NEWS: Adam Pearson buys Hull FC

Rather to our surprise, Adam Pearson has purchased one of the rugby league franchises currently playing in Hull.

Pearson has assumed complete control of Hull FC, the present brand of the Gateshead Thunder and lodgers at the Circle. One imagines that buying a Category B sporting club will not have cost Adam too much of the money he made supervising City’s resurrection, leaving him plenty spare – though it is being reported that he will continue as Head of Football Operations here for a short time.

That conjures up unhappy memories of David Lloyd’s ill-fated stint at the club, though there’s little chance of a repeat given Pearson’s past record in the city. We also look forward eggchasing mouthbreathers who’ve slagged him off recanting their oafish sentiments when he oversees similar success there.

However, it’s hard to understand what’s in it for Adam Pearson. Reporting to Mark Maguire isn’t exactly the ideal job, but why this move? The scope for growth is limited – both rugby clubs remain firmly and forever in the shadow of City inside Hull, and outside of it even winning every egg cup in existence will not be noticed by the nation at large. The biggest rugby league outfit will never match even a middling Championship club for gates or prestige.

An interesting and unexpected move…

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  1. SR Cott
    SR Cott says:

    Maybe he’s had his fill of overpaid, prima-donna footballers and their mindless followers!

  2. Johnny Reggae Reggae
    Johnny Reggae Reggae says:

    Yes, so he’s moved to a sport full of knuckle dragging arseholes and their are fat, retarded hooligan followers who lose their way if they stray off the M62.

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