NEWS: Seven fans hauled before the courts

Seven Hull City fans have appeared before magistrates in York after being arrested for public order offences on Saturday. Six were apprehended before the game for drunken behaviour and one inside the ground for an alleged coin throwing incident. Overall the game went by trouble free, and seven people being arrested out of over 2500 travelling fans is hardly evidence of the rampage some were expecting. Some York pubs were deemed off limits to City fans after an incident last season when the Hole In The Wall pub was damaged. Arrests for drunkenness are not uncommon and take place week in week out at matches across the land, far more worrying are reports of some neanderthal hurling coins at players and officials during the game. This is not on, and the fact that referee Roger Furnandiz has mentioned this in his report means City could be in a spot of bother with the FA

We witnessed an incident in the Kempton during the Southend game when a woman saw fit to go rifling through her bag for a missile to hurl at the linesman, which upon finding a suitable item, she did. Presumably, these idiots are unaware of the potential repercussions of such actions. The FA’s powers are considerable in punishing clubs for offences like these, such as imposing fines and the temporary closure of stands, depending on the severity of the incident. Do these halfwits really want that? If so, they should re-evaluate their standing as a supporter of the club.