December 18, 2014

PODCAST: TWT Podcast 56

Chelsea, India and Martin Fish. Fill yer boots.

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December 15, 2014

Things We Think We Think #166


1. It’s difficult to put into words the monumental stupidity of what Hull City AFC has been up to during their jaunt to India. But we’ll give it a go.

2. Overseas and therefore freed, in their minds, of the constraints imposed by the immoveable opposition of City fans, most other football fans, Supporters’ Direct, the Football Supporters Federation, the ERCFA and the FA itself, they’re indulging in their witless little “Hull Tigers” fantasy with merry abandon. A new Twitter account, “HullTigersIndia” has been set up. The word “City” has been eradicated from everything. Unlike every other club’s stall at the event, we use our nickname, not our name. “Hull Tigers” explicitly appears everywhere. Sometimes just “Tigers”.

3. It’s clear that the club isn’t going to drop this. Ever. And even a change of ownership may not help, because there are people other than just the Allams who genuinely believe in this utter rubbish with quasi-religious certainty, and for whom no quantity of facts or reason will ever help. Convinced of their rightness they press on, certain that one more push is all it will take for the scales to fall from our eyes and for mass genuflection for their visionary genius to occur. Yet history is emphatically not on their side. Few demographics have longer memories or better grudge-holding skills than football fans, and we’ll be here long after this shower have taken their GCSE marketing theories elsewhere.

4. It isn’t just the undisguised contempt for City fans and the FA that grates. It’s the epic incompetence. On Saturday, a short-lived competition was launched offering Indians the chance to go England to watch “the Hull Tigers” [sic] was launched (here), and pulled shortly after, perhaps when it was pointed out on Twitter that according to the FA’s ruling of April 9th, this is a literally unwinnable prize.

5. But it’s worse. Not only is City removed, but even our home city’s title appears only fleetingly. This appears atop the club’s stand. So what happens when giddy new Asian fans, who’ll never visit the Circle or buy anything but who pose for a photo and make Assem Allam feel all warm and vindicated, go home and see where Tigers are in the Premier League? And then see nothing?

6. And what a tragic missed opportunity. A golden opportunity to take the name Hull City AFC abroad has been deliberately spurned. Brand consistency, a term we don’t care for but whose existence we at least recognise, has become secondary to these infantile attempts to spite the fans and the FA. All because the name Hull City AFC was retained. It’s pathetic. Absolutely, cringeingly, shamefully pathetic.

7. Hatem Ben Arfa has gone to France and won’t be back. Good.

8. A huge number of people who may have been considering making the trip to Arsenal for the FA Cup tie have had their decision made for them by the BBC’s boneheaded choice to screen it at 5.30pm on the Sunday evening of third round weekend. If the commentator that day questions any shortage of numbers in the away end, then he can expect plenty of colourfully-worded tweetage regarding television company interference and restricted train services.

9. City played okay against Chelsea but were undone by a combination of the opposition’s obvious quality and the utter cowardice of an experienced Premier League referee who yet again showed that the Big Clubs™ gain favours when it comes to the antics of their players. Chris Foy booked two players for dives; a third, Gary Cahill, was let off a second caution for something Brian Phelps (there’s one for the teenagers) would have winced at, essentially because it would have involved dismissing England’s best defender in front of his home fans and a manager who is rarely forgiving of officials that dare disrupt his plans.

10. Tom Huddlestone is now going to miss at least three games through his red card at Stamford Bridge. The challenge was dreadful and Steve Bruce was gallant enough to admit the sending off was correct. Yet while nationally there will be howls of faux-sympathy for our plight without this allegedly great creator, it wouldn’t come as a shock if the majority of City fans actually thought we’d probably be better off in our next three games without someone whose skill is considerable but, presently, whose facility to flatter to deceive is somewhat more considerable. Against Swansea, Sunderland and Leicester, we need players who understand the need to fight. Huddlestone, at the moment, doesn’t have that trait.

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MATCH REPORT: Chelsea 2-0 City


Some people are lucky. They don’t get hangovers; just like one of the esteemed editors of this fanzine who “kindly” offered me his ticket in exchange for a match report. (As if face value for the ticket wasn’t enough!) I was down south for the weekend so surely a trip to one of the less whiney London teams (here’s looking at you Arsenal) would be a perfect fillip for a night on the ale. Alas this was a match were I realised how referees can be as inconsistent and painful as any post piss up headache.

A bright day greeted the squinting Tiger Nation down the King’s Road, full to saturation with half scarf selling ramptons. “Who buys this tat?” my compadre for the day asked. This would be answered later. We had a great view from the first row of the second tier as Steve Bruce went for his trusty 5-3-1-1 formation, lining up: McGregor. Robertson, Davies, Dawson, Chester, Elmohamady. Meyler, Huddlestone, Livermore. Aluko. Jelavić.


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December 10, 2014


Crumbs, we’ve got loads to babble on about this week. Two games to review, a scary one to preview, the meeting between fans and club, the wretched FA Cup draw, the manager’s future and a game from the past that prompted some really appalling spin-off baseball hats.

Right here, for your amusement…

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December 9, 2014

Things We Think We Think #165


1. Interesting week, really. Some good, some disappointing. The good stuff first: seeing the longer-serving team players, isolated recently by Steve Bruce in his efforts to sex up the aesthetic quality of the side, return to the side and outplay semi-illustrious hosts for a fair portion of the game and eke out a point was most illuminating.

2. It was also genuinely exciting. City being more exciting when grafters like David Meyler and Stephen Quinn are in, while cultured one-touchers such as Hatem Ben Arfa get the elbow, seems most contradictory. But we saw a team, an actual team, a group of men wanting the same thing and being prepared to work and put themselves in the firing line for the cause. In a situation like ours, it’s a trait that is more vital than ever.

3. Sone Aluko got us a deserved, unexpected point with a cute goal indeed. If ever a player needs rehabilitating with all observers of the team, it’s he. Maybe that is now on the cards. The player is quality. He needs to remind himself, and his manager, and us, of it all the more often and the goal at Everton hopefully commences that process.

4. Sadly, quality was sadly lacking during the draw against West Brom three days later. After the stirring point at Everton, it was a deflating experience to see City look so uncertain when attempting to puncture the defence of decidedly substandard opposition at home. The Tigers were ponderous, one-dimensional and unimaginative, and despite eventually establishing almost complete domination of possession and territory, we rarely looked like scoring.

5. That represents a real missed opportunity. After a dauntingly difficult series of fixtures, and with the hardest match of the season looming, it wasn’t hard to identify West Brom at home as both a chance and almost an obligation to notch up a win. Perhaps it was the pressure and the almost must-win nature of the game that proved just too weighty a burden for the side.

6. It means that a tough winter is now close to inevitable. City are now in the relegation zone, and unlikely to exit it next week. A rousing rise up the table shouldn’t be discounted – we have quality players after all – but right now, this feels like a season of survival and not a season for prospering. That’s disappointing, but ultimately that disappointment will need brushing off if we’re to actually achieve survival.

7. Next up, Chelsea away. Good grief. Newcastle turning them over on Saturday will either knock them, or make them even more determined. And whichever way you look at it, on our current form, this feels like certain defeat. We’d love to be proven wrong, however.

8. After that, a friendly series of fixtures awaits, four winnable ones in succession. Steve Bruce will have a mental target for the number of points we require, though he’s probably too smart to make that public. Given our position, seven points would do nicely.

9. Speaking of Steve Bruce, there’s a modest but growing level of grumbling about the manager. It’s patently ridiculous to suggest that his position is under threat, or that it should be. Nonetheless, it isn’t unfair to wonder why City’s season is not going well. Out of Europe distressingly quickly, out of the League Cup at the earlier opportunity and in the bottom three. Hmm.

10. He won’t have welcomed Arsenal away in the FA Cup either. Even if City break with 2014/15 custom and take this cup competition seriously, another early exit is likely.

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December 8, 2014

NEWS: City draw Arsenal in FA Cup Third Round


City have drawn Arsenal away in the Third Round of the FA Cup.



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December 7, 2014

MATCH REPORT – Hull City AFC 0 West Bromwich Albion 0


Robert Carlysle, the Scottish essayist, once noted that “the first duty of man is to conquer fear; he must get rid of it, he cannot act till then.”

Both sets of fans were forced to contemplate their respective sides’ inability to conquer fear of defeat as they filed out of the KC Stadium on Saturday, after witnessing a game blighted by indecision, creative stagnation and a lack of conviction that three points could be had, rather than a share of two. Complaints about our highlights being last or late into Match of the Day could not be levelled at the BBC this week, in fact they showed restraint in not making it the first game on The Football League Show.

Perhaps the fear was understandable, City had stopped the rot at Everton on Wednesday with a hard won point that ended a run of four straight defeats, whereas West Brom were still rotting, they too suffered four losses on the bounce, the latest at home to West Ham in midweek. Practically every interview conducted at the Millhousewoods Lane training ground in the run up to this tie made reference to December being a month that would define The Tigers’ season, so early match jitters can be forgiven.

Less forgivable is City not capitalising on The Baggie’s profligacy from the penalty spot and Allan McGregor’s third spot-kick save of the campaign by upping their game sufficiently enough to win. The point may prove valuable in the long run but at 5 o’ clock on Saturday it wasn’t enough to stop us slipping back into the relegation zone.  (more…)

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December 5, 2014

Notes from the latest fans’ working group meeting


The latest assembly of the club’s new fans’ working group met on Tuesday 2nd December. Here’s what happened…

In attendance:

  • James Mooney, Commercial Manager of Hull City AFC
  • Simon King, Marketing Manager of Hull City AFC
  • Henry Crane, catering overlord
  • John W, West Stand veteran
  • Abraham
  • Bill Shirley, for the Senior Tigers
  • Tony Conway, HCOSC
  • Ron Black, HCOSC chairman
  • Rob Harmer, City Till We Die
  • Ian Waterson, City Independent
  • Nigel Edwards, East Stander
  • Phil Dixon, North Stander
  • Ryan Kerr, Not606
  • Dave White
  • Nigel Hill
  • George Machin, Hull boys’ league coach
  • Peter Gamble, who knows stuff about marketing
  • Andy Dalton, Amber Nectar editor and hooligan
  • Angie Smith, “exiled until this regime clears off”
  • Ellie Cressey, Ben & Mike Gothard, for the Ulltras


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December 4, 2014

MATCH REPORT: Everton 1-1 City


Put in team players and you get a team performance. At Goodison Park, the old guard were handed their long-awaited return and they responded with the sort of gutsy committed display that is the least we expect but have seldom seen of late. We’ve got our City back.

It perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise that the Tigers were at their best once shorn of all bar one of the last batch of signings. Abel Hernández escapes any culpability – he’s just become a dad back home in Uruguay and hasn’t been able to train – but the two feckless loanees were not on show – the other Uruguayan one suspended, the French one binned – inducing a back to basics approach from Steve Bruce, more so when the ineffective Senegalese one bumbled away after less than hour, limping and listless, to be replaced by another of the clubmen. The professionalism of the players Bruce had willingly jettisoned back in September showed up everything a supporter hopes to see in the attitude and pride of a Hull City player. There may not be the raw talent in Stephen Quinn, David Meyler and Liam Rosenior that other more exotic acquisitions may possess, but right now hunger and desire is far more important as City seemed set to hurtle towards propping up the Premier League. These three players epitomised the spirit of the team. Meanwhile, the introduction of Sone Aluko, a player confronted by demons more than most lately, won us a point.

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December 2, 2014


We tried to cut short our discussion on the performance at Old Trafford in an effort to prevent us getting even more despondent, but it didn’t work. You can also find chat about the upcoming games against Everton and West Bromwich Albion, and a few memories of a fat bloke that once managed our club.

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