TIGERTUBE – City 1 Port Vale 0, March 1983

This years City shirt is a tip of the hat, not to Wolves as some suggest, but to the pinstriped Admiral effort we wore in the early 80’s. In this video we can see that original shirt in action, against Port Vale in March 1983.

This top of the table Division Four clash resulted in a 1-0 win for City, and kept us ahead of the Valiants in the promotion race, we finished the 1982-83 campaign in 2nd place, 8 points behind Wimbledon and 2 points ahead of Port Vale, as the Tigers climbed out of the basement division at the second attempt.

This clip is fascinating for several reasons, in it you can see work in progress on the supermarket and strip of terracing that replaced the grand old North Stand of Boothferry Park, hear City fans singing “You’ll never walk alone”, possibly to welcome former Liverpool and England captain Emlyn Hughes, who joined City late in the season, and see revered Tigers alumni such as Garreth Roberts, Billy Askew, Brian Marwood and Billy Whitehurst play together.

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  1. Spaceball
    Spaceball says:

    Wasn’t it excellent in the days before the premiership, when the telly used to give serious coverage of all four divisions, as did the newspapers and magazines.

  2. dallholio
    dallholio says:

    I remember the match well. I was in the southeast corner of the south stand, right behind a very noisy old couple of Vale supporters.

    The shirt had red pinstripes as opposed to the black of this years. Not sure what happened to mine. Lost over the years.

  3. Martyn Kelly
    Martyn Kelly says:

    Think I’m right in saying that the Port Vale no. 4 was Geoff Hunter who grew up on Greatfield estate. I went to school with him and I remember thinking he was a good player. Don’t know what happened to him next.
    Those shorts were a bit short weren’t they?

  4. C'mon Tiger
    C'mon Tiger says:

    Love it!! Was at that match and stood in Kempton, right next to the wooden dividing wall and the void between the away fans. A cocky 13 year old smoking Embassy No.1’s and dressed head to toe by Prem.

    I remember the home game before this one, we lost to Tranmere 0-1. It was the first time we’d lost at home in 20 odd games. There was a near riot in the car park and not many of the TRFC coaches left with windows in tact. It was then that I realised just how stupid it was having half bricks and rubble lining the walk from the East Stand turnstile, behind the away fans and up to Bunkers.

    YRA – you don’t hear that anymore. Used to be funny that we would sing Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! against ‘foreign’ teams, but come the games against Donny, Sheff U or Bratfud it was always ‘Umberside, ‘Umberside, ‘Umberside.

    Emlyn Hughes – whadda guy.

  5. McVie
    McVie says:

    I bit before my time but I absolutely loved watching this. Only under Don Robinson would there be an advert for the Grumbleweeds!

  6. garreth
    garreth says:

    That was a year before i was born. My dad took me to my first city match in 1987, cant rember much
    of it though.
    Nice blast from the past.
    Up the tigers.

  7. RobH
    RobH says:

    You forgot the other reason why this is a good clip as Deano can be seen in the crowd in the South Stand from around the 2:55 mark…

  8. HighburyTiger
    HighburyTiger says:

    Spotting a ‘Grandways’ pitchside advert took me back to the days when that was my local supermarket, at the corner of Chants Ave and Marlborough Ave. Ace!

  9. Occasional Fan
    Occasional Fan says:

    Barely a replica shirt to be seen in the crowd. Exactly when did the footie shirt as general leisurewear trend begin?
    Also Big Billy Whitehurst isn’t that different in build to Les Mutrie and certainly nowt like the Lennox Lewis-a-like that legend has built him up to be.

  10. Jonathan Walmsley
    Jonathan Walmsley says:

    I remember this match,I could only watch tigers when we used travel to hull visit my grandma.
    Emlyn Hughes made his debut, still recall playing footy in garden and being told that we had signed him.

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