Things We Think We Think #4

1. A re-acquisition of Boaz Myhill would genuinely be more about being sensible than sentimental, and his return would be a no-lose situation for absolutely everybody involved with the club. Club legend adored by supporters – tick. Not needed where he is – tick. Never wanted to leave in the first place – tick. Club can afford him – tick. Club urgently need quality goalkeepers – tick.

2. This is perhaps the dullest pre-season in recent memory –  it’s possible to completely forget the existence of City for days at a time.

3. Why can’t the North Ferriby United friendly be on a Saturday? Sometimes it’s the most enjoyable fixture of the year, but isn’t as much fun on a schoolnight. Hostelries in the village, and presumably their own clubhouse, would probably prefer 2,000 City fans rocking up for a Saturday 3pm kick-off.

4. Similarly, having the first game of the season on a Friday evening promises to be a disconcerting experience, and probably a disappointing one given that night matches at the Circle are often quiet, dull affairs and making a full day of the opening day is part of the fun of football.

5. With Messrs Kilkenny and Danns apparently going elsewhere, Nigel Pearson needs to stop chasing midfielders called Neil.

6. Have City really let physio Simon Maltby go for “financial reasons” – and if so, is that wise? It doesn’t sound it.

7. Any idea why City weren’t involved in the Masters this year? It isn’t something to lose sleep over, but seeing Justin Whittle kick people up the arse while Leigh Jenkinson skewed shots against the Sheffield Arena’s ceiling was a great wiling away of a summer’s afternoon.

8. The reaction from the Scottish and Welsh FAs to the possibility of their players competing for a mooted Team GB at the Olympics is hysterical and narrow-minded, and goes a long way towards explaining why the only two halfway decent teams in Scotland are mired in sectarian bigotry in a fast-declining league, and why Wales’ only two decent sides would rather play in England.

9. Did you know that it’s Hull City’s 107th birthday tomorrow?

10….is the maximum number of pounds that can justifiably be charged for City v Macclesfield

4 replies
  1. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Boaz?…No thanks! Rather give Oxley a chance…sure he can flap at crosses just as well! It would have made more sense to retain Duke as suggested here earlier…

  2. Les
    Les says:

    You’d rather give an unknown a chance than welcome back the man who kept us in the Championship in our first season there, then was a fundament in our promotion season and subsequent Premier League survival? Crikey, what an oaf.

  3. Dr Buck
    Dr Buck says:

    What’s the point in getting Michael Turner back? I reckon we should give Jamie Deviit a chance instead.

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