TIGERTUBE : “Maybe Stoke looked ridiculous in the end” – The tiger stripe kit debut

Did you know that Stoke (bunch of jikes that they are) were the opponents when the most talked about City kit ever, the Matchwinner made tiger stripe affair, made it’s competitive debut? Yes indeed. It was 17 years ago, on 15th August 1992, and what is now ‘League One’ had just become ‘Division Two’, having previously been the Third Division until the inception of the Premier League prompted the first of two euphemistic nomenclature changes for the Football League’s remaining three tiers.

Stoke were the bookies favourites to win the Division Two title, but on opening day the poggy Potters began the season with a defeat at Boothferry Park, courtesy of a rare Paul Hunter strike. In this clip from Yorkshire TV’s Calendar teatime news show, several Tiger Nationals voice their approval of the new tiger striped togs, “it’s very appropriate” opines one scamp.

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  1. Midfield General
    Midfield General says:

    This was my first ever City game and I’m ashamed to admit that I had no idea it was also the first proper appearance of the legendary shirt. I’m quite pleased retrospectively. Now if only someone could send me back in a time machine to the game when Peter Shilton got sent off and I might go and see that rather than crying off at last minute because I felt poorly.

  2. Gag
    Gag says:

    Jikes? You lot seem to be proud of wearing strips that make you look like something off a cereal box, your manager destroyed the confidence of a team, and a striker, that were defying the odds and you have struggled since, your fans insist that you are a ‘big team’ and yet you languish at the bottom of the league. Seems to me you lot are the jokes.

  3. Riochatemyhouse
    Riochatemyhouse says:

    Some Stoke fans’ overriding obsession with our club is as unhealthy as a transport cafe fry up. I suspect wax effigies and temporary altars are involved.

    Failing that, just the obligatory knuckle dragging and hollering like a downs kid on seeing some bright lights.

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