Amber Nectar survey – March 2007

Here are the results of the short Amber Nectar survey, sent out to more than 80 Amber Nectar forum members in February 2007, and completed by more than half of the recipients. Some comments made by you have been inserted in brackets where appropriate, although all comments about the players nominated for question 2 have been inserted into the b) section below.

Thanks to those who took part!


In which year did you see your first Hull City match?

1962 (“train to the match and to Bunkers Hill – my memories of this for me are like a page from an old Charlie Buchan Football Annual, flat caps, woodbines, Brylcream hair, rattles…”)
1966 x4
1969 x2
(“a 0-0 draw, so it’s not the like the next 37 years were a disappointment”)
1976 x2
1978 x2
1979 (
“I was two and apparently spent most of the game playing at being a fire engine”)
1980 x2
1981 x2
(“home to Peterborough. We won 4-1 and they had David Seaman in goal”)1982
1983 x4
1987 x2
(“it was the League Cup against Manchester United, who picked Billy Garton and Liam O’Brien, among other unknowns”)
1988 x3
1989 x2
(“I didn’t even watch the game, just played tig in the South Stand with my cousin”); (“went to get a voucher for the Liverpool game, been coming back ever since”)
1990 x3 (“versus Spurs in some testimonial game”)
1991 x2 (“we drew 0-0 and I was hooked there and then”)
1993 x2
1994 x4
1995 x2
(“au Stad de Chips”)
(“and it will not be the last!”)


Please list your five all-time Hull City players, restricting your choices only to those you saw play, and in order of best first. Feel free to add reasons for your choices.

a) by points attained. Each player received five points for a nomination as best player, down to one point for a nomination as fifth best player.

1ST: Justin Whittle – 104 points (including 14 maximums)

2ND: Dean Windass – 83 points (seven maximums)

=3RD: Ken Wagstaff – 41 points (five maximums)

=3RD: Andy Payton – 41 points (four maximums)

5TH: Nick Barmby – 36 points (two maximums)

6TH: Stuart Elliott- 34 points (three maximums)

7TH: Tony Norman – 31 points (one maximum)

8TH: Chris Chilton – 30 points (two maximums)

9TH: Billy Whitehurst – 24 points

=10TH: Keith Edwards- 23 points (two maximums)

=10TH: Richard Jobson – 23 points


Damien Delaney – 22 points (one maximum)
Boaz Myhill – 17 points
Brian Marwood – 13 points (one maximum)
Ian Ashbee – 13 points
Alan Fettis – 13 points
Neil Mann – 13 points
Ken Houghton – 12 points
Gary Brabin – 10 points
Ian Goodison – 10 points
Stuart Pearson – 10 points
Garreth Roberts – 10 points
David Rocastle – 10 points
Billy Askew – 8 points
Kevin Francis – 8 points
Warren Joyce – 8 points
Chris Simpkin – 8 points
Theodore Whitmore – 8 points
Danny Mills – 6 points
Leigh Palin – 6 points 
Duane Darby – 5 points
Rob Dewhurst – 5 points
Bobby Doyle – 5 points
Peter Swan – 5 points
John Anderson – 4 points
Ian Butler – 4 points
Roy Carroll – 4 points
Roy Greenwood – 4 points
Glyn Hodges – 4 points
Peter Skipper – 4 points
Greg Abbott – 3 points
Leon Cort – 3 points
Emlyn Hughes – 3 points
Wayne Jacobs – 3 points
David Livermore – 3 points
Lee Warren – 3 points
Gary Alexander – 2 points
Chris Galvin – 2 points
Jason Price – 2 points
Mike Edwards – 1 point
Mark Greaves – 1 point
John Hawley – 1 point
Ken Knighton – 1 point
Dean Marney – 1 point
Garry Parker – 1 point

b) by number of votes cast, irrespective of points gained per vote. The players with no number after their name all gained one vote each. The comments have been randomly chosen from those which participants chose to add to their nominations.

1ST: Justin Whittle – 27

(“no explanation needed”)
(“true pro, nails and 100% committed”)
(“he cared, he always acknowledged the fans, he was a good bloke, his attitude was superb and he was the rock around which the Great Escape was built”)
(“as a ball winning, beat-the-crap-out-of-your-striker-at-all-costs centre half, there was no better”)

2ND: Dean Windass – 26

(“he was a diamond in the dirt in the Dolan years”)
(“the ultimate showman”)
(“we were priviIeged to see him at his peak”)

3RD: Nick Barmby – 13

(“shame he is too good for most of the players around him”)
(“we are a useful side with him, a poor one without”)
(“when played in the right position there’s no one better”)

4TH: Andy Payton – 11

(“an outstanding goal-to-game ratio in a period when the doldrums were clearly starting”)
(“even though we were rubbish during the main chunk of his era, we could theoretically win any game because of his self-confidence in front of goal”)
(“he doesn’t write shit in the Hull Daily Mail”)

=5TH: Tony Norman – 10

(“often worth a goal a game”)

=5TH: Ken Wagstaff – 10

(“fat and scored goals – so 50% better than Jon Parkin”)

=7TH: Stuart Elliott – 9

(“it’s not just the goals he scores, it’s the important goals he scores”)

=7TH: Richard Jobson – 9

(“so cool”)
(“the best footballing defender we’ve ever had, without it ever affecting his ability to get stuck in”)

=9TH: Chris Chilton – 8

(“Waggy’s partner in crime during probably the most entertaining period in City’s history”)

=9TH: Billy Whitehurst – 8

(“made the most of his ability and was always a handful for the opposition”)
(“showed what hard work, good coaching, commitment, desire – and beer and betting shops – could achieve”)

=11TH: Damien Delaney – 7

(“hated by the crowd from the off, he was clearly the worst left back ever and I’ll never forget him getting sarcastically cheered and booed off the pitch by City fans when he got substituted, but then centre back next season, and player of the season, and I was at the award ceremony and had the pleasure of shaking the hand of the happiest person on the planet for those few hours”)
(“a quite superb attitude to the club, his career and football in general – and he’s good too”)

=11TH: Keith Edwards – 7

(“when you absolutely, definitely, urgently needed a goal, you were just so grateful he was there”)
(“scored loads of goals in shit City teams and yet was criticised by some for being lazy”)

=13TH: Ian Ashbee – 6

(“we’ve watched him grow from a hot-headed thug who ran 30 yards to headbutt somebody in his debut game, to a natural leader who’s had a squad almost built around him”)

=13TH: Neil Mann – 6

(“a great touch and the ability to skin the opposition right back, which he did quite often”)

=13TH: Boaz Myhill – 6

(“truly wonderful shot-stopper, and will definitely get in the England squad before he retires”)


Gary Brabin – 5
(“he had massive bollocks”)
(“metal brought to an otherwise shite midfield”)

Alan Fettis – 5

Ken Houghton – 4
(“underrated, ran that midfield, scored goals, used Brylcreem”)

Brian Marwood – 4
(“outstanding contribution from wide midfield during City’s exceptional period in the mid-80s”)

Stuart Pearson – 4
(“probably the best all-round striker I’ve seen in the black and amber”)

Theodore Whitmore – 4
(“for Hollywood balls and comedy”)

Leon Cort – 3
(“can’t think of a better central defender I’ve seen in a City shirt”)

Kevin Francis – 3
(“excellent for comedy value, along with a few much needed goals”)

Ian Goodison – 3
(“very nearly got us promoted”)

Leigh Palin – 3
(“I pretended to be him”)

Garreth Roberts – 3
(“captain fantastic”)
(“consistency and loyalty personified”)

David Rocastle – 3
(“just pure class”)

Greg Abbott – 2
(“mostly gets the nod as he only ever wore a scabby City T-shirt when he was warming up even when it was below freezing”)
Billy Askew – 2
Roy Carroll – 2
Duane Darby – 2
(“played in some truly terrible teams under both Dolan and Hateley, yet still managed to score a hatful of goals”)
Warren Joyce – 2
Danny Mills – 2
Chris Simpkin – 2
Peter Skipper – 2
Gary Alexander
John Anderson
Rob Dewhurst
Bobby Doyle
Mike Edwards
(“bit anal that one I know, but I liked the kid and thought he was one of the best readers of ball in the lower divisions – and he was local”)
Chris Galvin
Mark Greaves
(“underwent a vast improvement from panicky non-league clogger to the best defender in a City generation”)
Roger Greenwood
Jon Hawley
Glyn Hodges
Wayne Jacobs
(“utter class – quiet, unassuming, brilliant”)
Ken Knighton
David Livermore
Dean Marney
(“he’s got something that I like”)
Garry Parker
(“a talented, creative, effective midfield player – when was the last time we had one of those?”)
Jason Price
(“like Beresford, but good”)
Peter Swan
Lee Warren
(“I voted for him five times in the Player of the Year poll despite that fuckwit Dolan getting rid of him a couple of months earlier”)


Including players who only ever came to City on loan, which ex-Tiger who is still playing in the four divisions in England (or the four in Scotland) would you most like to see return to City? Again, feel free to add reasons if you wish.

1ST: Danny Mills – 17

(“he could be the one person we need to keep us up this year”)

2ND: Leon Cort – 15

(“although it was good business when we sold him”)
(“letting him go was a big mistake”)
(“I’ve never felt safer watching a team attack us than when Cort and Delaney were our centre back pairing”)

=3RD: Roy Carroll – 4

(“he’s the best ex-City player out there”)
(“it would be nice to see this position come under a little competition once in a while”)

=3RD: Craig Fagan – 4

5TH: Justin Whittle – 3

(“if only in a coaching role”)


John Anderson
(“wish we could have kept him for a season or two, maybe could have got a start and maybe, just maybe, become a game-changing player”)
Caleb Folan
Mark Noble
Andy Oakes
Jon Otsemobor
Jason Price