NEWS: Garcia’s City career over?

Richard Garcia may have played his last game for City after a knee operation revealed damage to his cruciate ligament. The Australian international is out of contract in the summer, having not decided upon a extension offered a few months ago. Obviously City’s obligations to the player – described as a “duty of care” by Adam Pearson in today’s Hull Daily Mail – continue his current deal expires next month, but with him out of action until 2012, his future at the club is uncertain.

He’d had a problematic end to the season, limping off after 15 minutes in the draw against Crystal Palace, a week earlier against Middlesbrough AND the previous week against Doncaster – to his credit he attempted to play on each occasion, perhaps to his ultimate detriment.

A shame, as he’s an underrated and hardworking player…and one who must bitterly regret not signing for longer in February. Let’s hope his recovery goes well.

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  1. Ross Duncan
    Ross Duncan says:

    Hull have stood by other players with long term injuries (e.g. Ashbee) in the past. I really hope he sticks around, I have a lot of faith in this guy.

  2. gjhdurham
    gjhdurham says:

    Ross, the players you refer to were under contract & in fact, if you cast back a little further, the Tigers were quite cold blooded in their treatment of injured players. I can think of 2 good defenders who were ditched after broken legs. Both went on to long careers elsewhere…one still playing! Will be interesting to see if Garcia’s face fits with this regime after July! As a player. I like the guy but not to the extent of his being irreplaceable.
    Interesting that it seems he was offered a contract in Feb., when the club said no discussions until end of season! The reason Ashbee left! Porkies or what…!?

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    No not porkies you just dont understand…contracts were offered, no negotiations were offered before end of season though. Thats all.

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