Things We Think We Think #5

1. Once upon a time, playing Liverpool in a friendly would have been something to genuinely look forward to; this time it feels a bit “meh”.

2. Dele Adebola won’t score many but his potential to assist others in doing so could prove invaluable.

3. City should clarify the Richard Garcia situation immediately now that the player’s deal has officially ended.

4. If Tomasz Kuszczak does go back to West Brom, as has been heavily reported, then it’s even more of an opportunity for City to try to organise Boaz Myhill’s rightful return home to the Circle.

5. The FSF’s campaign for the return of standing at football is a highly commendable one.

6. While looking for their take on why the proposed friendly at Grimsby was cancelled, it was quite something to read that they’ve so far sold 550 season tickets – and are quite pleased by this.

7. It seems unfathomable now that we spent so many seasons below Grimsby, one Fishpackers fan once emailed us offering to send pictures of Wembley so we knew what it looked like. Heh.

8. Championship promotion campaigns are largely built on loans from high ranking Premier League clubs these days. Given our financial status, taking young talented players on loan, something we did very effectively last year, is probably the way we’ll go again. Given that most loans are concluded near the end of the transfer window, when it’s clear no club wants to permanently sign the player, we shouldn’t expect to have all of our signings in place now. The unending refrains of “when are we going to sign someone good?” from fans who should know better are the most tedious aspect of the close season.

9. It would be great if the club sold some sans-sponsor replica shirts for those who are Cash Converters conscientious objectors. It won’t happen, but it should, and would net the club money from those who like the shirt but loathe advertising a hock-shop.

10. That sponsor is going to tarnish a really lovely away shirt. Bah.