PHOTO SPECIAL – Bradford 0-2 City

Sunday 10th April 2005

Although it wouldn’t be mathematically certain for another six days, victory at Valley Parade would effectively promote the Tigers for a second successive season. There’s always an extra dimension to games against Bastard City, in seasons past we have nailed shut the relegation coffin for Bradford and they’ve done it to us, and let’s not forget the 1996 riot at Boothferry Park in response to Bradford fans being given the South Stand. Indeed, there is always something more to these games between these sides than the 3 points at stake.

Earlier in 2004-2005, Bradford had visited the KC for a live Sky game and brought only their away kit, black with amber piping, leaving us to wear our away kit. At home. So to beat them at their place to all but guarantee promotion was especially sweet, and Bradford’s decision to house City’s 5,000 strong travelling support in a home stand added to the glee, and then of course there’s Dean Windass. Hull born, a City fan and former Tiger, now playing for the Chickens and forever being linked with a move back to Hull. Yep, this game had an edge, and a delicious outcome.

Pictures by Dan Westwell.


A fiercely contested Yorkshire derby begins with some dirty dancing.

Praise the lord! Elliott scores and celebrates in trademark fashion…

…before being mobbed by jubilant team mates.

Is that a City wristband on Deano’s arm?

Andy Dawson thinks not, and crunches the old timer.

The superb Damian Delaney ends a Bradford move.

A bird? A Plane? Nah, just some diving Bradford meff.

Halftime, and we’re treated to the sight of jailbait totty.

The action recommences, sub Marc Joseph puts in a challenge.

68 minutes in, Barmby doubles the lead and seeks adulation…

…from anyone but gangly hoon Junior Lewis.

The Tiger Nation go apoplectic with glee.

Despite his great height, Junior Lewis is great at limbo dancing…

…but alas not at football. Deano tells him he’s not fit to wear a City shirt.

Amber Nectar’s man of the match Craig Fagan strikes a celebratory pose.

Asked by the Tiger Nation, Deano tells us the score.

The scoreboard confirms it, and City are pretty much promoted.

The man responsible for back to back promotions salutes the Tiger Nation.