Things we think we think… #1

1. Adam Pearson’s lack of a stake in the club makes us worry he’ll want total control of someone else. It can’t be fulfilling to ask permission to do things that previously he’d sign off as owner/chairman, or to merely be a salaried employee when you have the talent/know how to be in charge. He was rumoured to be interested in Barnsley in the national media, is it just a matter of time before he goes or could the Allams sell a small stake to Pearson to hold on to such a valuable asset?

2. Neil Danns would be an excellent signing.

3. Cash Converters isn’t the most prestigious sponsor for a football club, but City fans going apoplectic, writing to the club to complain about a deal not yet announced, really need to get a grip. Football club’s sponsors do not reflect on the city the team play in one little bit, if you think Geordies are ardent savers because their jersey has Northern Rock’s logo on it, or that the burghers of Blackburn all have immaculately painted walls because of Rover’s association with Crown Paints, you’re a foolish knave.

4. Sponsor aside, that adidas shirt alleged to be our new strip was quite nice. Yes, it’s the same template as Stoke once more, but bold stripes (and on both sides) and more amber than black is our preferred style of City shirt..

5. Argentina blue is a nice colour for an away shirt.

6. Paul Duffen’s Twitter account, if it’s real, highlights a familiar self awareness deficit.

7. For an end of season showpiece event with real drama, the Championship Play-off final shits all over the FA Cup final.

8. The League Cup draw is next week. Unless this produces a tick ground for the nerd community, the competition should be scrapped.

9. Some egg-chasing fans have complained that Sky Sports didn’t televise the derby this weekend. They don’t seem to realise that what they see as ‘Rugbygeddon’ and the most important sporting event in history is of little interest to people outside of East Yorkshire, and not that much within.

10. The Hull Daily Mail’s new website is really, really, REALLY shit.

The idea for this feature is shamelessly stolen from Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

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  1. wee bull
    wee bull says:

    What in the utter sorry fucking existence of Christ is going on with that HDM website design? My eyes.

  2. Dr Buck
    Dr Buck says:

    It is mightily shit. I’ll have to go elsewhere for my daily news updates on paedo teachers and Ella Street music festivals.

  3. Dr Buck
    Dr Buck says:

    I’m also disappointed to see my former seat in E5 has been taking by some scruffy git in a beany-hat.

  4. Dr Buck
    Dr Buck says:

    Les is probably the best-looking one in that picture, which is a damning indictment upon the populace of E5.

  5. Carlostomy Bag
    Carlostomy Bag says:

    Foolish. Knave.

    Is that Paul Daniels in front of a slimmer looking Les? Krispy Kreme must have felt the pinch.

  6. Riochatemyhouse
    Riochatemyhouse says:

    I see the agreeable milf and that wet blanket of a son of hers. I bet he’s a crusty sock collector.

  7. Cayman Tiger
    Cayman Tiger says:

    If Dr. Buck reckons Les is the best looking there (admittedly all relative) that might explain a lot of Buck always thinking he is good looking in some kind of haggard way. Probably just haggard then.

    This is an actual thread in the making this is.

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