PHOTO SPECIAL – Wembley Play Off Final, Hull City 1-0 Bristol City


Saturday 24th May 2008

Quite simply, the greatest and most momentous day in Hull City’s history. The Tigers made their long overdue Wembley debut in the Championship Play Off Final and after a tense 90 minutes found themselves a Premier League club after Dean Windass’ 39th minute strike saw off Bristol City. This is the day as recorded by several Tiger Nationals.

The calm before the storm: The national stadium awaits the Tiger Nation.

At the end of Wembley Way, fans are filtered to their end of the ground.

Banners for the six play off finalists, with City above Leeds. As it should be.

Through the turnstiles, Tiger Nationals congregate on the vast concourses.

The first look at the arena. Can it be? Are Hull City really playing here?

Yes. Yes they are, and here they are for the warm up.

A truly amazing sight, as an estimated 40,000 City fans take their seats.

Inflatable sausages display the crests of the two finalists.

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! Flames flank the emerging teams.

The boom of fireworks was no match for the roar of delirious City fans.

City wore unfathomably cool track tops for the line up and national anthem.

Who’d have thought his Amber Nectar sponsored kit would grace Wembley?

And so it begins. City kick off with Tigers fans quite literally behind them.

The big screen confirms it! City take the lead with an awesome Deano volley.

Second half, Sam Ricketts restarts play under Phil Brown’s watchful eye.

A subbed Deano looms large on the big screen as the lads defend the lead.

Late in the game, Bryan Hughes whips in a free kick. It remains 1-0.

Deano’s exquisite volley earns him a solid silver bottle of Powerade.

The lads climb the steps to the Royal Box to receive the Play Off trophy.

Press photographers clamour to snap the newly promoted Tigers.

The lads drench each other in, no, not Coca Cola, but champagne.

Amber ticker tape rockets skywards, falling beautifully to the Wembley turf.

Tickertapecam: Here’s one angle of the amber streamers…

…and here’s how it looks from the orbiting International Space Station.

The immensity of leading City to three promotions overwhelms Ian Ashbee

Wayne Brown enjoys his moment as media darling.

Deano shows off the trophy and his Powerade man of the match award.

Bristol City fans nick off and City’s players parade the Play Off trophy to…


…an exultant Tiger Nation who can barely believe we’re in the Premiership.

Heh! The chairman shows motorists the trophy on the way back to Hull.


Thanks to…James Corbin, Lincolnshire Tiger, Adam Meyerhoff, Steve Cobby, Hull Jimi, Jack Miehoff, Manic Tiger, James Richardson, Jonny Come Lately, Trev Holmes, Noggin the Nog, Brid Tiger, Lisa Webster & Matty Holmes.