NEWS: Feyenoord friendly cancelled

City have announced that the proposed friendly against Feyenoord on July 26th has been cancelled “in consultation with the Police on safety grounds”.

Of course, this is code for Humberside Police demanding a wholly unrealistic sum of money in order to police the fixture, one that would lead to the club risking a loss on the fixture. Attempts to lower the figure quoted were unsuccessful, leading to the cancellation of the fixture.

It’s pretty galling stuff. Barnsley are also playing Feyenoord this month, and South Yorkshire Police are charging just a fraction of the sum Humberside Police wished to extract from the Tigers – evidence of just how our local force views its football club as something to extort money from.

Everyone loses from this. It leaves City with a hole in their pre-season plans, deprives us of a reasonably attractive fixture, seriously inconveniences Feyenoord fans who’ve already paid for transport to England and booked hotels in East Yorkshire –  and of coure, local business in Hull will no longer have the chance to benefit from the custom brought by thousands of Feyenoord fans visiting our city, hardly good news in these tough times. And lastly, it reduces even further the standing of Humberside Police in the eyes of a fanbase who regards their local police as nothing but unremittingly hostile to us.

2215 UPDATE: It seems we overestimated South Yorkshire Police, for Barnsley have now cancelled their friendly against Feyenoord, hysterically slandering their fans as posing a “high likelihood of large-scale disorder and grave consequences”.

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  1. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    Humberside plod sound like as big a useless bunch of cunts as the lot we have out here ‘policing’ our little island. Absolutely frigging fucking useless.

  2. Anna
    Anna says:

    Us Feyenoordsupporters are extremely upset by the way things are going. We were all so looking forward to the match and to spend some days in Hull and have a few pints with the supporters there! All of us have booked the ferry or flights and hotels. Most of us can’t cancel it anymore and nobody can give us a refund. So amongst the inconvience and the disappointment from all of this our clubs will also start the season with some games less. I think I will come over to Hull anyway, and make the best of it. I think a lot of Feyenoordsupporters will come over anyways, so cancelling the game won’t have any effect if not a negative effect… I am very, very, displeased. But I really hope that our supporters will still meet up for a pint and laugh.

  3. Les
    Les says:

    Bah, I’m quite miffed about this, it was the only friendly I gave a hoot about. I’ve been to De Kuip a few times and have always loved it, Feyenoord fans are quite partisan.

  4. Jonathan Walmsley
    Jonathan Walmsley says:

    To be fair to humberside police,the Barnsley game has also been cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Paul
    Paul says:

    Beyond belief. This country is run by a bunch of fucking idiots. From the reaction of Humberside Police you would think it was Atilla the Hun and his hords decending on Hull!.

  6. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Very sorry Anna…apologies to all! Perhaps those coming will be able to see another game at he KC if the management get their fingers out! Grimsby, anyone?……..Afterall we shafted them good & proper over the Liverpool game. What a shambles….& still the GK situation isn’t sorted. Do they know what they’re doing at the KC?

  7. BigJonPrioryRd
    BigJonPrioryRd says:

    JESUS! It was the only thing exciting planned until the season starts & now its cancelled, effing blunderside police! oh well, better get to Liverpool & North Ferriby games.

  8. Johnny Reggae Reggae
    Johnny Reggae Reggae says:

    While Humberside Police are a set of total incompetent retards, the fact remains that a football match (especially a friendly) shouldn’t need any police at all but we all know what cunts football “fans” can be (especially after having a whiff of a barmaids apron).
    I just wonder if the police intelligence team or whatever have picked up on some organised fisticuffs?

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