RESULT: Spurs 0 City 0

A magnificent goalkeeping display from Boaz Myhill was the main factor in the Tigers’ tremendous thievery of a point from Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane.

The long-serving City custodian made two superb stops in the first half from Robbie Keane and Jermain Defoe, before pawing away a point-blank header from sub Peter Crouch in the second half, having denied Defoe at close range on the hour.

City rarely caused the home side any danger, although a bad pass across the Spurs defence unexpectedly let Stephen Hunt in, and he freed Nick Barmby who had the chance to bite the hand that once fed him, but could only find the side netting.

It’s an unexpected but thoroughly welcome point for City, with the clean sheet, superb defending and a truly career-defining display from Myhill providing extra cause for optimism for the months ahead. The long vocal acclamation for the Tigers keeper after the final whistle made sure he knew his efforts were appreciated.

Just in time for the trip to Manchester United, then. No pressure or anything…

Match report to come.

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  1. Stoney
    Stoney says:

    I can’t believe we didn’t beat you. Your keeper was tremendous. Just a shame you didn’t come to play football, you packed your midfield, who played a foot in front of your back four. I think you’ll survive relegation but only because there are three teams worse than you.

  2. Myhill's found a tenner
    Myhill's found a tenner says:

    “I think you’ll survive relegation but only because there are three teams worse than you.”

    Now I’m not football expert or anything, but I was under the impression that that’s how this whole new-fangled relegation system works: the team that finishes fourth bottom survives relegation because there are three teams who are worse than them. I’m happy to be corrected on that though.

  3. Stoney
    Stoney says:

    What that means is, because it seems need explaining, is that you’re shit and don’t deserve to be in this league playing like that and in an ideal world you wouldn’t be but, fortunately for you, there are 3 teams even worse than you that will keep you up by losing games rather than you earning the right by winning games playing like that. Got it now?

  4. Bartontiger
    Bartontiger says:

    City should have played open, free playing football and got beat 5-1 again like earlier in the season. Brown’s tactics were totally out of order. Brown out!

  5. Myhill's found a tenner
    Myhill's found a tenner says:

    Oooooh get Stoney. Did those nasty northerners come down to London and spoil your day? Now let me explain this slowly for you, my friend. We deserve to be in this division on account of the fact that we won the 2008 Championship play-off final. Then, last season, we finished fourth from bottom, thus giving us the right to play Premiership football this season. That’s how it works, regardless of how we play. And it has done, with the odd variation, for a long, long time now. Is that explained clearly enough for you, Stoney?

    For what it’s worth, we don’t always play so defensively. If you’d watched the Man Utd game on December 27th, you’d have seen an excellent attacking display from us. We had a go at Arsenal at the Emirates too. Still, judge us on one game, eh?

  6. Les
    Les says:

    You put five past us early in the season, and you’ve put nine past Wigan, do you expect us to do as we did before and take another paggering? That would make us stupid. A point is a good result for us away from home, and if us playing for a draw offends your sensibilities then fuck your sensibilities, winning the admiration of Spurs fans is not a priority. If you can’t break us down then that’s your issue to worry about, not ours.

  7. Goatlab
    Goatlab says:

    I love it that some less intelligent Spurs fans are so bitter. Learn to take a draw with some humility I say. Great job Tigers!

  8. Stoney
    Stoney says:

    You know what is really sad. Being over the moon with playing for and getting a point. Pathetic. It’s called a ‘GOAL’ for the very simple reason as to that which you should try to achieve. Score goals. Don’t turn up to only try to get a 0-0. If that’s your ‘goal’ you completely undermine the premise on which this game we know and love is designed. Play to win. Score goals. There are no excuses.

  9. Rich
    Rich says:

    You would think these Spurs footballing experts would have done their homework and seen we scored 3 goals in the first half of 2 consecutive games back in November (West Ham and Everton) – wouldn’t you? No? Oh too much to expect. Over and out from Hawl.

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