Things We Think We Think #2

1. Assem Allam said last week that the reason he wants to own the KC is so he can use the freehold to get a mortgage and build the planned sports village. If he does that he’s risking Hull City’s home in the hope that a sports village brings in enough money to pay back the mortgage, and later make him/the club profit. Is it worth the risk? The reason swimming pools and squash courts tend to be run by local authorities is because they don’t bring in that much money. Why would Allam’s complex be different? Allam describes the proposed sports village as a gift, but if he plans to pay for it with a mortgage taken out on the stadium it’s not a gift at all, it’s a leveraged purchase.

2. Allam also said he thinks football clubs should be owned by their communities. The stadium is already publicly owned, but he wants to change that.

3. When asked what value he puts on Adam Pearson’s continued involvement, Allam said Pearson was a good man but the club would go on without him. Of course it would, but it would leave a dearth of experience in running a football club.

4. This is an excellent piece on great Tigers teams down the years, but if we have to have a ‘winner’, then the 2008 team of bonafide achievers, that made our dreams come true, must be it.

5. Discussing who we’d like to get on the opening day of the season is futile and pointless. The only surefire thing about next season’s fixtures is that both games against Leeds will be deliberately planned to inconvenience the many.

6. He wasn’t universally popular despite successive promotions, but seeing Peter Taylor on Sky’s coverage of the U21 tournament prompted warm memories of the happy days during his reign.

7. Those club emails, full of “OMG! LOL! Look at this funny YouTube video” stuff are pretty cringeworthy. Communicate better please.

8. Whoever digitally altered the picture of Liam Rosenior modelling the new kit went a bit overboard on the colour saturation, to the point where Liam looks to have changed race. Also, the socks are the same as last seasons, odd given that they’re being sold at a knock-down price of £2 in Tiger Leisure. Maybe they aren’t the socks to be used, amber hose would look better with that kit.

9. City should offer Richard Garcia a one-year deal with incentives while he recovers from a bad injury. He deserves it and they can afford it.

10. Nottingham Forest have joined Cardiff in rewarding their managers for a play-off finish by sacking them – would we show similar ingratitude to Nigel Pearson next summer if we lose in the play-offs?

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  1. Dr Buck
    Dr Buck says:

    They’ve spent forty million on saving our club and this is how you repay them?

    You disgust me.

  2. Rickster
    Rickster says:

    Well mister know-it-all about photoshop the reason that Liam Rosenior is looking a bit weathered is because Hull City have resorted to using another photographer. The quality is not the same and the range of pics are not there. Hull City have started using inhouse people for various media/design items, probably as a cost cutting exercise. This has been highlighted by their new magazine ‘1904’ which is nowhere in the same league as the original one. The design, typography and photography is, quite honestly, not good enough, it looks as if the office junior has produced it. The trouble is ‘City’ can’t get the right staff nowadays and the people doing certain jobs are not qualified and do not have a clue. QED

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