TIGERTUBE – Back when City were the ones scoring four against North-Eastern opposition… Tigers 4 Chimp-Chokers 0

Sunderland appear to have our number right now, having beaten us in our last five meetings, and while defeat is always painful, Saturday’s thumping at the Stadium of Light was particularly  galling for the Tiger Nation, who had to stomach the sight of former heroes Michael Turner and Fraizer Campbell celebrating the Mackem’s fourth. Gah!

“Remember where we’ve come from” is a common refrain from glass half full types when we’ve been gubbed in the Premier League, so we shall. This video recalls a heartening victory during our ‘Great Escape’ season. Having been stranded at the bottom of the entire league late in 1998, the Tigers staged a remarkable turnaround that began in  January 1999.

Player-boss Warren Joyce brought in Jon Whitney, Gary Brabin and Justin Whittle, making City hard to break down, but we started scoring too. Having beaten Rotherham 1-0 a fortnight earlier, City dismantled a Hartlepool side that featured gurning Geordie and one time England midfielder Peter Beardsley. All four goals came in a frenetic first 45 minutes, and here they are. Enjoy…

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  1. wayne
    wayne says:

    Just listen to that atm compared to the modern KC boothferry was the fortress and great memories. though it was a dump.

  2. Riochatemyhouse
    Riochatemyhouse says:

    “[i]Och aye, Super Bri……[/i]”

    When he could be bothered, David Brown was as good as anyone in them days.

  3. Captain_Brownwash
    Captain_Brownwash says:

    Oh how I remember that day! What a first half, so distinctly different from the way we were actually playing at that time. Must have been the appearance of the beautiful one bumping the crowd up. If I remember rightly there was a long stoppage when the beauty had a few words with the East Stand and signed a few autographs? I do miss the Ark and those dismal winter days.

  4. The Onion
    The Onion says:

    I was 19 when we played this game, stood in South stand, thinking Beardo was going to single handedly going to tear us a new arsehole. But you never did you Beardo. I can smell the brick/piss, just by looking at that vidoe short.

  5. The Onion
    The Onion says:

    In fact, this was my birthday weekend. I took this victory as a personal gift from Joyce and McGovern*. (Who once winked at me in Yorkshire Bank queue)

  6. bunkerzilla
    bunkerzilla says:

    Ace. Brown in. I was well pissed for this, having had the benefit of blagging it into the (ahem) “corporates”. One of my companions for the day attempted to acquire half a giant salmon from the buffet (in a forward planning frame of mind, thinking of tea later on) by shoving it in his jacket inside pocket. Unfortunately, he was rumbled….. Happy days.

  7. HighburyTiger
    HighburyTiger says:

    Brilliant. I remember a load of the Hartlepool fans going home at half-time. Rightly so, as the second half was a non-event!

  8. C'mon Tiger
    C'mon Tiger says:

    Och aye? Really? Well I never knew that. I was stood next to some fat, beared c*nt at Salisbury in tha FA Cup and I swear he has shouting All Cry.

    Has anyone ever started a “Mis-heard / quoted Chants” thread on AN? Like when a mate of mine asked me why we were singing ‘Barry Normans Black and Amber Army’?

  9. Les
    Les says:

    When Jason Harris scored two against Brighton, people in the South Stand were chanting ‘Harris! Harris!’, all except Dr Fun who was shouting ‘Roary! Roary!’, inexplicably.

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