no problem with playing for Nigel Pearson”, “I respect the contract Hull City were stupid enough to give me”, “I just want to play football”, “Ouch, my knee!”

10. Why on earth did Tommy Docherty wear a Porto away shirt in our 1971-1972 team photo? Yes, yes, he’d managed the Portuguese club for four months prior to becoming assistant manager to Terry Neill, but it’s still an odd choice of garb given the circumstance.

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  1. Knuckledragger
    Knuckledragger says:

    I’ll only believe a transfer is a done deal one Cactus Jack has given them directions to the KC.

    Considering the vast majority of City fans wish nothing but good will on North Ferriby United. The club is surely in a position to arrange plenty of fund raising initiatives that people would happily subscribe to.

    I’ll be fucked if I’m paying £30 quid to turn my back to the entertainment.

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