Things We Think We Think #3

1. We note with no real surprise the lack of coverage and condemnation of rugby hooligans causing trouble in Leeds eight days ago.

2. It’s sad to see the club making long term backroom staff redundant. In terms of cost savings, the effect of this measure is surely minimal, as those going are on £12,000-15,000 a year, whereas there are unwanted players picking up £28,000-45,000 a week. If the club need to be ruthless in driving down spending, that’s understandable given the profligacy of former owners, but they appear to be killing the mosquito while leaving the bear to roam free.

3. It would be good to know the respective stadium valuations of both the Council and Club owners. Rumours persist that there is a vast chasm between the figures, and until one or both sides publicly state what they think is a fair price, rumours are all there is to go on.

4. At this time of year, every year, there is wailing and gnashing of teeth from some fans who imply City are doing nothing to bring in new players while claiming rival clubs are behaving like a hungry man at a buffet, snapping up prized signings left, right and centre. Neither statement is true.

5. If Allardyce whips the defence into shape…if they start well…if their new signings gel quickly…West Ham could be just about unstoppable next season

6. The League Cup draw is so unspeakably vile it makes you want to punch kittens.

7. Drawing 3,000 at home against Macclesfield is so 1997.

8. Nice to see Steve McClaren in a proper job again. He was a fine footballer for City, still talks the club up and maybe he ought to receive a warm reception when Forest visit the KC in the new season.

9. Yes, it’s not ideal playing Leeds home and away on Tuesday nights. But it’s still better than 12 noon on a Saturday or Sunday, which the gendarmes on both sides of the East-West divide would probably prefer.

10. If we’re lucky, one of the highlights of the new season’s opening weeks will be the Rotherhams and Swindons of the world trying to play Barcelonaesque tiqui-taca, until a string of defeats brings them to their senses some time around late September

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  1. Steady Tiger
    Steady Tiger says:

    #8 comment re Steve McClaren is rightness of the highest order – as he would no doubt say “‘Elk nadeel heeft een voordeel” in an ‘Ull accent anarl

  2. Bill Cunt
    Bill Cunt says:

    If Hull City were Irish, would this section be called Tings We Tink We Tink…?

  3. Riochatemyhouse
    Riochatemyhouse says:

    Don’t be so stupid. It would be called Things We Think We Think, So It Is.

    Catch yourself orrrrn.

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